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bras for discipline

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by mistressangel, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Something for the sissies here, and possibly the mistresses too :)


    It's about why men should be made to wear bras to keep them under control, with a scary amount of detail about how to go about doing this. Not really necessary if he's wearing a chastity belt already, but some interesting ideas for "extras" to keep him on his toes! :)
  2. Quite an intersting book as it seems. I will read it when i've got time (just returned from a trip to England ;-) ...) and write about my opinions. Of course, bras are essential for sissies but i have never thought about male subs ... but why not? A nice bra always goes nicely with a full chastity belt *giggle*

    maid katrin
  3. thank You MistressAngel, for the informative web site! it's wonderful!
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    I like the idea of combining it with a collar and padlocked at the back...
  5. no garment divides the sexes more distinctly, and no garment reinforces its presence more consistantly . . .
  6. and they help shape our man boobs as well.
  7. That was an excellent find, Mistress Angel. Thank you! I will pass it on to those in my life who might benefit from reading it.

    Sissy Brianna/Pamela
  8. yeah i like the collar I have that is locked by padlock :) it goes great with chastity. i don't see how a bra couldn't either. I loved your idea. all 3 would be fantastic hehe

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