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Caged Free

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Jamie's-Locked, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. I can identify with this bizarre contrast I really want an orgasm almost to the point where I think if I did cheat would she know. But whether she did or not I would and I really can not bring myself to cheat. I am also torn because I too get turned on a hell of a lot by being told the next date my release date will be considered will in fact be over a year since I last cum. Talk involving having this period of denial denial extended further is always a real turn on and the idea of a permanent extention has ever increaasing appeal. I'm sensible enough to realise it might only be fantasy but keep thinking perhaps I could try a really long period of denial and see how it goes.

    I will not I have decided make up my mind on this until I have what I think is the ideal device. Then of course I will have to ask my friend and KH id she want to go along with that.
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  2. Well, the Friday starting my August vacation, I was presented my key and was told to have fun.
    I wonder about myself. I unlocked, pulled my device off and felt like that old dog that had chased cars all his life and, once he caught one, wondered what the hell to do with it.
    I've had a lot of curiosity about ruined orgasms and attempted them on three occasions and approaching being able to do it properly. Once I was given the keys that Friday evening, I attempted and succeeded at as close as a ruined orgasm as I've experienced. I did expel semen but, other than a dull throb as it oozed out, nothing else.
    Shortly afterward I felt naked. Here I was, given a week of free reign, jerk myself in to oblivion for the vacation/week. Less than an hour later I locked myself into what I'm hoping is my permanent home, a 25mm long closed cage so that I could use my vacation to see if I could adapt to it this time. The base ring caused me a lot of pain along the bottom of my scrotal area the first couple of times I was allowed to try it but I've now been locked in it since 8-11 and it's getting more comfortable.
    The cage was never the problem, just the pressure from the base ring. The closed shorter cage was never the problem. I loved it from the time I saw the picture.
    Now I'm locked and Ms K/H tells me that I'm in for, "At least a month," after I finally surrendered to her and simply requested quietly that she not keep me locked for another year.
    My fantasy of her becoming more confident and decisive about my accepting my being locked until she says otherwise has finally come true it would seem. Emergencies or pain notwithstanding.
    I love Ms K/H. Even before she accepted my chastity kink. Or the others.
  3. Well, I'm starting day 22 of my latest lockup and, this time, in my smallest device that I've been wanting to be locked in since I first saw it. There are moments where it is somewhat painful on the base of my scrotum but it comes and goes. I've already gone far longer wearing it than the first time. Early on, I would have to change to one of my other devices after less than a week.

    I have no idea when I'm going to be unlocked. I told myself that I was going to stop topping from the bottom and let Ms K/H (My Wife) finally take complete control over the duration of my being locked and surrendered. Just before my week free (which I was unlocked only about 30 minutes before I locked myself into this device) I asked her how long she would keep me locked once I gave her the keys for real. "At least a month," was her answer. It's difficult not having a target date for once. I've been used to having a target date to shoot for up till now. It's exciting, terrifying and strangely depressing at some moments having no idea when or if she's going to hand me the key. I'm hoping that she doesn't keep me locked for a year as I've put myself through with her help.

    On a side note, on my other monitor, I've got a picture of a chastised male on his hands and knees between her legs with the caption, "Remember when you first brought up the subject of chastity and you thought it might freak me out? Can you also remember the last time I let you cum?" That idea of wanting/expecting a chance to cum and her teasing you that she's going to let you out is the whole idea of this whole kink.
  4. Interesting change in plans on my latest lockup term. Ms. K/H first planned "at least a month." I mistakenly assumed (I know how that's spelled and its meaning) that, since I locked back up on the 11th of August, that was what she meant as the starting point. I was later informed that my birthday was her idea of the start of my "at least a month."

    About three weeks later the smaller device's base ring was causing me so much pain that I begged her for the keys. She relented and gave me freedom to decide when I locked back up. I went one full day at work but locked back into a device I knew fit well enough over night. It hurt too much then next morning for me to wear it to work so I took it off. Once home, back on, etc. After two days, the slightly larger base ring was bearable so I gave her back the keys. I asked quite timidly if she planned to reset my time or? Her answer?

    "You went nearly a month, if we count your date of the 11th." I relaxed a moment then asked how much longer?

    "At least a month."

    I'm sensing a trend here.
  5. Trouble is that if you asks they don't really like it and you gonna get more not less.
  6. You're right of course Jemima. I really wasn't expecting her to let me out early though. I was just hoping that she wasn't going to restart the counter. I'll know better next time.
  7. It interesting that everyone talks about Topping from the Bottom as a bad thing. I saw it as a time to let your KH know what your limits are and how committed you are. Also to give them some information and ideas on what to do and how chastity can be good for them. It's all in how you do it it can be a welcoming thing for your KH. Until she takes control.
  8. very interesting and exciting Journey. Since I haven't been active for very long I didn't know your Journey was here. My Aplologies. It's on my to Read List. I'm taking a vacation soon than I'll have some time. I'm getting excited just thinking about your story. Thanks for reposting.
  9. I'm not really that exciting. As the overused phrase goes, it is what it is.
  10. It's interesting that you want to be locked permanent but still want her to maybe remove your cage. Just that little bit of hope is all we need sometimes. Since my Mistress said my lockup was permanent she has almost stopped touching and stimulating her property that little bit of hope is getting smaller and smaller
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  11. Wow I'm Very impressed with your story. I can see myself in your situation as my chastity becomes longer. Thank You very much for re opening this thread. All the best to you as you accomplish your life long goal. To be as small as you can be.
  12. Again, it's been a while since I've updated. I was given a free pass for my vacation which ran from August 11 to the 20th. I took advantage of the 11th to try a ruined orgasm then felt naked and locked myself into the smaller device which I had problems with. I managed 3 weeks in it before having to ask to change devices.
    Well, tonight I was somewhat surprised. Ms K/H told me that she had remembered that my "at least a month" was up on the 19th. She added that she toyed with the idea of letting me out for a day or so but decided for "at least a month," again.
    I might be coasting for another year.
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  13. Welcome to the new club, LFL , Locked For Life. Since my wife has said that my Chastity was permanent I've struggled with some of the same feelings that your struggling with. I also still have the craving to have an Orgasm but have no idea when or IF I ever will again it's kind of a weird feeling but as time goes on I'm starting to Like it. It's only been a couple months for me so in six months or a year I don't know how I'll feel I guess time will tell.
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  14. I suppose I am locked for life now. I hadn't thought of it that way but it makes the most sense looking at it that way. Until she decides it doesn't interest her at all at least.
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  15. Could you handle being locked for life?
  16. As things are progressing, I think I could. Not that I really want things different. I've had a long held fantasy of being kept locked and kept from sexual release. I'm really unable to explain how being kept from being able to orgasm by someone else turned into such a strong fetish for me but it is. If she flat out told me that from now on, I would be allowed out once a year for an erection but no orgasm, I'd be hard pressed to say no to Ms K/H.
  17. It's intriguing how accepting (and even serene) one becomes after conceding absolute control to a woman. I have complete faith that my wife will do what is best for me and I never question any decision of hers. I'm at the opposite end of the orgasm spectrum. I am milked twice a day with an anal vibrator in order to drain away my male essence. I have incredible orgasms that way, but I am extraordinarily submissive and docile now. She is achieving her objective and it will be permanent.
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  18. Saying that your at the opposite end is interesting @demale@demale to have an orgasm is different than being milked. The results are similar but different if being milked is the only release that I'm allowed any more than that would be exceptable to me. If I wasn't allowed an Orgasm or being Mliked now that would be a little harder to except. The question is. Is milking considered an Orgasm. Maybe we should start a poll and see what everyone thinks. Good point
  19. Poll has been started in the Tower.
  20. That's a good question. There definitely are milkings that don't produce an orgasm, just a sad dribble. But prolonged massaging of the prostate with a vibrator will produce an orgasm that is akin to what a woman feels. My wife is happy to let me have orgasms if that's what it takes to drain me of all that makes me a man.
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