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Butt Plugs

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by alanlocked, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. If i had more private time with my Wife i am sure we would do more anal play. It happens only a couple of time a year. She has used a strap on to fuck me that entails a ritual on my part. First, i get a mild, soapy, enema to get cleaned out followed by 2 water only rinses. Depending on what we are doing, like going out, i then must wear a butt plug. It's a medium, silicon plug that is fairly comfortable & can be left inserted for long periods of time. It's about 4 inches long & 1-1/4 inches at the widest part. The longest i have had it in was just shy of 24 hours.

    If my Wife plans to use the strap on, i switch out the medium plug to a larger one that is about 5-1/2 inches long & 2 inches at the widest part. This one stretches me somewhat & readies me for the dildo. It isn't terribly uncomfortable, but i am well aware it is in, especially if sitting. Not sure what the longest it has been inserted, maybe 2 to 3 hours while i was bound. Lots of lube & patience to slowly insert this one, but once it is removed i can take the dildo without any trouble. By the time that She does fuck me, it's incredible & i seem to want a larger & larger dildo in me.....lol
  2. Anyone have much experience with the steel lockable butt plugs? They look intriguing.......
  3. ask philfred! and nurse natalie.:eek:
  4. Just start off slow. In the heat of the moment I asked my Mistress (wife's girlfriend) to insert a large dildo in my butt. She did and I ended up needing surgery for an anal fissure. Not fun at all. Since then, only a few fingers are allowed back there. :)
  5. Hi, my experience with butt-plugs is extensive and lengthy. I recently started using glass plugs and they are phenominal. I have a 2" that i wear 23/7 and I love it. I am considering one of the locking ones if i can find a suitable key-holder. I am enclosing a pic of a locking one for your viewing pleasure. locking_plug.jpg
  6. Never tried one out, not on the radar.
  7. Lol
    Oh well definitely not in that nothing ventured nothing gained sort of feeling then. :)

  8. @castrated_sissy@castrated_sissy ... I have a locking plug very similar to that and have written about it before. It is a very intense feeling and the longest I havemanaged is about 10 minutes. It is so large you just feel like you really need to push it out... But you can't. .. No way ever.
    Lucy x
  9. Lockable one looks like it would be easier to get in when closed. Presumably you don't have to fully open it before locking, still a relative anal virgin here but very interested to give it a try so don't want anything too big to start with. I think a thin neck would be best to get used to being filled up without risking it popping out.
  10. Lol

    Yes definitely easier to insert when closed .
    I think they are spring loaded so pop open unlike the original medieval torture device that had a screw that expanded it.

    If you are a beginner with toys up your bottom I would suggest you do NOT get one as a first or even 5 th toy or possibly ,more till you are very happy with how your bottom reacts to being stretched.

    Take things slowly at first your bum is very delicate but strong as well . Also have a read up on your anatomy .

    Xx Wendy
  11. Thanks for the advice!
    I know the problem is going to be getting my sphincter to open enough to let the plug in and keep it there without expelling it, that's why I thought this device would work as it had a slender neck but could be opened wide enough once inside to prevent expulsion.
    Any recommendations as to which type I should purchase to begin with?

  12. Hum bit like which pr shoes should I get for me.

    So straight cock shaped for stretching slowly , your bum will stretch over time but it will close properly after you finish playing .

    Plenty of lube I only use j lube water based you get in powder form and it's used by the world's vets . .
    The ace of spades shape ones are for retention but most do not have long enough necks.

    Once you have waisted lots of time putting things up you bum and enjoyed the pain and pleasure of the fun for quite a long long time the best ever plug to keep in " Two shots in the dark "
    Simply one omg amazing plug !

    But start small get used to it and read up on enemas it won't be too long before they become a necessary addition to the fun and should reduce you getting bowel cancer , which has got to be a bonus .
    Do NOT use any drugs poppers pain killers alcohol or anisthetic creams of any kind !!
    Xx Wendy
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  13. No alcohol. . Where's the fun lol. . But seriously if you are a beginner keep away from that plug . If you look on any sex toy site you should be able to get a set of plugs to work your way slowly. . Or some stretching ones. ..
    Good luck
  14. i don't thinks you be able to get it in you if it was open up, giggle.. its huge.
  15. So I guess the way forward is to start small and work my way up until I can finally keep one in all day. I've got to get my arse trained myself before he decides I had long enough and takes control, I know he will NOT be gentle as he is very impatient and forceful.
    So where do I get a "Two Shots In The Dark" plug? I know he will want to try one on me in time!

    Very new to all this, been locked up in a CB6000s for 94 hours now and beginning to understand what it must be like to be a woman, have to sit down to pee and unable to bring myself off so left feeling frustrated when he stops playing with my nips and arse and goes to sleep. He's booked me into an old style ladies hairdresser for a perm tomorrow to "smarten me up" before the weekend party he's taking me to.
  16. If you are starting from nothing a 2 shots ,at least 2 years away I would think.

    Twinkly perms not seen that in a forum for many a year lol

    Xx Wendy
  17. Two years?? Does it really take that long to train your arse to take a plug all day?

    So NOT looking forward to undergoing the perm tomorrow, perfectly happy with my straight pony tail but he wants me to have waves and curls.

    C & B XX
  18. @Cockandball@Cockandball please to put a piccy in here when you has it done. i has pigtails sometimes and that helps to keep it out my eyes when i working.
  19. Hideous..... You wouldn't want to see!
    Headful of corkscrew curls when perm done then bigger rollers, net and under the dryer for ages for the set style. Look like a throwback from the sixties with a bouffant!!
  20. A Plug with a longer and narrow neck makes for longer wearing. After a morning BM, I can wear my plug until the next morning. Mistress believes in anal training.
  21. I use a silicone phallus that is kept in with a crotch rope...very effective as it slowly and constantly stimulates me...very interested in the NJoy plug though