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Catheter with chastity cage

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by MonikaTV, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Thats what i recently tried
    It was really nice :) Have anybody tried that?
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  3. Do you need to use a bag for the urine to flow into, or are you able to clamp it shut and only open it when at toilet?
  4. Just left it draining in to a diaper/nappy.

    No need for this sissy maid to have comfort breaks then.....
  5. @sillymaid@sillymaid and @MonikaTV@MonikaTV I have been thinking and wanting to try this for a while what type of catheter did you use and how long did you leave it in for. X
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  6. I used a Foley catheter, brought it from Amazon. Just kept it in for the day... Having it drain in to a nappy is not very good, exposes your bladder to the outside world and risk of infection.

    Certainly a very humbling experience...
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  7. Mmmmm! That looks like FUN!
  8. that does look great.. how long did you keep it in? I was set up like that back when I was married but I had a catheter plug
  9. I'm having a double foreskin piercing to "seal" me and am wondering if I'll need a catheter
  11. I'm looking at going back on an indwelling cath for a while. It will be the full deal with leg bag and bed bag. It's just easier
  12. I had a real catheter in the hospital to drain blood and urine after they inserted a camera into my urethra to find my infected kidney stone. Since then, I lost my desire for catheter play. :)
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  13. I'm just the reverse, when I woke up from my amputation surgery I realized that a catheter was in my penis. That was my first experience with a catheter and I was fascinated seeing that tube cuming out of me and into a bag hanging beside my bed.

    I have been intensely interested with catheters ever since.
  15. Nice, but you need to be connected to a drain bag. When I'm cath'ed, I'm always on a bag
  16. infection is the problem. urine is sterile but bacteria loves to feed on it. the catheter is a direct path to your bladder and then the kidneys. every time you open it they have a way in. a bag is best.
  17. I had to have a cyscoptomy (sp) earlier this year, that's a camera down the penis and into the bladder. While the camera part was not too uncomfortable, urinating for the following 3 days was like knives in my penis. Make sure you know the risks if you play with catheters
  18. I love to play with catheters. I love to make a hole in them, about 3 inches above the balloon. That way, when you cap the catheter with a cap, it works as a stent and renders you incontinent. That way, the urine flows around the catheter, not leaving it open. You will feel every drop or flow going through your urethra, around the catheter. You can leave it in for a prolonged time, without having to fear for an UTI. It's really is something elde ;-) Diapers WILL be needed ;-)
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  19. Very interesting, How large is the hole?
  20. I've had a catheter in me many times and it's the most intense sensation I have so far experienced. My ex was a nurse and did it for a living. I was curious so she did it to me, which I found very exciting. I had a tap and she controlled when I took a pee. Unfortunately that relationship didn't last and I have since done it on my own many times. I have used both a tap and a bag. The key is to ensure everything is clean before insertion. Try climaxing whilst you have one in where through masturbation or sex. It'll be an experience you'll never forget!
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  21. Here are some photos of my experience

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