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Brand New to Chastity

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Glen Wertherapist, Nov 28, 2017.


For my cock, what should I lock it into?

  1. CB6000

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  2. CB6000s

  3. Holy Trainer

  1. Hello everyone! I am brand new to chastity as of today and I feel as if I am already used to it.

    To start, I bought a knockoff CB6000s just to see if I like chastity. I also bought a metal device coming tomorrow to try. I really want to explore my options before going serious.

    I had a question, I am about 2.75 inches soft (grower), and I feel like the CB6000s is constantly filled too much even with my smaller dick. I was wondering if the CB6000 is a better fit. I haven't been able to have less than a small semi in a chastity device yet, so maybe.

    I am also interested in the Holy Trainer, but I like the look of the CBs more, and the little tapping of the lock as I walk.
  2. I began with the CB6000 and went down to the CB6000s since it controls my erections much better. When wearing the 6000, I had room to begin to get erect and it was painful, but with the shorter cage, getting erect is stopped immediately.
  3. Welcome to the world of chastity! Lots of people swear by the Holy Trainer (aka HTv2) which will restrict your feeling of the outside world. I'm sure that the CB6k and the CB6Ks are similar in that regard. I stayed away from the plastic chinese devices after reading how many of them break. The last thing I wanted was to get my skin pinched or cut by two pieces of broken plastic while the key was unavailable. Also the idea of the device beginning to smell was a big time turn off for me.

    I went strait to the metal cage style a275 which is great. but soon after bought the steel HTv2 knock off. Beware the weight of this device as it's solid steel design is very heavy. After reinforcing the device with a paracord belt I find it to be quite wearable and the feeling of inescapable confinement is intense. I always turn back to the smaller a275 for its light weight design and breathability though.

    Good luck out there in chastity land. Start a blog in the Vault and let us know how your journey goes!
  4. Welcome to the joys of chastity! I certainly hope that you get a diversity of views to your poll question. I agree with both DonnaSueDonnaSue and manmagnamanmagna. The CB6000s definitely controls matters quite effectively and avoid cheap substitutes. As for any 'unpleasantness', I have not experienced any issues; however, I am removed from my harness and cage every morning where, while supervised, everything is cleaned and I am returned to chastity after my shower.

    I have no experience with the HTv2.

    The inexpensive devices are a great way to explore the lifestyle before taking a greater plunge. This is the path that we are on, as my Keyholder will most likely upgrade me to a metal device (possibly with a PA) or a fulltime steel belt at some point in the future.

    Good luck to you!
  5. Welcome to Chastity Mansion!
    I tried a CB6000 a couple of years ago, and found that there was a build up of odor, and took steps to minimize that, including drinking lots and showers.
    More recently I am now trying one of the inexpensive knock-offs (A275), and find that it is much better in that regard.
    As to the erections, I like the short cages better, but what does your key holder want? Or are you serving as your own key holder?
    That is an important consideration.
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  6. Welcome to Chastity Mansion,
    I have tried the CB 6000s and the HTv2 in both plastic and steel. Being closed
    you need to clean daily or odor does become a problem. I found the ring for the
    HTv2. very comfortable and used it until I got a full belt. I would stay with the
    6000s, shorter always seems better. Hope to see you around.
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