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    Bitchsuited piggy pooh
    by suzette la soubrette
    Oct 2021

    The following is another short FLR story/fantasy written under the direction of my former Miss who gave me just a couple of hours each evening to write her tales that would amuse her.

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    Bitchsuited piggy pooh

    "piggy! Come here my little lovey-dovey. Over and out!"

    I hear Miss' cheerful voice on the one-way control device attached to my pink collar, calling me from her bedroom. She is obviously summoning me, and knowing her like I do, I know she wants me to come at once. This very second and not a second more. She's so demanding and bossy. Grrrrr!

    Like a well trained pet, I turn from feeding at my shiny bowl placed on the kitchen floor. I can't help but glance once more at my name, "piggy pooh" etched on a little silver plaque that Miss has glued to my stainless steel food bowl. Isn't it so very thoughtful of Miss to constantly remind me of my status as her pet piggy? And not just any pet, but her very own sex pet. Miss' little bitch. Ohhh! If I could stomp my foot in exasperation I would, but I'm constrained physically and more importantly, psychologically.

    The yummy taste of last night's leftovers are still tantalizing my taste buds as I start my journey to Miss' bedroom. I reluctantly leave the remnants of the mashed up mix of various Chinese dishes we had at Fung Yu's in China Town just last night. ....

    Last night, when we looked like any other happy couple out on the town, hungry for good food at one of San Francisco's great restaurants, and later, to enjoy cappuccinos and sorbet at the Fairmont Room on Nob Hill, marveling at the sparkling city lights below us, and the Bay Bridge stretched out beyond, so beautifully lit up like one of Miss' sparkly Tiffany diamond bracelets; like the one I bought her on a recent business trip to Hong Kong. The same trip when I visited Miss Barbara Tam at Dreamy and Creamy to have a custom-made maid's uniform created for moi, per my darling Princess' precise instructions, but more on that episode will have to wait for another story. So back to last night….

    Last night, eating and drinking like any other human being, and today, not so much. That is, not so much feeling like a normal human being. Instead, I've been eating from a shiny pet dish on the floor of Miss' kitchen, like an animal. Miss has snugged and locked me into my latex bitchsuit to reinforce my status under her; my Queen and mistress. Me -- Miss' slave.

    My arms are folded with my wrists up near my shoulders with my useless hands exposed and fingers kept splayed like jazz hands as she likes to show off my baby pink painted nails. My legs are bent with my ankles up near my bum. My feet, also exposed, with painted toenails also in baby pink, of course, and soles facing the ceiling in case Darling decides to tickle them or spank them... or both! Otherwise, except for the open crotch to expose my piggy tail and cock and balls, I'm totally encased in stretchy pink padded latex, with a matching pink hood that laces up the back of my head. Two large eye holes and an opening for my nose, mouth, and chin leave the lower portion of my face exposed for Miss' uses. Plus, she likes to see my facial expressions highlighted by my girlish eye makeup, lush lashes, painted lids in shimmery bubblegum pink, thinly arched feminine brows, and my succulent lips painted with glistening baby pink lipstick and lip gloss. A wide pink leather collar is locked over the neck of the hood and the neck opening of my bitchsuit, ensuring piggy pooh stays nice and comfy, or so She says. Grrrrr! Or should that be, Oink! Perhaps a somewhat defiant "Oink!"just to get a reaction out of her, which I may regret, or at least my poor piggy bottom will.

    "Oink!" anyway! So there! Take that, Princess! My most darling Princess Pooh! "Oink oink!" Yes, a double oink, just to emphasize my exasperation with my ever evolving - or devolving - status in this household that until recently I was the Master of… over my darling wife and our charming female maid, Sasha, from London. Now? Not so much. I mean, me, not so much the master. No. In fact, I'm under the control of both Women; Wifey-pooh and Maid! How did this happen? It's a blur, but one I'll try to suss out, then document my findings for the benefit of my readers who will assuredly want to avoid a similar fate as mine.


    Unfortunately dear Princess' suite is far enough away at this moment of my progress towards her to not have heard my very clear expressions of frustration - my defiant "oinks!", so I'll just have to repeat myself in no uncertain terms - or "oinks!" - to make it clear what I think of our new arrangements. And hopefully Miss Sasha will be there too so I don't have to repeat myself. And why our maid has been given authority over me I will never understand! After all, it's my trust fund that pays her a handsome salary. So I'm literally paying her to participate in my wife's domination of me? Eeek!



    I crawl on my padded elbows and knees out of the kitchen and start down the hall. My piggy tail wagging so merrily from side to side as if it has a mind of its own. The tail's anal plug locked in my sissy hole, and the attached and integrated cock & ball cuff firmly but gently squeezing my bits, it all keeping this piggy in a heightened state of arousal and need, like a horny little slut. A piggy bitch slut?! And my many jingling and jangling bells do NOT help the situation one bit. Another item for me to confront my darling wife about. Grrrrr!

    Jingle jingle!



    As I make my way towards my Miss' bedroom, I wonder at how I've become such a well trained pet under Miss' total control and unrelenting, exacting, physical and psychological conditioning that she executes with the precision of a skilled maestra conducting her orchestra, expecting immediate and perfect performance of every note, every motif, every crescendo as directed by the nuanced lifts, falls, and flicks of the maestra's baton. Except instead of a baton, Miss wields a whip, a switch, a cane, a flogger, a paddle, even her slipper or shoe or spatula...and more impactfully, wields her feminine wiles which always blow me over. And she uses all of her weapons with well practiced precision, ensuring that I not only comply with her commands, but actually internalize and learn to anticipate them and every little note and rest of Miss' symphon. Such that my entire being is on DefCon 5 alert status, requiring my obedience and attention to every command and wish flitting through Darling's pretty little head. Ohhhh!

    In just a short amount of time, Miss has managed to check off each item on her list regarding how her pet should act, speak, dress, pleasure her, and every other behavior she expects of her well-trained piggy, maid, bitch, assistant, and sex slut. Has she no mercy?!


    Somehow I've fallen under Miss' spell, and now there's nothing I can do to resist her control over me; her control of my psyche. I'm just like a Pavlovian puppy; conditioned to respond to the sound of her voice, the scent of her hair and skin, and especially the delicious aroma and taste of her sweet pusspuss. Her phrenomes mesmerize and intoxicate me to no end.

    Tis' true, as humiliating as it is to admit, Miss is able to use words and phrases to trigger me as if she were a trained psychologist… like the famous Pavlov himself who developed the theory of classical conditioning, using dogs to demonstrate the power of eliciting desired behaviors by appealing to their instinctive responses.

    Well excuse me, but I am not a dog, nor a pet. Not a piggy, nor a pooch. But to avoid a spank, I'd better schooch!


    So now, finally reaching Miss' bedroom, I see her sitting so prettily at the foot of her king sized bed, wearing a beautiful lingerie set consisting of a La Perla quarter-cup bra, matching crotchless panties, 14-strap garter belt, and diaphanous peignoir. Her legs encased in shimmery Wolford stockings with exquisite welting. Her pretty feet perched atop her favorite pair of Jimmy Choo stilletos that she only wears in bed... or on the bed.

    Miss smiles warmly at me as I crawl into her bedroom. "Are we having fun, my little lovey-dovey piggy pooh?" she gaily asks. I reply with a cheerful sounding, "Oink oink," as trained. Anything other than a cheerful tone and expression would disappoint her so, and I never ever want to disappoint my darling Darling. I'll do anything to see her smile and hear her laugh.

    It seems like I've suddenly forgotten all about my plan to demonstrate my consternation at how I'm being treated by Her and our cute British maid who is standing at attention beside my Princess.

    Miss raises her gloved hand and uses her forefinger to suggest that I come to her like a good piggy. Crawling as trained, with head pertly erect, back arched, and bumbum proudly projecting up and out, I arrive at her prettily-clad feet as she smiles at my attention to detail, and says, "Does piggy remember the one word commands Miss taught it the other day? Hmm?"

    "Oink oink!"

    "Oh very good," she enthuses, "Such a good little piggy pooh, isn't it?" said cheery to Sasha, and to the accompaniment of the merry jingle of my many bells attached to my nose ring (my snout ring, as she calls it), my nipple rings, my belly and cock rings... Miss patting my hooded head, scratching behind my pink piggy ears attached to my hood. So humiliating.

    Miss then moves to the edge of the bed and spreads her legs wide. Her crotchless panties leave her beautiful pussy completely exposed. Sasha gets on the bed, kneeling close behind Miss and starts to softly massage and caress her neck shoulders. Planting little kisses with her perfect lips all over my Darling's nape.

    Miss smiles at piggy, then says, "Beg!" I immediately - without even thinking - rise up on my haunches, imitative of dogs we've all seen, looking so cute and expectant of a treat from their master.

    "Does piggy want to service its Mistress? hmm? Does he? Let Miss hear and see piggy's eagerness."

    I respond with an enthusiastic "Oink oink," then stick my tongue well out between my glossy pink lips, eyes wide and brows arched.

    "Ohhhh!," gushes Miss, "Such an eager piggy! Look Sasha! My My! What is Miss going to do with her precious piggy pooh? If piggy does a great job, Miss promises to take piggy for walkies afterwards. Hmmm?"

    "Oink oink!"

    I wait there on my haunches, sensing what's going to happen next. Suddenly Miss breaks her hypnotic spell over me, and starts with a series of one-word commands that she has instilled in my mind, soul, and body over a mere two weeks time.

    "Sniff!" she commands, and piggy immediately leans forward towards Miss which positions piggy closer and closer to Miss' pussy. Closer and closer until piggy is right at the gates of Miss' glorious, smooth slit. Her nether lips so pouty and kissable. A slight sheen of slippery wetness on her labia majora and upper thighs, indicative of Miss' growing arousal.

    I sniff Miss' pussy like an obedient piggy. mmmmm.... Miss' skin and pussy ... smell so delicious.

    Then, "Lick!" she whispers, and piggy readily begins to lick Miss' entire nether region. Her upper and inner thighs, her tummy, her lips, and all around her clit. piggy also licks all around the portion of Miss' bottom and especially her anus. Lick lick licking her all over. Miss' skin so yummy, warm, soft and smooth.

    After many minutes of passionate licking, and finding Miss' pussy getting increasingly wetter by the second, Miss follows up "Lick!" with "Tongue!" Of course I know what is expected, so like a good piggy pooh i immediately extend my cute pink tongue, making it firm enough to fuck Miss' pussy and afterwards, her most secret pleasure hole. In and out, in and out piggy fucks Miss' with a passion mixed with lust and love.

    At this point Miss is so aroused that she literally squirts her juices all over piggy's face. One orgasm after another wracks Miss' body. "OH YES!" she sighs, "Just like that. Just right there, piggy. Such a good oink oink you've turned out to be. Good girl! Such a delicious pleasure pet I own. I'm going to explore even more ways of turning piggy into my total and utter sex slut and bitch. piggy belongs to Miss, doesn't he?" she asks, knowing that the answer is obvious. piggy is so smitten with Miss; so mesmerized by everything about her, and especially her command and control over piggy, never letting him get away with anything, and keeping him on a very short leash at her feet and in her pussy and pleasure hole.

    After licking and tonguing and kissing and nibbling Miss to more orgasms than piggy can remember, Miss is finally sated, sighs a very contented sigh as she smooths her graceful fingers over piggy's hooded head, and simply says, "Clean!"

    piggy, with face covered in Miss' juices, starts his task of cleaning Miss with his tongue, inside and out. All the while Sasha continues her gentle ministrations of massage, kisses, and nibbles of Princess' neck, shoulders, and sweet boobies.

    Miss interrupts piggy's task with, "Wait piggy. Miss has to pee." And with that she grabs piggy's shiny latex head and pulls him so close to her pussy that his mouth is forced wide, totally sealing her pussy as Miss releases her urine into her piggy's obedient and useful mouth. After which he dutifully and without prompting wipes Miss' pussy with his tongue.

    "Very good, my piggy! Very nice. What a good piggy Miss owns!"

    With my face still slick with Miss' juices, i relax back on my haunches, takng in the totality of the two beautiful women before me. Their pretty faces, their slender arms entwined as Sasha leans over our Mistress, planting more sweet little kisses to Miss' collarbone, neck, face; as if to slowly ease our Goddess down from her orgasmic high.

    "Now, didn't Miss promise piggy a walk? hm, Cutie? " Miss asks cheerfully. "Yes Miss did. But before walkies, Miss has a special treat for her darling piggy. Can piggy guess what it is?"

    Placing her right leg down in front of piggy, she maneuvers her foot under the crotchless opening of piggy's bitchsuit, at piggy's scrotum, to cup it with the top of her foot, and brings her shin against piggy's oiled cock. Then simply commands, "Hump!"

    {Only the Beginning}
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