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Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by influencee, May 11, 2010.

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    As being involved in a chastity lifestyle is more and more a concern to me I've talked about it to my girfriend and bought a birdlocked to try it first by myself before going farter- she doesn't know about this last part.

    I can fit the device after several tries, but once I'm into it it doesnt stays in place withe the ring against my stomach as I have seen in several pictures.

    Instead, as soon as I try to get erect, my penis pulls the cage slightly, squeezing my balls and allowing the ring to space about two inches from of my body. Once in this state, I can't bring it back to its normal place.

    It isnt very painfull, but makes the cage unconcealable which would be a real issue if my loved one chosed to become my keyholder.

    Is ita normal which happended to other wearers? Did I miss something or make something wrong? Have you any advice about this issue?

    I thought it could be a size problem, but according to the size chart I'm in a right sized cage. could I be unable to wear a birdlock? It would be very sad, because I really fear cages that prevent you from sleeping well since I do an exhausting job.

    I hope the problem description was comprehensive enough...

    In any case, thanks for any answer of help about this problem.
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    I have tried and given up Birdlocked because of this. Plus the fact that you could easily pull out of it using just som oil or sope and water.

    I think cages that depend on a tight A-ring are hard to use because they create an erection and later becomes impossible to wear.

    And Birdlocked has the tightes of A-rings. You could cut an opening in it and close it with tape or a strips. A looser A-ring dosent compromise on security as it is none, but it could make it functional.
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    Birdlocked issues

    I had te exact problem. If I put any lube in it, I could just slip out so I would try to keep it dry and it would pull like yours and was very painful. You may have to look at a different Device. I had to search a few before I found one that works. I am I. The pa5000 right now but I have had a large pa for years so it made since. Best of luck.
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