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Can you remember the roots of this fetish in your life?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Curioussub, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. I was wondering, I have this interest for cuckolding for a few days now, I used to watch only femdom porn where females were dominant and men in chastity, I was in denial thinking it was just for wanking on it, felt that it was just a fantasm and so but now I really want to test this lifestyle and be happy, I'm 22 year old and will have many years to experiment that.

    I was thinking about my life to see if there are hints that could explain this fetish, and I remember that moment when I was becoming a teen and I was with my older sister because my mother told her to keep an eye on me (we were on the countryside), her summer boyfriend and her were making out all the time, my parents didn't know about that and she would probably have troubles if they heard about that, but she knew I wouldn't say anything. Then close to the beach I was waiting in her bf car pretending I was sleepy and stayed in the car (I felt unconfortable during their making out) and they again kissed in a passionate maneer, I masturbated in my pants, I was feeling ashamed and horny to the scene. Then back to our city she introduced me her real boyfriend of several years, she was cucking both of them and she wanted me to know it. She also took my phone to send sms, she deleted them but i could read them and they talked about sex. All those times I felt a bit shocked and horny.

    I believe those events let a print in my mind, I don't have jaleousy issues nor cheating angst with my girlfriends.
    Being raised with a bossy sister made me cooperative to female authority and often end up with dominant partners. I'm actually interested by female led relationships and I got an early taste of cuckolding :oops:

    Do you remember any special events in your life that could lead you into this lifestyle?
  2. Older sister of a playmate and her female friends once joined when playing cowboys and indians... captured us and marched us tied up with skipping rope leaches to the near forest and tied us to some trees.... think that was "it" for me...
  3. Nothing spezial about it.

    When I saw a cb for the first time we have been already into BDSM and we thought it a nice gimnick to play with and to show the power gap. And from then on things slowly evolved....
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  4. Same as Knightservant for me as well although i do recall even now so many many years later being put into a leather harness with reins by my mother and loving the look and feel of it being fastened around me and the feeling of being steered in whatever direction someone else was choosing for me to go! its funny how things stick in your memory isnt it? i can still recall the smell and shape of the front breatplate section................
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  5. Well I've known since my early teenage years that I was intimidated by attractive girls this very quickly lead to an interest in femdom , I purchased my first fem Dom mags when I was 16 . Fast forward another 10 years and I discovered chastity . At the time it fed into my fem Dom fantasies as I enjoyed bondage and cp . I often self pleasured at the thought of giving up control of my most intimate parts , at this stage it was definitely a bdsm interest . I kept this interest from my wife for about 10 yrs , I suggested it to her for primarily bdsm play , thinking as my sex drive was so much higher than hers it would be a perfect solution . Alas she was not as keen as I had hoped . Today my reason is very different. It took my libido to nose dive for me to realise why I should pursue this as a lifestyle choice . I now fully understand all that I had previously read about masturbation damaging the intimacy in a loving relationship. I now seek chastity as a way to preserve my energies for my wife . My wife is now the focus of my attention, she is my best friend , my goddess and my fantasy partner . Just got to get a device I can comfortably wear long term .
  6. When I was a young boy I would wear athletic cups because I liked the feeling of restraint when trying to get an erection. I genuinely agreed with my parents to play little league baseball for the simple reason it gave me a legitimate reason to wear a "cup".

    As an adult about 10 years ago I even went to a sporting goods store to purchase an athletic cup for the sake of feeling the constraint. It was years later that I discovered the chastity tube...I haven't looked back since.

    But the roots of my chastity fetish were planted deeply well before I reached puberty. I would guess around age 7 or 8.
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    I can remember doing twirls in the playground at school and watching the boy's expressions. :)
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  8. My first fiancee cheated on me so the next girlfriend I had was given permission to have sex with other guys. No rule about sex with others means she could not cheat. It was a way of protecting myself from the hurt of being cheated on. Eventually she started having gang bangs with my friends and then dated one. That is when I found my limits and kicked her out.

    After that I realized that it is better to be the bull because cheating is not an issue at all for me. I cuckolded a few men, one for 25 years. So for me it was finding ways to avoid being cheated on. Maybe that is why I married a bisexual women. After trying it, she said she did not like sex with other guys, but girls were a different matter. She even refused to have sex with girls unless I took part because she said it felt like cheating. Maybe that is why I am still married 44 years later. I never worried about my wife cheating on me and she was OK with me cuckolding husbands. We shared a girlfriend and life was good from then on. My wife still has my OK to have sex with anyone she wants to but after leaving our girlfriend, she only wants me. So it worked out in the end.

    I even know how my lifelong involvement with BDSM started. A slap from a young girl for grabbing her boobs. That girl ended up being the girlfriend my wife and I shared. She sexually dominated me and was a tender lover to my wife. Sometimes things work out.
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  9. I grew up in the 80's and married at the time, after work I would sneek by the adult book store and watch videos or read the magazines, after my divorce the internet was here, I always did like wearing my wifes panties and she knew it but didn't like so I started ordering panties on line and even going into stores and buying them. Now on line porn and toys has made me who I am, I enjoy being a sissy at home and being caged to control me!!
  10. Well when I was a little kid about four my older sister started playing dress up with me putting makeup on me all that jazz. About a year later it picked up again but she seemed to have more fun with me, like shed dress me up more and I liked just staying dressed up even hours after we stopped playing. She'd also play weird abusive games with me. One I remember well I was supposed to be a criminal tied up in town and she just slapped me a lot. After some family drama and my sister grew out of that I still liked sneaking her clothes and dressing up as a girl. When I was fourteen I stole her clothes and started camming for older guys on the internet doing humiliating things all cause I liked it. Not sure where exactly I'm going with this ramble but I guess that's why I am why am I am today. My weirdest memeroy would have to be when I was three I remember kissing this wall masks lips cause I was thinking it was telling me too.
  11. I was in grade 4 or 5 and happened across some pretty intense bdsm porn (on vhs) while at a friends house. I don't think I was the same after that.
  12. As far back as I can remember I've always liked aspects of BDSM. When I discovered porn on the internet I mostly looked at femdom just like you. I also had two bossy older sisters that probably helped me in that direction too. After years of porn viewing and selfishly masturbating I happened across cuckold porn which involved chastity. I was more interested in the chastity than the cuckolding so I investigated further. The more I read the more interested I became. I finally confessed to my wife my incessant masturbation and porn viewing and told her I wanted to stop what I was doing. After she read a couple of books on the topic of male chastity and a couple weeks worth of discussions she agreed that this was the best course of action for us. It's taken us a while to learn our roles and even though we had a great relationship before chastity, chastity just enhanced it that much further. I think I've always wanted this type of relationship but didn't know how to go about it in the past. I couldn't be happier now that mistress calls the shots. The only thing I'd warn you on is trying to jump into a FLR relationship from the start. Truly dominant women are rare, and other women might just think you are interested in them just to fulfil your kink. You'd be better off finding a good match for yourself and leave the chastity alone for a while, while you're building your relationship. Then when the time seems right introduce her to it. I think I read posts from @Nicoftime@Nicoftime where he said he was together with his KH for at least 5 months before bringing up chastity. They sound like they have a very fulfilling relationship with their use of chastity.
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  13. Thanks @Lockedwithlove@Lockedwithlove , I've never been happier. She told me the same, and you know what? I believe her. I think it was odd for her at first, some guy that wasn't using her for sex, cared about her sexual pleasure more than his own, was nice, wanted nothing more than to be attentive, and not too shabby looking?....what's the catch?

    Well this isn't for everyone, but she seems to really like it too.
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  14. I think it was when my older cousin used to fasten me up in a pretend pony harness and make me do tricks to please her.If I didn't she would tie me up and leave me. Great feeling!
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  15. There are was an.older neighbor girl that liked to dress me up. I was so infatuated with her I let her often. I use to watch her with her boyfriends at her window and would.often masturbate. She caught me one day and that brought on spankings.....the rest is history