Can't get any more twisted.

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Hoss, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Or so I thought.

    A brief update, I am unlocked aat the moment, waiting until i can save up the cash to order a belt from Locked in Steel, can't use the old device because of migration problems. I could go for something like a cb-x000, but I want it as secure as can be. Almost two months ago, I asked my best friend T_, who helped me test a previous device and took me to get the PA for the one that I was using last, if she would mind acting a as back up key holder, in case something happened to S_ or her copy. Hurricanes, fires, tornados, floods and the like are all issues here. She didn't have a problem with it, and I did clear it with S_.

    She agreed, told her fiance that she was going to act as the back up for me, while I was there, at least a week after the phone conversation we had about it. That was a bit of a strange situation.

    So, I figure this situation is about as warped and twisted as it could get, two women, neither of whom I've been intimate with, or desire to be for that matter(not for lack of attraction, but it would change two of my most valued friendships), who are both involved, one married the other was engaged.

    Wrong, the day of the bachelor/bachelorete party, I was walking around faire with T_ and her betrothed, and she starts introducing me as her slave, or rather referring to me as her slave, to perfect strangers. Then later that night, at the party, she was talking to one of her friends who was at the party and all she said about by way of introduction was "this is my slave, he's a good slave to have..." and went on about some of the craft skills that I have cultivated. Didn't even bother actually introducing us.

    I sent her a e-mail when I got back home, told her that is she was going to keep introducing me as her slave, I'd have to fix a collar that I'd shown her years ago(it was still good, but too big since I lost the extra poundage). She didn't respond to that, until after the wedding.

    I happened by their tent after the reception, while looking for someone else, and they happened to be there. She asked me if I had a problem being her slave(or something to that effect), I told her no, I just thought I should have a collar. She told me to make one. This conversation happened right in front of her husband.

    They wanted to go wandering about, so of course I tagged along, after all, what's a good slave to do. And again she introduces me as her slave, and tell people that I'm making a collar.

    I know it may seem far fetched to you. I wouldn't believe it if I was reading it. I'm also not bragging. There's just some things you have to talk about, get off your chest, and this is about the only place I can do it.

    Oh wait, it gets even more screwed up, there is a pretty lass, who knows about the chastity kink, and is intrigued by it. She seems like she may be a bit interested in me, and T_(who is good friends with her) is giving me advice on how to woo her.

    I wish I was making this up, but I'm not that creative.

    I'll be glad when I'm locked up again, of course, something tells me ti will get really twisted then.

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    Sep 28, 2008
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