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Both partners denied

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Stavslockedcock, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. My wife and I have been playing with orgasm denial or I guess you would call it tease and denial for the last year pretty heavily. I’ve been locked up off and on for the last 3 years. Recently I started to tease my wife and deny her orgasms on a regular basis. We both have not had a orsasm since my birthday at the beginning of October. While teasing her later on that nite she makes the comment that edging feels better than the actual orgasm itself and that she didn’t care if I got her off or not. After a short conversation it was decided that neither one of us shall be allowed a actual orgasm again. For good! Never again for both of us. It was decided that my cage would be riveted shut and her pussy lips will be pierced shut in 6 places on Friday at noon. Are we crazy?? Is there any other couples that practice this same lifestyle? Since that nite has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least but finally settling into the idea of a completely orgasm free marriage!
  2. Yes, both of you are crazy!
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  3. I have mind-blowing orgasms every day with an prostate vibrator. Am not sure what would work for wifey in that regard. Can women come just from anal sex?
  4. Wow that escalated quickly. It sounded all sweet and fun until about half way though. Yep crazy.
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  5. As crazy as it seems it works very well. She can get off from anal but it takes twice as long. She would prefer anal over regular any day.
  6. I wouldn't make any rash decisions. Permanent denial sounds all hot and sexy but the reality is after some time its just no fun. Nothing to look forward too. Edging feels great and all but you will still always crave that release only an orgasm can give you. I would say try it for some time before making things permanent. If it truly is that great for you both then you can decide.
  7. She's an adventurous woman, for certain. My wife hates anal but other women I know crave it.
  8. I certainly get into moods where edging feels much better than release. I doubt I'd have much of an appreciation for edging him if I didn't also know what it felt like. There's a deliciously daunting surge of electricity that's pretty hard to describe. Fighting it, solo or together, can be half (or all) the fun.

    Everyone has their own vibe to find, but I can't say I'd be into permanently denying either of us. I love drenching him far too much. As they say, 'Your thing isn't my thing, and that's okay!'

    So, if it's what you both truly desire... and you're convinced that you have a solid emergency (medical) plan... I say go for it. However, I'd suggest giving the idea of getting serious physical alterations a bit of time to marinate. Maybe a month or two?

    After all, it sounds like you're both okay with waiting. :rolleyes:
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  9. LOL.
  10. Locking the labia would certainly be effective birth control but would that not present issues for gynecological exams? The clitoris would still be available for stimulation so I'm not so sure how effective it would be to limit her in reality.

    Permanent chastity doesn't seem possible to me using equipment. If you want to do it, go for it but live within the confines of the real world. The human body needs maintenance and losing access to part of the body forever just doesn't feel like it can be done without some consequence. Women, in particular, are tough to keep chaste with belts because of health concerns.
  11. Um...yeah! Anal feels amazing to me. I am capable of orgasm with it but the man who uses it is fairly skilled at not allowing that to happen. But when it does happen....:D
  12. I think it sounds fun.

    I do have a fantasy that my keyholder would also be in chastity with me. It could be fun if a third person held both our keys. I like the idea that we'd constantly be all over each other but unable to release so we'd just kiss and touch and find other ways to make each other feel nice.
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  13. There has been talk in my house over the past year of ways to put me on lockdown. The couple we play with actually purchased a fairly inexpensive belt to put on me and I had a little freakout session. But since, I have warmed up a little better to it since I have tried it on by choice instead of by force in our scene (it was not expected or known about). I have considered getting piercings that would allow a lock to pass through and essentially make inserting anything impossible with the addition of a hood piercing. But it does kind off give me the shudders too.

    I know the allure though. My husband is chaste always with very rare releases. 1-2 a year is his average at the moment and I have been denied orgasms for months myself, though voluntarily obedient on this one. Knowing that I could break rules and give myself one makes it easy. But being unable...scary but interesting too.

    As with all things we do in kink, best to think it through for a bit before making rash decisions. Body modifications are permanent for the most part. Once a penis is pierced, it is always pierced.
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  14. I agree with chasta as I think may do who are into this game. I would be chaste under my wife’s control and be subservient to her. She would be locked in a belt by me but still in charge. Then a 3rd person would keep the keys and even put us in bondage together. We would be able to kiss and some small things but it would just make us more horney and we would try harder to make each other feel a release of any kind. Back to the old high school days of kissing and trying to rub each other only. The 3rd person would sometimes only give us one key and other times give them both to us
  15. I can cope with my own chastity because my Wife’s orgasms have become our orgasms. It is a wonderful thing, watching and feeling her explode into that level of pleasure, knowing that I have provided it. If she stopped having orgasms then neither of us would be having them and my own chastity would become meaningless.
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  16. I like this a lot. I feel similarly, when I give my girlfriend a strong orgasm it makes me feel lightheaded and happy in a way that I can't experience having an orgasm myself.
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  17. I 100% agree!!! I have had feelings of euphoria that have lasted far longer and were far stronger than from my own orgasms. It doesn't happen unless I have been denied for at least two or three weeks, and gets stronger and stronger up to a limit of about two months denial. After that the feelings plateau. This is the reason I do not seek to have an orgasm as those feelings would dissipate immediately and not return for at least another two to three weeks.

    As my ticker shows at the time of writing this I am three weeks and two days from my last orgasm. The feelings of utter joy at her orgasm returned in full force on Saturday night. Elle, my Wife, loves seeing me tremble after she has had an orgasm. She was the one who actually said that her orgasms have become our orgasms. It was a response to a question I posed about why she doesn't feel guilty about denying me orgasms anymore. Why, she said? Because my orgasms are our orgasms, that is obvious by your reaction to them.
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  18. How cruel and yet delicious, for your Alpha to deny you even an internal anal O! I can only imagine how reduced it must make hubby feel seeing his bride heavily used in such a way, and yet craving for the the privilege of even watching a real stud work your gorgeous ass over as a virile man should!