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cart pony

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by slave4rtownership, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Hello sub male with interest in pony play as a cart horse?any trainers or other ponies around here who do this?i am new but feel its time to be broke and trained.
  2. we have part of the gear for it, but has not tried it yet. No cart and no harness or tail, but the rest we have.
  3. I love pony play. I wish I had the gear : )
  4. Have often been in harness but as yet never found anyone with a cart. Hope you find someone as it should be fun
  5. have always thought about pony play and think it would be nice to at least try it ,,, best of luck to you
  6. :welcome: to the Mansion.

    We often find that people who have a display picture and a filled out profile are taken more seriously when looking for a partner.

    For example, right now we have no idea in the world you are! That limits the responses.

    I know of at least one place in the UK where pony training is done, but there's no point me elaborating if you're not in the UK!

    Good luck. :Locker:
  7. I do pony-training in the UK, next event in West Wales very soon, see post about it. I am also setting up a new place to do it in Portugal, and I'm currently in Florida with pony folk, for Ponies on the Delta in Louisiana next month. Anybody interested, please get in touch.