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Can a metal cage cause physical harm?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Benni, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. This is the cage my boyfriend uses.
    I am his key holder, I want to make sure that this is safe, he'll wear it for about 8 hours during the day at work, -and then when he gets home from work, I tell him he's been good all day and that he can remove it so we can play.
    I read a few threads on line of people who can no longer come or get an erection because of this device.
    I already have infertility problems because my ovaries don't produce big enough eggs- the last thing I want is for him not to be able to ejaculate or get hard , family planning is definitely in the future

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    Maybe freeze his sperm while he is young. Age is probably a bigger factor especially in sperm healthiness and quantity. No smoking or drinking! (booze chastity)

    Never had any problems with erections or ejaculating as a result of chastity.
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  3. I would agree.

    Plus if you keep him locked in a chastity cage the only release of his seamen is going to be just for you.
    You will be his Godess as without your permission he cannot event erect anymore.
    Also no more wasteful masturbation games fantasising over other women his release is only allowed by you.
    Keep him locked until you need his physical attention and you should get a larger quantity of seamen.

    The cage will not affect his ability to erect or produce seamen. It will intensify both when released I would say.

    But remember he can pull out of the back masturbate and push his little man back in ;-) hence our obsession with security and design.

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  4. Great great great!!! Thanks Mitch!
  5. I
    I found getting an errection difficult after being locked up for a couple of weeks. I think the constant stimulation re-sets my base line so it takes a lot more to have the desired effect. Also not being able to get the automatic errections at night must have some effect...? This was to the point that my wife and I have had to reconsider how we play.
    That said, many pepole on here go for years almost 24/7 locked and seem to have no adverse effect. I just don't seem to in that group!
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  6. I guess this can happen but nothing a little bit of Viagra should not resolve.
    I am given Tadalafil when mistress does not want disappointing. She gives it to me while caged so I have to be on my very best behaviour else I could end up locked up without the ability to erect freely and something I would not like after being given an erection enhancing potion.
    The problem I have is that as normal now I am not supposed to even try to erect as my mistress says sissies in skirts and heels should not erect so I don't even try and positively and mentally try not to erect in my cage which does help my comfort. However as I am not expected to see myself as a male dominant,erection when freed is harder but the Tadalafil works and I erect fine with stimulation.

  7. I had more issues with a plastic cage than a metal one. Mainly around hygiene and nipping.

    Men can have erectile problems with age, the issues you've read about could be psychosomatic or just internet bullshit too.

    As long as the cage allows blood flow I'd be very surprised if there are physical problems.

    I would just go with it for now, this is new for you, frankly the reality is different to the fantasy.

    We use our cage sporadically, I've probably only been caged 4-5 months over the last 10.

    There are people on here that have 24/7/365 BDSM owner and pet lifestyles, or things like cuckolding and feminisation. That's certainly not for everyone, don't expect that for yourself or your partner right now, just play with it and see what works for you.

    You mentioned he gets out to play when he gets in from work, it may be worth letting him sweat it out for a few days and seeing if he's still so keen. :D
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  8. Your mistress calls you a sissy in skirts and heels? Is dressing up as a woman a part of the this life? Being dominant female key holder I do not wish to make my partner feminine
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  9. My wife is my key holder and I am one that is locked 24/7/365 pretty much and I have always told my wife do not do anything that doesn't turn you on and that little rule has worked perfectly for us
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  10. Their is no Rule book. It totally up to how you want it to go. Have fun with chastity just like anything else you try in your sex life.
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  11. Wearing it for days should not be a problem or even longer. As for what he wears and where you go with this is up to you, as they say different strokes (none for him when locked,lol) for different folks. Just see what the two of you want from this, experiment with things to see what works for you and go for it and enjoy.
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  12. Ok, the rules of being a keyholder are as follows. If you don't do this you are a completely rubbish keyholder and should give up immediately.

    First off you should immediately start extending his lock up periods. Letting him out every day is just not good enough. You should aim to be permanently locking him up within a few months at least. Rivets and epoxy resin should fix his device on pretty much permanently.

    Second, start looking for a bull immediately. You should start having sex with random men as soon as possible. Collect all of their sperm and make your boyfriend eat it.

    You need to throw all of his underwear away and make him wear panties. At the same time take every opportunity to make fun of him when he needs to sit down to pee. Within a few months you can start feminising him and, if you are really up to it, start giving him hormone replacement therapy and look for a doctor who will castrate him.

    You need to start making him wear a butt plug for extended periods. He should also start to expect that the only way he can orgasm is through anal stimulation.

    The language you use is absolutely critical. From now on remember the following. An orgasm is cummies and his penis is his clitty. Make fun of his penis constantly.

    You need to start investing in leather outfits, whips, chains, ball gags and anal prostate stimulators. A dog cage can also come in handy.

    Now, if anyone tells you that what I have written is utter bs, don't listen to them, they are only jealous and want to make you fail as they would rather your boyfriend doesn't have you as a keyholder because they want you to be theirs instead. So, for the ultimate in keyholder kudos you should accept every offer you get from a man sending you a picture of their penis and lock up their penis and then let them out so they can send you a video of their cummies.
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  13. And, just in case it wasn't obvious...

  14. As for the original question the answer is a yes, sort of. If it isn't the right size or is made out of cheap material, yes it can. Make sure it is medical grade steel and if the surface flakes off and leaves a dull metal behind, bin it.

    As for erections, he might take a while for the ability to come back but depending on age this can take from a few hours to a day or so. My Wife puts cock rings on me to keep me going as for some reason I can get an erection but not keep it. With the rings she can use numbing spray on me and I stay erect.
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  15. I guess you just make it your own...I may just stay vanilla for all that lol
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  16. You do exactly what you want to, when you want to and how you want to. Stuff everyone else. Have fun.
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  17. Metal will not harm him unless it fits poorly or is made of subpar material and craftsmanship.

    I would suggest you let him pick out and size the devices for long term wear, and discuss which ones you find pleasing for u.
  18. The sissyfication, crossdressing can be a part of chastity so can cuckoldry, FLRs, FemDom, or almost anything esle you can think of but and it is a big but ... but you dont have to include or exclude anything in your play/lifestyle whichever that you do not want to do.

    The only hard fast rule as far as I'm concerned is for you and your partner to do nothing that will hurt or threaten either of you or your relationship, and thats either physically or psychologically.

    If you have any then by all means throw your kids somewhere into that equation too.
  19. One easy check you should perform: touch the cage to a magnet (it does not have to be a strong one). If the cage is significantly attracted to the magnet, it is not stainless steel and most likely chrome-plated steel, which is to be avoided (the plating will eventually flake and cause cuts/abrasion or develop rust points that promote bacteria/fungal growth).

    Note that there are stainless steels (matensitic or ferritic ones ) that are subject to magnetic attraction, but those are quite unlikely to be used for cage manufacture (due to cost and welding characteristics). Good quality cages are made of grade 316 austenitic stainless steel which is non-magnetic. Some slightly lesser quality cages (typically of Chinese origin) are made of grade 304 which is also austenitic, non-magnetic, but has lesser corrosion resistance than 316. You can't tell those austenic stainless steels apart with household items and 304 is actually OK for a cage anyway (it would not do for a piercing though).

    On the other hand, people who have a strong allergy to nickel may react to prolonged skin contact with 3xx grade stainless steels as nickel is present in those alloys (8-14%, although it is much less dense in the surface layer). For those unfortunates, plastic cages are the affordable solution and Titanium (very expensive cages) is the only metallic one.
  20. Oh no not at all. Being transvestied is not part of male chastity but its part of my submission and fetish.
    Before being locked in male chastity I used to dress in women shoes which excited me and then I would masturbate. The masturbation mistress did not like.
    However being kept in a chastity cage and also asked to dress in something that excites me causes more frustration as I cannot masturbate anymore so she keeps me on edge.
    I like it too as I feel excited now all the time instead of for a few minutes while I wore my high heels then relieved myself something I now cannot do.
    Wearing high heels and skirts keeps me so excited and frustrated by my cage.

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  21. For what its worth I react quite quickly to metals that are not gold. titanium or surgical quality stainless steel. 316L
    Stainless provided that it is 316L has never given me a problem worn as either piercing jewellery or as a chastity tube 314 does.
    If you look around there are warnings about other kinds of stainless even the 3xx ones.
    Just stick with 316L if you are going to wear it through or on your skin.
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  22. Amazing advice- thank you!
  23. You are most welcome I hope it proves useful.. Whatever you decide good luck.