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Casts & Braces

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by joahus, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I have beed into casts since I was 9 and a caster since I was 13 and got my first medical cast. Loved everything about it except the pain. I've had a few more med casts and many many short term and full term recreational casts. I got into what some people call P-spicas (Penis-Spica) about 8 years ago and love them. They make great chastity devices. I have a website dedicated to them if you are interested. IMG_3240.JPG IMG_3241.JPG IMG_3182.JPG
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  2. You said you have been in a cast like mine, minus the P-Spica. Would you mind to tell us more about your interests in casts and casting?
  3. I would love to see your website. As to me - my bf sometimes puts me in minerva casts with my crotch covered up for a few days or week or two. Sometimes with my legs casted, but not usually since I cant walk anyway. How do you keep your "PS" form falling off?
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  4. THe casts are
    The casts are tight around the base of my cock and balls so it can't come off. My website is https://vk.com/club141508378 Your casts sound like fun.
  5. I've said this before, Their is no rule book on how to lead your chastity relationship. Casting is something I've never thought about befor. All the Power to You
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  6. Mash2214 - well said. We have chosen to combine our belting with keeping me in braces. Casts not as often.

    retsac51 - oh my! your casts are incredible, and quite frustrating, it appears! how long to you stay in there? I am thinking of doing this to my bf - but a question. When you are flaccid and withdraw inside there, when you have to pee, doesnt it get all over the inside of your cast and make a mess? I think I would put a cath in him like I have to use daily....
  7. Thanks Mash2214 . I stay in the casts anywhere from a day to a long weekend. Hard (pun intended) to go out in public in them, although I have. Very exciting.
  8. not with your legs included in public, right? Must make quite a noticeable bulge, doesn't it?
  9. I wear one just on my cock and balls that is layed back toward my stomach and a baggy pants and long loose shirt.
  10. The dynamic described here by Anne is quite intriguing. If I understand you correctly, you entered this situation willingly where your body now is dependent on braces? An astonishing level of commitment to each other in the relationship. I draw my hat before you both.
  11. Kanka, yes, that is correct. It was not without careful thought, I assure you, and a couple of years of "trial" crippling to make sure it is what we both wanted to do. We did, no looking back.
  12. Yes, that's quite easy to believe, actually. Over time you probably ran into several obstacles which made you re-evaluate your decision again, and obviously despite that you still came to the same outcome. So, "careful thought" is unavoidable for something far-fetching as this, right?
    For how many years are you living this way now? And how did it started? Was it a single decision, or did you add ideas one by one without aiming for today's outcome?
  13. Kanka, yes, "careful thought" is an understatement to be sure. And yes, we found many obstacles along the way, both personally and in regard to mobility. The ADA is a wonderful thing, but hardly solves all of the challenges of live in a wheelchair. I am fortunate to be also able to use crutches.

    The loss of use of my legs, which is likely permanent, was not a tragedy, but the beginning of a challenging adventure. It has been 5 years now full time, but was preceded by lots of experimentation and trials. In the beginning, I had no interest in cast or braces and my bf introduced me to it with an occasional arm cast, leg cast, back brace, etc. And quite a bit of time spent blind. It is a sexual thing for him, but not for me. Instead, I love the attention I get from him (and cute guys in public) by virtue of the fact that I am disabled, somewhat helpless, yet very functional and self sufficient.

    The last time I walked was the day that I was placed in casts from my feet to breasts to weaken my legs while we waited for my braces to be made. Knowing I would not walk again, we were committed and when the casts came off weeks later, I began my life without use of my legs. Of course there are times I regret it - like when I see a couple dancing, or walking on the beach together hand in hand. But that feeling is rare and for the most part, I am happy living like this and fulfilling my bf's dreams.
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  14. Dear Anne,
    please excuse the late reply, I was on vacation last week.

    So, that's truly a remarkable history, just as I said before. Knowing in advance that you'll not be able to return to your former life once your waiting period is over, what were you thinking all the time while lying there?

    And how did it come that this is now combined with wearing a chastity belt?

    Would love to hear more; have a good evening.
  15. HI Kanka,

    Well, what I thought lying there ranged from "what have I done?" to "Oh I cant wait to get cut out of the fiberglass and start learning my new life without use of my legs" . Mostly the latter, really. I looked forward to the next phase.

    To your second question - I had come across something on line (had plenty of time to surf the web) about men in chastity devices, which was intriguing. I thought that, if I was to give him control over my ability to walk, it would only be fair for me to be able to control his penis - small trade off, right?

    I presented it to him and ordered a little cage for him. He agreed and we played with it for a year or so. Then one day he said that he would agree to more permanent lock up only if we would both be locked and hold each others keys. So we did and have been secured for some time now.

  16. Hi again,

    so, in his case that is probably a comparatively small cage, as you said. But usually for girls, it's a full belt, right? Braces is already tough, but how do you manage to wear a full belt on top of that? How often does it come off?

    This thread is getting better and better ;)

  17. Well, he did not fit well in a small cage, (which I enjoy!) so we had to get him a bigger one. He can fill that one up nicely, as well. :)

    Yes, for me it has to be a full belt - no option there that I know of! Yes, being in braces is a little tough, but the belt is really not that big a deal for me. I'm used to it. To answer your question, it comes off every 10 days, but only for cleaning, shaving and a catheter change. he is not allowed to be unlocked when I am and I am blinded and restrained, so cant see or touch myself during the process. As for real release - we are able to unlock each other for one day every two months.
  18. Interesting to know that you can wear a combination of belt and cath for a prolonged time without getting problems. What is the cath for in the first place? To "complete the picture"? Or to avoid hassle with the belt? And could you let us know what type of belt (with rear cable?) you use? There's always this question which type is possible to be worn long term.
  19. Hi,

    The belt I wear daily does not have the rear cable because I have one, I dont like that feeling. So instead I have butt chains that are rubber coated. Works better for me.

    As for the cath, it is partially to "complete the picture" as you say it and makes me that much more crippled with no control of my urination - but really its for convenience. Both so I dont have to pee through the slot of my belt, as ask to have my shield unlocked each time, but also because it is awkward for me to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet.
  20. Your braces and wheelchair are fascinating to me. How often do you take you braces off? Are you restrained for their removal as you are for your belt?

    What have your told your family and friends about your "disability?"
  21. hi and thanks!

    Braces come off nightly at bed time when my legs are splinted until morning, then back on. No, I am not restrained for that, just cant get out of bed and spread out!

    I have no family left and we moved when we made this decision so most friends now only know me as crippled. A few close and long term friends know the whole story.

    thanks for the note!
  22. Wow- that is so cool. What type of splints do you wear? Have you needed to get new braces since you stopped using your legs years ago? I would love to hear more details about your journey.
  23. The splints he puts me in at night are metal things that enclose that back half of my legs and are secured with elastic wraps from my toes to crotch. they are called 'gutter splints" and are nicely padded inside so not uncomfortable. They are hooked together with a bar.

    Yes, I have had a couple of new sets of braces over the years and had the ones I use most adjusted and repaired a few times. They are metal and leather, heavy duty ones and he also has some others for me including metal/leather and plastic ones. I dont care for the plastic ones as much - in terms of both comfort and appearance.
  24. Thanks for sharing. Why is there a bar hooking your splints together? How much atrophy do you have in your legs? What are your favorite things about using your braces and chair?
  25. It keeps my legs apart... just because he likes that. My legs are a little thin but not really atrophied too badly, considering. What I like? The attention I get - from him and guys in public.