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Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by servant1966, May 7, 2010.

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    Hi all
    Our birdlocked arrived yesterday I had a phone call from master at work to go to see her.
    After about half an hour of trying different ways to get it on me with a fair bit of discomfert and pain on my part master tied my balls of with string to stop them popping out my scrotum as an other member here suggested.
    Master found it was best not to use a lube as it made it to hard to grab hold of the skin to pull tru.
    Master found it best to push one testicle in then feed my penus tru (I have a smaller then average penus and it was extremly flacid as I was under a large digree of pain and discomfort) she then pushed my other testicle tru.
    This hurt quite a bit but master just said grit your teeth and put up with it.
    It was finally on she rotated it round as per instructions and locked me up with the strap and lock provided.
    My balls felt quite sore but i went back to work as master instructed.
    I was pretty keen to finish work and I asked master if I could see her so she can check me out as my balls where very red and quite sore still it had been on for just over four hours.
    Master checked it and dicided to change the strap that comes with it for a tie rap(cable tie) as she could adjust this better then the strap.
    Once master was happy with the lenght of tie rap reqiured I drilled several just on the piece above where you cut off.
    Master put the supplied padlock tru it so i cant cut the tie rap with out her knowing and replace it.
    Master allowed me to spend the night there last night, idont live with my master I serve her when she requires me, I kept it on right tru the night I did have a fair bit of discomfort but master did not allow me to remove it.
    I showered in the morning my balls where quite sore to touch but master insisted that Ileave it on.
    Work today had some very interesting moments but at least you cant see it under my pants.
    Late this afternoon I started to get fairly sore I checked my balls and they appear to be quite bruised.
    I made it tru the day and I am know at my masters place.
    Master has checked it out for me and i have got a fair bit of bruising but master wants to leave it on until the morning and see what its like.
    I am very sore at the moment andI cant even touch my balls as they are very tender I cant even have underwhere on at the moment not that this is a problem as I serve my master naked I am not allowed any clothes when I am here anyway.
    Master said I can spend the night here incase it gets worse.
    I have had it on for 32 hours now just over still a long way to go if this is going to be a 24/7 solution.
    Master said she wants me to post on this site and an other fetish site we belong to to let people we know how my progress is going.
    I will post more in the morning.Servant
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