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Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by Spike's Bitch, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Hi all!

    Here is my review of the birdlocked with PA.
    I have been wearing it close to two months, with the Prince Albert piercing.

    I had to make quite a bit of changes to make it work for me, hopefully some of it will help others.

    General tips:

    Getting my balls in at first was difficult. Partially my fault. You really should rotate the birdlocked 90 degrees when inserting your balls.
    It explains this on their website and I missed that suggestion at first, but if you do that, it makes things a lot easier.
    My scrotum also had to stretch a little before things became a lot easier to insert. (Took about 1-2 weeks, now things slide in within a few seconds)
    What helped for me with stretching was to not use the strap between the balls for a week to give things a bit more room until everything was stretched enough.

    I use olive oil for lube, has been working well for me. Use plenty of lube especially the first while.

    Also shave your balls (I use Aveeno body wash in the shower to shave, makes it really quick and easy).
    Shaving makes it easier to get your balls in and also prevents pinching of hairs during the day.

    However, I still had problems with the birdlocked even with those tips.
    My 2 problems were:

    1. I am a 'shower' and fill up the device. This causes skin to 'bubble' through the 2 bottom holes.
    Solution: buy some clear silicone I, put some tape on the inside of the holes and fill the holes with the silicone. Let it dry at least 24 hours (silicone is toxic for the first 24 hours of drying) (see pic)


    2. PA piercing irritation.
    Solution: For me to solve this was a big modification. I only recommend trying this if you basically decide the device cannot be used unless you make some drastic changes.
    These problems may have popped up for me due to being a 'shower'.

    First I decided to cut the 'pee hole' bigger towards the bottom to have the entire PA ring hang out of the device. I couldn't handle the constant pressure on the PA when it was wrapped inside the birdlocked. It actually caused quite a bit of irritation (even blood with nighttime hard-ons sometimes!). I cut the birdlocked from the pee hole down with regular (small) scissors. I made the hole 1,5 to 2 times the size (see pic).


    Second the metal wire that goes through the birdlocked PA holes was constantly cutting into the head of my penis. Very uncomfortable!
    This required a big change. First of, I really didn't like the 'strap' between the cage and the balls. It may help with pulling out or whatever, but you can't pull out when you have the PA version with the wire, so to me it was useless and uncomfortable.
    So I decided to 'recycle' the silicone from the strap to fix my PA wire cutting into my head.

    I cut the strap off. Then I cut a smaller piece that would fit in between my PA piercing and the metal wire. I cut it in half once more length wise just so it takes up less space.
    I inserted this piece of silicone in between the wire and the PA piercing to prevent the wire from cutting into my head and it works well. Make sure the width of the piece is about the same width as between the 2 PA holes so it stays nicely in place all day.


    After these changes I've had no further irritation or problems.
    But they are fairly big changes and you can only cut things once, so you want to measure a few times and be really sure about the changes.
    I only recommend doing it if you are about to permanently retire the birdlocked because of these issues.
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