Bon4M Small or MCN Amicus

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Bon4m Or MCN Amicus

  1. Bon4m Small

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  2. Male Chastity Now Amicus

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  1. taprackbang

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    I am looking for some opinions and guidance here. I am considering getting a higher end steel device and I have been considering the Bon4m Small or the Male Chastity Now Amicus. I personally like that the Bon4m comes with 7 different hinged base rings even though I would probably only use the 50 or 52mm rings since I currently use a 2 1/8'' base ring on my CB6000s. I also like that the Bon4 has a very similar cage design to the CB line.

    The Amicus is intriguing because of the cage design and the fact that I can get base rings in various sizes as well as base rings in an oval shape. Does the oval base ring really make that much of a difference though? Another high point for the Amicus is that it's made here in the states and from what I can tell the craftsmanship is excellent and I have not heard anyone one mention rough spots upon arrival unlike the Bon4m.

    So what would your recommendation be? Or should I blow off both of these and get a Jailbird lol.
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