Birdlocked Bulkiness? Esp. vs. CB-3000?

Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by Andyslut, Feb 11, 2016.

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    I'm a trans woman who wants to get a new chastity device.

    Overall, I'm leaning towards the Birdlocked. It's inexpensive, easy to find, apparently pretty comfy, and very difficult to pull out of.

    My biggest concern is that, as a trans woman... big bulky chastity devices are difficult to conceal under tight clothing in a way that is unbecoming.

    I used to wear a KTB, as that's no problem to conceal at all, but I'm looking for something less-omg-pain (and also easier to pick up at my local store)

    I was considering the Holy Trainer, but a) it's apparently super easy to pull out of and b) I can't find it locally, and would prefer to pick it up before the weekend.

    I used to have a CB-3000, and that was pretttty bulky. Is the birdcage classic worse, comparable, or better in terms of ability-to-hide-under-clothes?

    I mean... I could just wear A-lIne dresses when I have it on... but that's a bit limiting :/
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    I also have the cb3000 and am looking for something less bulky, I heard about something called Alpha Bird......must look into this.....if you are really trying to be convincing a bulge is definitely not wanted......I personally like it, but then I think perfection is a beautiful gurl with a tiny cocklette!
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