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Butt Plugs

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by alanlocked, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I wear a Tantus Severin large plug 24/7

    Even at work and when going on holiday... The only time i have not worn it in the last few years was when I was in Hospital....
  2. I don't think this has been asked, but if you assume you're an already trained person at anal, then would it be safe to have a hollow butt plug in place 24/7 without being removed? I've read about it in stories, but with anything, those may just stay as stories.

    Also keep in mind there's locking anal shields on the chastity belts from my-steel and neosteel if it matters.
  3. Have had that large bright red Tantus plug in me all morning and am so horny. Can't remember the last time I came bit I want to so bad right now.
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  4. Is this the one you have inside of you? http://www.amazon.com/Tantus-Severin-Large-Butt-Bundle/dp/B003H3GUBK

    If not, could you link me to it? I'm curious now. And I can only imagine your feeling. No orgasm for 2 weeks and every time I wake up from wear my diapers I get SUPER horny.
  5. I'm often made to wear one overnight, no problems at all.
    I wear leather chastity pants with chains either side of my ass cheeks and a leather strap up the middle which keeps the butt plug secure, it has a locked pouch at the front to keep my cock secure.
  6. Yeah Brandon that's the one. I love it.
  7. I personally use the nJoy pfun plug and pure metal plugs. I can wear them for a long period of time since the polished metal slips in easily and I rarely need to add lube. I prefer elongated base for long time wear.
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  8. I find that wearing a thong, obviously, helps keep the thing in place. I gotta get a new one though, I've only used mine a few times and last night I was able to get a 10 inch dildo in next to it...and a few fingers, I'm sure if I had taken all that out and tried, I could have gotten my fist in...now that would have been something, self-fisting like the 5th time I've had something in my ass. No wonder I'm looking at http://www.extremerestraints.com/butt-plugs_1/sammys-fist-anal-plug_6367.html as a new plug.

    Problem I was having that as the night went on (luckily I was wearing a diaper), I was getting...it was like, smaller chunks of shit, getting lubed up and somehow leaking out around the next of my plug. If this happens again, I might have to look in to trying out my diaper fetish on a schedule that mirrors my lock-up periods...
  9. Plugs can surly add to the effects that the Dominant has over the submissive. For me, while locked in chastity, the plug has a couple different effects. The first being that it creates such a nice full feeling inside of me. I enjoy being able to squeeze my anus muscles up tight against the thin part of the plug. When I squeeze down on it, it reminds me of trying to hold back a powerful orgasm. Also while squeezing it will force a constant flow of prefum out of me. Feeling that is a mild pleasure too, and one i enjoy. Being plugged is an all around reminder of who is in charge, while giving you some pleasures along the way. Of course there are always some hurdles to cross while plugged up.... but everything can not be a bowl of cherries.

  10. GabrielliaGabriellia I have the medium one of these and holy smoke - I would never call it medium. What lubricant do you use with it as I always find plugs dry out and then irritate me.
    slave phil
  11. Hiya
    Quite a lot of replies from guys wearing plugs for long periods .
    I can take 300mm circumference toys but only for an hour or two play sessions and no problems with bum not closings properly.
    However I was always under the impression that if you wore large plugs for s long time even 24 hours you bum got used to it and stopped shrinking back .
    So do you have problems if you wear s plug continually.
  12. Wendygirl,

    Like many here I also wear a plug almost continually while in chastity. I to had the same concern with stretching, I have had no problems what so ever, I wear a Njoy Pure Plug the stem is quite narrow so the sphincter contracts to almost normal but the insertable portion gives the fullness and reminder Mistress desires me to have.
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  13. Indeed. I'm currently plugged with a nJoy Large steel butt plug under the Secondary anal [slotted] shield of my male T-3 full crotchbelt. The nJoy is not designed to be secured on a slot, but once plugged the shield can be locked over it. The feeling is different because the shield is firmly pressing against the nJoy, so it doesn't wiggle nor it feels "heavy". It just feels very comfy and "continuously penetrated". It's also very forgiving with lube as it doesn't move up and down.

    Now that I'm thinking, I'm feeling aroused and penis throbs inside the steel penis tube... oh!!!
  14. looks like a most unforgiving situation that you find yourself into! ;)
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  15. Lots of good advice above. Taking it slow with loads of lube is the key initially, being relaxed and confident you are clean. Oh and both being able to laugh at the inevitable accidents.

    When/if you get into it don't be over ambitious. Too big a thing has the potential to over stretch especially if left it, which of course may lead to fecal incontinence, which of course for some people is the ultimate goal. Each to their own.
  16. In all the time I have been putting things up my bottom and all the stuff I have read I don't think I have ever come across people who enjoy anal play wanting to become incontinent.
    Even bigger than 300 mm circumference toys won't make your bottom stop working properly.
    Its a remarkable muscle that would prefer to be tight shut but can stretch amazingly far for fun.
    Xx Wendy
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  17. @BiboyBiboy (or anyone else for that matter) you mentioned you used vaseline with your buttplug, I've heard a lot of people saying it degrades silicone plugs. Is this not the case?
  18. Mistress B

    Mistress B Mistress B
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    Feb 29, 2012
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    United Kingdom
    I have warned many about the dangers of inserting large plugs, the anal sphincter can be damaged resulting in incontinence. I think most would agree that no Mistress wishes a "smelly slave".
  19. I know that this is an old thread (why aren't sex forums as active as others I belong to?) but I want to give a word of caution. I used to have dildos and butt plugs in my anus and once it caused an anal fissure that was very painful and required surgery to fix. After that, no more butt play for me and any Mistress I have had is informed of that. My limits in any type of sex play is to do nothing to me that would require medical attention, arrest or public humiliation. That is it. Other than this one problem, I have not had any others if the 40+ years I was involved in BDSM activities. I have no idea when I got this anal fissure as we were doing stuff that we always did and using the same sized dildos and butt plugs.

    Just be cautions and start off small. :)
  20. About 4 months ago I bought a XXXL Helmet Head butt plug. For those of u interested in glass plugs I highly recommend it. The plug part is shaped like the head of a cock, the plug looks beautiful. This is by far the best plug I have ever had. Ridge of the head hits the spot so perfect and when it pops in a load runs out of me through my cage and same thing when I pop it out. I have never had a plug that has milked me as easily as this one. It feels like my body was made for it.
  21. Hi, there's some really good information here. I hope you're finding it useful. My experience with butt plugs is that comfort is key. Whatever you choose, make sure it has a flat base so you can sit down. Also, make sure the neck between the base and insertable section is thin enough so your rectum will seal around it as much as possible. If there's only a slight taper you will expel it. You might cough or sneeze and out it comes. I know about this personally. There are those steel jeweled ones which are terrific to begin with. The small ones first. Here's an example. It is 1.25 inches in diameter. Very nice to begin with. I, quickly began to "swallow it up" and then got one of the larger one. I think 1.75 inches. I regularly use this one. Very heavy and a nice full feeling. Easy to clean up too.
    My favorite one of all time is this one. It's silicone and very comfy. I've worn it overnight time and time again. I enjoy having it in for hours and hours. You cannot use silicone lube with it. Use water based with the bronco. Silicone toys and silicone lube do not play well together. Use a water based lube for the bronco. Maybe Astroglide. That's what I use. Anyway. Good luck. Don't rush it. Take your time to accommodate the larger sizes.
  22. I was told at my local kink store that the silicone water hybrid lubes are compatible with silicone toys. I hope that is true. I'm not sure what to look for if they are not getting along.
  23. From my experience, "not getting along" means discomfort. The lube will gum up, dry out and you will not be comfortable. No lube lasts forever in your bottom anyway but that's my experience. I don't know anything about the silicon/water hybrids.
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  24. . My favourite and long term friend and partner in pleasure j lube . Buy it as a powder mix it as you like thick or thin.
    It water based slippery very slippery and wash up in bot water .
    Xx Wendy
  25. The issue with silicone lube and silicone toys is that if the two silicone formulas are not exactly the same(next to impossible) the will begin to break each other down chemically. It will cause discoloration and can cause a burning sensation when the toy is used. This holds true for toys coming in contact with each other during storage, that is why most high end toys come with a bag or other method for storage.

    The new hybrid lubes are safe for silicone toys. They provide the safety of water based lube with the benefits of silicone lube.
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