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Casts & Braces

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by joahus, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever worn casts or orthopedic braces for fun? It is a great way to do public bondage without upsetting the public. It also attracts a lot of attention. Think about it. Spending the weekend in two long arm casts with your fingers encased? How helpless would you be?
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  2. i love casts and braces! i so want a cast but not had a chance to yet but brace a fair bit!
  3. I agree. would love to be immobilized in a cast. Alas, have not had the opportunity.
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    I recall a dungeon in LA that specialised in plaster casting.
  5. We've used neck braces quite a few times in public, usually with a strict back brace to enforce good posture. No casting yet, but would like to try.
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  6. Hmmm. i wonder how one goes about learning to do casting.. also, i think i'd want to go whole hog and get the pink fibreglass cover too.
  7. Hello all, I love being in cast and braces! Been a huge fan for years, there is a site call suppliescentral.net for all your casting and bracing needs. It has many how tos ,casting kits and braces for every body part! Only store I buy from! Just figure I throw it out there!

  8. midnight
    My wife just saw your post and said she wants to try this right away. I really am embarrassed when forced to wear my pink patent collar in public and she likes the idea of having a choice of devices for public use. Not sure which one is better for me, but she makes all those decisions anyway. The neck/back brace probably would appear more natural around vanilla folks, while reminding me that she always has total control over me!
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  9. yes me and my wife are into casting her last cast was a lac it was great fun going for a long leg cast next
  10. I am kept in full leg braces daily. Some other braces and casts also..
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  11. Took my ex to town with a difference she was wearing wrap around sunglasses that we'd blacked out so she could see nothing padded with eye make up remover pads , then both her arms bandaged for effect and in slings. She was also wearing a short flared skirt and no underwear. There was a light breeze that gusted a little now and then and I had to keep protecting her modesty, whilst stroking her bum in the process.

    She had chosen a pair of heels from a vanilla shop that had a strap with a buckle around the ankle. We went to buy those as well as a number of other shops. Whenever their was a shop assistant to deal with I told them she had severe laryngitis and could not talk. I took her to a cafe for lunch too. It was interesting and fun. She had to trust me completely and I had to do everything we wen for lunch, well she had lunch, I fed her. I even took her to the ladies room, that got us a few looks but no-one objected.

    By the time we got back she was a randy as hell I undressed her and at her request remained dressed. She kept up the arms and eye pretence and could not have enough orgasms and repeatedly squirted all over the place. She explained that she thought I'd like that as she could not use her hands she would not be unlocking me.

    She enjoyed the day that much we did something similar a few times after that.

    We talked about going on holiday for a week with both her arms in casts but we were never able to arrange that.
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  12. Wonder what it would be like to be in a full body cast, arms,legs and body, with your cock and balls hanging out and a large hole where your ass is, the possibilities are endless for a good dom. LOL
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  13. filltee - Oh how cool! My bf does the same kind of thing to/for me. I am in a wheelchair anyway, and he likes to take me out in public - often adding back and neck braces to the leg braces that I am kept in always. He has also braced and casted my arms a number of times and he LOVE to have me blind. He has contacts that totally block my sight.

    Someone mentioned body casts - I have been in those too, but not including my arms - legs, torso and neck for a week or more... its interesting, to say the least!
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  14. We cast often here and always get out in them. My biggest cast so far has been a dhs for 5 days. Extreamly restrictive and hard to do about anything
  15. Id love to try this... It sounds so much fun
  16. One way is to get a job as a plaster technician in a hospital! It was one of my first ever jobs out of school, I trained for 6 months to get my basic qualification. I sometimes regret not carrying on, it was a really good job.

    Taking a POP (plaster of Paris) cast off or its newer modern material version (the name of which after 29 years escapes me. I hate getting old!) is fun. You use a special saw that has a vicious blade that only vibrates back and forwards a few millimeters. You can hold it against your hand to demonstrate that even if it looks vicious it doesn't cut the skin, as long as you stay away from bony areas.

    One day a really pretty woman came in with a chaperone, she had on a full leg cast. I started removing it at her ankle, she had to stand up holding a hoist that hung from the ceiling. By the time I got to the top of the cast, just near her privates, she was hanging off the hoist, trembling, looking really flushed. The nurse who accompanied her to ensure there was no claims of any funny business looked flushed as well!

    To balance that there was the time with the huge Scottish guy who swung at me and wouldn't let me touch him! That was scary.
  17. Just found this thread; count another one here. I just added a photo album of my Carrara Concept belt and my leg braces. I don't usually combine the two because the Carrara is a bit large at the bottom and it presses on the inside of the thighs, which makes sitting in a wheelchair uncomfortable.
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  18. Wow... great pics. Thanks. Your braces are much like mine, but I dont have boots. I assume that your legs are functional - unlike mine now. Even so, its not easy for you is it? And I love your belt, its so massive - is it hard for you to be locked in there?
  19. Thanks. My legs work; large parts of Life keep me from wearing the braces nearly as often as I'd like and yes, that can be hard. Sounds like you're lucky there.

    As for the belt... it's, um, interesting since everything is covered. For other reasons of Life, I can't wear it 24/7, but recently it's been almost that (I have other devices that I can go for weeks in, but they're not as secure/intense). In the next few months, I'll hope to get a Neosteel that I can.
  20. I'm glad that your legs work... and your braces are beautiful. I like the heavy steel and black leather look on a man. Mine are more feminine which is better for me (as feminine as such hardware can be!) And full time for me.

    Not having the exterior plumbing, I cant really imagine what it is like for you to be totally enclosed in metal like that, but can guess the it must be hard for you. Do you have room for expansion in that big thing that you are trapped inside of? For me, its just a plate down there, so hardly comparable, I guess.
  21. Koala

    Hoping to hear more in this thread. I see that you photos of your braces are gone - :(. It would be nice to hear from others that use braces, casts, belts....
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  22. It's still there, might have been shuffled into the "Experienced" collection (which I can not see, grumble). Try linking off my profile page.
  23. Not sure about casts and body braces but love your teeth braces they are a real turn on for me,are you still wearing them.
  24. I love casts of any and all types. The more of them or the bigger the casts the better. They also make great chastity devices and I have been using them for chastity for a long time.
  25. retsac51, love your avatar pic. I have been casted kind of like that, but do not have the external parts. Im in leg braces daily, casts only on occasion and sometimes chastity casts.... tell us more about yours?

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