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Butt Plugs

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by alanlocked, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. My wife has had me in fulltime chastity, with quarterly releases, for about three years. I am locked 24/7 in a steel belt. She now has informed me that she intends to start having me wear a butt plug also. I have never had anything in my but and the thought is a little scary. My concern is that she may have me wear it for extended periods of time. My question, is this at all dangerous, can it cause any phyiscal damge or problems. How many hours a day or night can it be safely used. All help would be appreciated.
  2. If done correctly, shouldn't be any danger at all. Seeing as you have never had a butt plug inserted, I would recommend investing in a "butt plug trainer kit" which will include a set of plugs of varying sizes. Establish a training schedule with your wife/Mistress and try your best to set and meet goals. I was personally trained over a gradual period in which my Mistress would slowly increase the length of time, and/or size of, my plug was inserted every few days. I wear a medium-sized silicone butt plug for about 8 hours every day and have done so for over two whole years now without any noticeable problems.
    Having my ass stuffed with a butt plug for extended periods of time on a regular basis has done quite a lot in terms of my overall submissiveness and obedience levels. Combine the practice with enforced chastity, and you'll more than likely become *very very very* submissive, as the butt plug will provide a lovely combination of arousal and frustration for the wearer... Considering that you have been kept in chastity full-time for around three years, you're definitely experienced with that surrender and the corresponding submission of having one's orgasms controlled (tip o' the hat to you good sir, I haven't gotten close to that level yet, but my Mistress is working me towards that direction of full-time wear)
    In your case specifically, being locking in a steel belt, you'll have to deal with the added fact that you won't be able to remove your plug without permission... that's a bit of a scary notion for the beginner in extended long-term plugging, but I don't personally think that you'll find it the least bit bad... ;P
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  3. I hadn't tried butt plugs before and must admit I probably went to far too quickly - check out my blog for the type of plug I bought :)


    I have worn it, on and off, on several occasions, but probably need to work on it better!
  4. Thanks for your replys. One other question is how long of a time is it safe to wear? Can it be worn all day and every day without damage to the rectum.

  5. You can wear it full time only removing it to go the restroom. I have recently started wearing plugs most of the time when I am not at work. I even sleep with one in several times a month. Just take it slow and work up sizes slowly. If something hurts excessively or causes bleeding you are doing it wrong. Most of all just listen to your body it won't steer you wrong. I have been playing with my ass for 17 years working up to some seriously large toys both deep and wide and never had a single issue.
  6. Butt plugs are completely safe, just some recomendations:
    1) Always use lube: on your hole, in your hole, on the whole insertable part of the plug.
    2) Don't forget to use the cleaning+desinfection lotion after use.
    3) Once your hole is "trained" and you buy the plug for long-time wear, really invest to a quality material.
    4) If you wear it for longer time, I recommend to have always with you the cleaning lotion, the lube and some tissues so that you can comfortably remove the plug at the toilet and put it back immediatelly.
    5) I as well recommend you to buy some good enema kit (Shur Shot for example) and give yourself enemas to keep you clean.

    As for my experience, I used to go for a whole day having something in my ass, long time before I started really being submissive. Then I dropped my butt fetish to recover it now as I'm locked in chastity belt. I have to redo the stretching and I have a nice vibrating butt plug waiting to be used for a whole day (I can make it in, but it is on the boundary of acceptable pain/discomfort, so I remove it in a short time).
  7. Hi Alanlocked,
    Your post made me think : "how could I hold a plug in my butt?" I must say that I never tried for more than a few hours at a time.
    So I took the opportunity of a long flight to make a test. I took it as a challenge to prepare my ass for more abuse later this week.
    I had packed my plug a nice silicone egg that holds nicely in place : http://www.mr-s-leather.com/D513/egg-plug-firm-black.html
    Before take off, I went to the bathroom and after a little help from KY, my ass finally swalled the whole thing.
    I felt particularly full and horny.
    I installed a pad in my female panties so the extra lube would not stain my white lacy knickers that I was wearing under my stockings.
    I had to place one on the front as well as my semi erect penis started to oose despite beeing encased in its Birdlocked silicone casing.
    After three hours I started to feel a little numb, so I went back to the bathroom and reapplied some lube with some numbing cream that I had brought up to lenghten the time. I lasted another 3 hours before my ass gave up. I removed the plug in the bathroom of Montreal, 7 hours after I had inserted it in Geneva.
    Since then I religiously insert a plug at night and With the help of the numbing cream I was able to get 6 to 7 hr of sleep uninterupted.
    I will further report on my progress.. And let's follow 321tt's advices.Thanks alan and 321 for the fun ideas!
  8. Worn alone, I found that lubing the thin flexible rubber neck of my 4" Steel Rattler Butt Plug is necessary, else, friction against the sphincter, will result in a very painful irritation. And because it's neck is made of rubber, it's very unforgiving in comparison to steel necks when lube dries out.

    However, as being depicted in many of my pictures here, I'm now almost elusively wear my butt plug firmly secured by the crotch strap of my full waistband steel chastity belt. Since there's virtually no movement, I can be buttplugged for extended periods of time (long inline skating rides, cycling, shopping, sleeping, etc) without worrying much for lube.
  9. In general, I would stay away from numbing creams... you need to listen to your body's pain signals if something is going wrong, especially if you are new to anal exploration. Numbing can lead to problems because you don't notice when things start to get raw in bad ways.
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  10. I also suggest a wide plug with a smaller neck if you intend on wearing it for a while. Personally, Ive had my body decide toit did not appreciate something on the doorstep for so long and expel it. Big enough flare to neck ratio and it has no choice to keep it in.
  11. I love my butt plug. I have used one for years and I have seen no danger in it. Just start slow then keep upping the size. Madame works if in me and makes me keep it in until she feels like removing it. So I end up out in public often witb it inserted. Mine is 3 inches in diameter and really has me freaking out after awhile. Sometimes it will be in a whole day but it's a whole day that if I am out I'm somewhere where I won't bump into friends hopefully because it is really hard to keep ur cool when u are freaking out. The more I walk the more it rubs and it will milk my prostate enough to keep small amounts of cum running out of my cock on and off all day. Madame loves it because when we are out I have to try act normal while I'm losing my mind the whole time. Mine is to big to definitely sleep with inserted.
  12. hat kind of plug is that you are talking about? sounds like a awsome plug. being milked while walking around would make it very hard to keep a straight face. lol
  13. I have several plugs (pictures in my gallery) but always struggled to wear one for more than an hour.
  14. My favorite one is not the biggest one I have. It's a red Tantus plug with 3 ridges on it. It's the large one, I like it more than my largest one because I can wear it all day and those ridges drive me crazy if I walk lots. They milk little loads out of me through out the day. Too big to wear around any one that knows me as it makes me lose mind but it seems the right size to keep in me all day.
  15. I'm betting it's maybe the same one gabriellia has. The shape of that plug is so good, like it way better than the normal shaped larger one o have. The larger one is food just around home but if I'm going to have a plug worked in me it's cuz I want to go somewhere and be filled at the same time.
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  16. Holy spell correct on my phone.
  17. Sounds like the same one too me. I find that it can be a bit irritating if worn for a long period. The neck is a bit short for me , the area under the last bump. The way it fits I try to pull it inside me further than the base allowes. So the edges of the base can rub me wrong. Still my favorite by far though!
  18. I always make sure I have some Vaseline around it and only ever seems to irritate me if I havent shaven for awhile. Bigger always seems better but that Tantus plug size and shape really is the best I've ever had and makes me go crazy. Just the right size for me if I'm going to have it in me all day and be out in public. I feel like I'm going crazy. I want it in me now, would do anything to have loads milked out of me right now.
  19. Lubing a Butt Plug with Petrolium-based lube (such as Vaseline) gives will give me cramps with a strong urge to take a crap. Also, butt plugs with rubber-neck (such as the one currently secured on my chastity belt) is to be avoided as it will damage/break the rubber (and may leave the wearer with a huge chunk of steel inside the rectum -- and some explaining to do at the ER).

    Going out buttplugged for the day can be intense as the plug will constantly be trusting you in and out.. It can be pleasant as long as there's lube. When lube dries out... and the dry butt-plug neck rubs against the anus... it can becomes a painful and very unpleasant.

    For heading out buttplugged for the day, I suggest securing it on a Leather Butt Plug Harness, or better (and more comfy) on the Anal Slot of a continuous-crotch steel chastity belt. Not only you can now relax your muscles with no fear to expel it, but being firmly held won't be trusting you and the lack of motion makes it SO COMFORTABLE, (unless I move) I currently can't feel it at all -- and I'm sure it's dry on lube as I took a crap (and lubed it) 6 hours ago and went out for the day, and never felt being milked -- just an occasional very subtle "teasing".
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  20. I spend a lot of time with my large red tantus plug in me out in public. Its silicone and I no some people are against vaseline bit if I am comletely clean shaven I find it works better than anything else for long term wear and I neber go dry when its in me. I have spent entire days with it in me. Makes me feel so good and so nice to walk and have little loads dribble out of my cock. U have a big enoigh but plug u should never need any device to keep it in u. Afyer a long time with it spent in my ass it is really hard to pop out. If it is popping out on its own its time to get a larger one.
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  21. The problem I have with going all day with a butt plug is that the inside of my bum cheeks gets sore after a day or two of continuous wear. Then I have to take a break for 2-3 days and then go again. Lube doesn't help much because it's the base that's rubbing, and lube just gets wiped off by my undies when I sit down.

    The plug I have is the Super Soft Egg Plug, XXL.

    It's the best I've found for all day wear. I once went 6 days straight wearing it only taking it out once a day to clean it, re-lube and use the toilet. I just dealt with the sore bum cheeks, but eventually it got to be too much. It took about 10 days for the redness/chaffing to go away after that.

    For me I've found a routine of a day in then a half-day to full day out works best. i.e. Insert Monday morning, take out Tuesday morning, insert Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, etc.
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  22. I love the buddy type prostate plugs best they have a realy slim base that sits perfectly in place with no rubbing on the cheeks
  23. The Njoy plugs are great for all day wear. They've got a nice long, thin neck to them and they're polished stainless steel, so they don't need to be relubed every few hours. The stainless also makes them quite heavy, so they move a lot as you move around. I can't recommend them enough.

    Talking about them is making me want to go grab mine.

  24. another happy njoy customer here.
    I've bought a few plugs over the years. but I never really was too happy with them.
    And then I ordered a pure plug (large), and it changed everything, it's like I can't get enough of it ;)

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