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Caging and cucking

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by demale, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. I'm not caged but I might as well be. Medication has left me permanently limp and my wife has requested (and I happily have granted) permission to cuckold me. While she hasn't done that yet, I can't imagine her going without a hard cock inside of her for much longer. Am curious about caged hubbies who no longer can or are allowed to penetrate their wives. Does caging lead to cucking?
  2. We have been experimenting with chastity for about six months now. Since my wife has no interest in having me in her, she might as well lock it up. She doesn't want another cock either. We are in a FLM and she has permission to cuckold, but I don't see it happening. It's been about seven years now without penetrative sex. So I'd say maybe it won't happen.
  3. Sounds very similar to my situation. My wife likely will be satisfied with a vibrator as will I (anally, of course). There'll be cuddling and, possibly cunnilingus, but I will never use my penis again except to pee, and that sitting down. I have absolutely no problem with that.
  4. Similar situation here (No PIV), but cucking is not on the horizon. It's a fantasy of mine, but we have discussed it and do not wish to add a third person into our relationship.
  5. That's a wise approach. Both partners have to be completely on board, as my wife and I are. She says it's unlikely that she'll exercise her option (as long as I am completely submissive and obedient, which I intend to be) but I'm prepared for her to decide that it's time.
  6. ooops. i thougt it was caging and cooking . sorry. giggle.
  7. My Bride and I do not have PIV as much as we did before I was caged, although it is still required from time to time.. She does receive cunnilingus and her dildo much more regularly now. I fantasize about being a cuck for her and we discuss it every so often, but it is not likely to happen any time soon. She does like to tease me once in a while about making me a cuck because she knows its a fantasy and on my mind.
  8. caging and cooking is fun too!
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  9. I was cuckolded many years before I was caged. I should have been permanently caged when I was in high school to avoid causing a lot of frustration and resentment to my girlfriends and wife. I was first cuckolded at 19, and I was already wishing to have a woman in control of my erections and orgasms. Things are much better now.
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  11. PM sent.
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  12. Does caging lead to cucking.


    Wanting to be cucked leads to cucking.

    Next question?
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  13. That's certainly true but the wife has to fulfill his desire or it stays a fantasy.
  14. Sent. Please let me know if you want the high res version as well
  15. In my opinion, and I readily admit I'm no expert, caging is an indication that both parties are willing to push the envelope of what is considered "typical" Note that I do not use the word normal. Cuckolding is, in many cases, pushing that envelope even further. A couple can be happy only with caging, or can push the envelope further. That pushing the envelope can take many directions - one of which is cuckolding. Getting into more intense BDSM is another direction.

    There is really not a direct relationship, but caging can lead in that direction.
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  16. The deeper chastity gets the more it rears it’s head due to the very nature of being caged...it’s not being used. Since she is not in chastity it leads to major points like:

    1. Is it fair that she goes without just to keep you submissive and attentive?
    2. Does she enjoy penetration more than the other ways of getting off and she is missing out?
    3. Are you sacrificing her happiness for yours?
    4. And like me, want to show that her needs will forever take precedence over my own, and how can I truly expect her to take control if I keep pocessing her?

    So I believe cuckolding will always be there and present, but it certainly doesn’t mean it will be acted upon or even considered.
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  17. Chastity is an ongoing evolution that has many routes. I think for most of us that path is fairly straightforward with a few detours along the route that makes this type of relationship interesting and fun. I agree with @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 that "wanting to be cucked leads to cucking". As men we put to much stock in vaginal sex because it's something we value and being chaste, in some cases it's our ultimate goal. From everything I've learned penetrative sex is not at the top of the list as far as being one of the best ways to pleasure a woman.

    I do consider a chastity cage as a "gateway device" lol just like weed. I also agree with @Nicoftime@Nicoftime that the further we travel down the rabbit hole the more open we are and willing to open our relationships to additional partners to make our dominant women happy.

    So I don't think chastity leads to becoming a cuck but it definitely helps open doorways to that lifestyle.
  18. I don’t think Chastity necessarily leads to cuckolding. It really depends on the needs of the KH...

    1. Does she like PIV? Some woman discover they are perfectly fine with just Oral...
    2. If she does, how high is her Libido? Many couple use Chastity to compensate the lower libido of the KH. She might find it’s enough to have sex once a month, or every other month...

    If the KH loves PIV, and likes to have sex regularly; but at the same time likes to keep her man locked for long period, then the disparity in Libido becomes inverts, and the KH doesn’t get as much Dick as she wants. :confused:

    The logical solution is then Cuckolding, if the couple is open to it.
    If they are not, a nice Dildo can help; but many women like a real cock better :p
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  19. When we were still developing our use of chastity my Wife went through a period of denying me to keep me happy despite this meaning she was also denying herself. Since then she has become much happier with our balance as we have discovered many other ways to pleasure her that she enjoys, most notably her absolute favourite the Yoni massage. We also occasionally use numbing spray so we can have 'traditional' sex but, to put this in perspective, we have had penetrative sex just three times this year. Despite this she has had enough pleasure to keep her satisfied.

    The one thing she does miss is when we had an orgasm at the same time. These events were very rare prior to chastity but now they are impossible, given the rarity with which we have that type of sex and the fact that if I don't use numbing spray I would have no chance of lasting long enough for her to reach orgasm before I did.

    Her very strong belief in the sanctity of marriage is what stops her cuckolding me. She has absolutely no desire to have sex outside of our marriage and despite my assurances she has said should she do so, even with my blessing and complete knowledge, her standards would compel her to leave me. It just isn't going to happen unless something quite extraordinary happens to her belief system.

    I do theorize that for some men the desire to watch their wife have sex, or the imagination they would have about this happening, is in part fed by the visual aspect of what they would be seeing. It would be like their very own hardcore pornographic experience. Men are visual creatures, a broad sweeping statement I know, and there are always exceptions, but we like looking at sex rather than reading about it. What could be more powerful than watching a penis pounding into our partners?

    Obviously that is only a theory as it has never happened to me and I have never talked, in person, to someone who it has happened to. I'm also not likely to ever have the opportunity to do so. I cannot deny that deep down I still have the smallest amount of a fantasy that Elle would have sex with someone else but realizing how destructive such an event could be, it remains a fantasy on my list of fantasies that are to remain a fantasy, not something to be sought.

    To clarify I think we all have this dual list. A set of fantasies that we would pursue, but equally fantasies that would not be so good if they actually happened. I had a dream in which my Wife split my penis in half and installed a chastity device that was a metal plate keeping the halves separate, with bolts passing through my shaft to secure it to me. I woke up very turned on. Do I want it to happen? No! Absolutely not! I have another fantasy in which she uses my penis as a dildo, sliding it into her but masturbating herself to orgasm instead of using my penis in the more traditional way. Do I want it to happen? You bet! And while you are at it tie me down at the same time!
  20. I would have to say that I have much more of a desire to be a cuck since being caged. Guess that makes some kind of sense.
  21. Its not a concern for us. After being married for over 30 years, we'd gotten to the point of rarely (every 3-6 months) becoming intimate, which for us meant only PIV. In a search for some kind of improvement, we stumbled upon the chastity concept, and it's been terrific. I've been locked for about 4 months now, and we are much more intimate, much more often. I please her orally and/or manually almost every night, and since she really loves PIV, she takes pity on me (LOL) and lets me out to play 3-4 times a month. Plus, I used to have erectile problems before, but not once since locking up. I truly seem to want to please her more, which makes it easier for me to get and keep an erection. She loves it when I strain against my cage. We went to the short-style cage a month or so ago, which she loves even more. She gets a kick out of commenting on my "shriveled up, useless cock" while I am locked, which is a a huge turn on for me. The irony is that I am actually above average in size while erect, which just seems to make it even more fun. So, no need for or interest in cuckolding.
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  22. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 I have first hand experience, but still don't understand how it works There was definitely no relation to chastity at first - that part entered the arena when we struggled with some elements of cuckolding. Chastity didn't solve those, communication did. I consider chastity a threat nowadays. We're doing better than ever in our relationship, cuckolding attributes to that but chastity remains a source of trouble.

    The attractive part for me is that she truly enjoys intercourse or PIV or the four letter word. We were both relatively young and inexperienced and never achieved an arousal stage in which you don't think about day to day issues as the grocery list or other things anymore. On top of that we were unable to perform other activities than oral on her and missionary sex. It wasn't even possible to discuss this. In the early stages of our relationship I mentioned cuckolding as something exciting but as it was a banned subject for discussion, I never knew if she was interested.

    I wrote about this before in another thread - I proposed to quit sex at all, she came up with this, we gave it a try and we learned to enjoy it the hard way. I love it to see her really enjoying sex. Strangely enough it doesn't cause jealousy or anger. I'm unsure about the true reasons, but I made up my mind to quit sex with her before she asked for a hall pass. On the other hand: if you have a front row seat especially when close to the PIV place, it is extremely arousing. On top of that she is really dominant or clear in her wishes which turns me on as well. The visual aspect is important but the happiness of my wife is at least at the same level.

    In our case cucking leads to happiness and feeling really close to each other. Chastity remains a problem zone. The dominant tone of voice is gone outside the bedroom, she refuses to take it of and two tumblr pics a week is not my idea of having fun. That makes the situation pretty fragile. I guess we're on different sides of the chastity/cuckolding discussion. I see no cause/effect relation between these elements, but the combination of both is hard to handle.
  23. Mature and now free, and meeting a man who was became social asset, I used my sexual talents and cravings to be free to take any dates I wanted, so I found chastity and locked him up. Edging and denial with ruined ejaculations made him my perfect cuckold. I push his brain into pleasure/pain, toilet trained as my toilet paper, and the results of my new lifestyle is what I have always craved. Giles is now the perfect cuckold which I know other women envy what I have.
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  24. Caging can be a step towards it or can be just what it is. It depends on your kinks and your KHs kinks. If once caged she starts "training" you in that direction then it could very possibly lead to it. In our case it is about directing my energies to her pleasure. We have discussed cucking and it is not off the table by any means but it is also not the main focus of our relationship, rather a side note of a kink we would like to at some point indulge in. If we could find someone who we both feel would be a good fit we agree that we would try it.