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Can years of chastity shrink your manhood

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Wonderwomanssub, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. So is it true or false in your experience that chastity can shrink your penis. When we first started I was 6.5 inches now when I'm erect I'm barely 5 inches. I have something else going on with me that's a good chance it's what's causing me to lose length but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced any penis shrinkage?
  2. P.S. I'm not trying to start a fantasy penis shrinking thread, I know some guys here are really into that, this is not one of those threads, I'm genuinely curious what everyone has to say.
  3. I lost half an inch but it would rebound if given some freedom. In fact, due to an irritation have been uncaged for a week and seems to be back.
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  4. i have only been doing this for two years. I will come back in a few more and see if it is true. There hasn't been any loss so far. And it wouldn't bother me if there was anyway.
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  5. My Wife / KH and I took very careful measurements when we started Chastity 7 yrs ago, and she's in the medical field as well. There has been NO shrinkage issues , and with a few days of freedom, there are no sign of any changes.
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  6. i have noticed that my flaccid penis doesn't completely fill up my cage anymore. However, once removed and i'm allowed erect, i've noticed no loss in erect length or girth.
  7. From everything I've read from the members here, there is no shrinkage with long term chastity. Any diminishing of size is most always temporary. I am only in year 2, so I don't have many years of experience to reflect on, but I do not see a loss of size or shrinkage to date.
  8. And I think if u get out to play and it is allowed to get hard periodically, there would not be any capillary shrinkage. I had been going through constant lock up and when out, only for a minute. It never really got a chance to get too hard because I would cum too fast, and back in the cage. So didn’t have enough time for the capillaries to stretch back out. Free a week now and looks like it’s back to normal.
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  9. I have been locked more than not since the end of 2000, no real difference in size when erect. My flaccid size seems to keep adjusting down to smaller and smaller with each cage.
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  10. Of course. Sounds like everything is just as it should be.:p
  11. Thanks for the replies guys that makes me feel a lot better. I made a typo on my size and I meant I'm normally 5.5 inches so it sounds like I'm right in par with a lot of you as far temporary shrinkage. I've been caged more often than not for nearly 3 years but I'd be let out quite often. Now I've been caged 24/7 for just short of 2 months and have only been free for several hours before locking back up.

    I was let out often enough in the past so I never worried about shrinking but after a recent agreement my cage will only be off for play and then go right back on. So the subject peaked my interest a little more than usual lol. Again thanks for all the replies.