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Bikini Tan Lines as Punishment

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by TVShannon, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Nice pics, I do love your tan lines.
  2. Neat idea.... May have to wait till next summer for me, but would love to try it! Great pics!
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  3. Or go and have a spray tan say you are doing it for a play you are in or for a bet .

    Xx Wendy
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  4. I was locked back into my Holy Trainer today. My keyholder sometimes gives me tasks to do. I she has my get bikini tan lines again. The last time she had me do it was winter time and the lines on my back were will visible when summer arrived. I'll post an update if it happens, wish me luck!
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  5. Goddess once wrote sissy on my stomach in sun block . We were passed by some young girls walking down the beach and all you could hear was sniggering . Not sure if it was the word sissy they were laughing at or my painted nails
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  6. I'm off to a good start this year. Since January 1, I've had four sessions in the tanning bed. I wear thong panties and a triangle string bikini top. The tan lines are definite now and I still have six sessions left. I received ten sessions as a Christmas gift. I figure I'll finish the ten sessions in early March.

    I asked for a bikini tan during the winter and said I'll get rid of the tan lines this spring and summer by doing yard work shirtless. I'm thankful we live in the country and have no neighbors. But ten tanning sessions will leave a very serious tan line that will take a long time to eliminate.
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  7. Very nice tan lines Andrew. Thanks for sharing. Mine aren't nearly as distinct but I'm working on it.
  8. You need to post some pix too!
  9. I've had bikini tan lines twice, the first time was self inflicted a number of years ago and although it was a massive rush it affected my life too much. I used the solarium at our local health club and literally had just one 20 minute session, this proved long enough to affect my life for he next couple of months even trying further non bikinied sessions to cover up my lines. I'm quite sporty & I ended up being conscious in changing rooms.

    The second time I wore my bikini on the beach under my wife's instructions & having not properly learnt my lesson the first time around I ended up back in the same situation but it was far more exciting the second time.

    It's not far different from bra marks, as I'm a long term wearer they normally show for a while after, nobody has mentioned them not even friends at the health club swimming pool
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  10. I just got back from the tanning salon. After 2 sessions, I have definate triangles on my chest and a nice bow on my back. Now how to hide this at work when I change clothes.
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  11. Reminds me of the mistress who tied and staked to the ground her sub slave husband, leaving him to bake in the sun for several hours, properly covered in baby oil from head to toe first. After several hours, flip over, restake, and repeat baking process. Talk about tan lines as punishment lol....
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  12. I don't see myself going shirtless in public in the foreseeable future. Breast tissue has gotten past passing off as manboobs. So even if I had tan lines...not going topless anyway.

    More interested in hiding sports bra.
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  13. Tan lines would definitely show your commitment to your lifestyle. This isn't for me personally but I'll be looking for you on the beaches of the world.
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    lol. Is this a hobby of yours ??
  15. I've been blessed in my life so far to be financial secure so we travel to a lot of resorts
  17. I am hoping to get tan lines I love to sunbathe in my bikini

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  18. Living on the edge. This doesn't sound like punishment unless you were told to do this by your Mistress. It is very exciting to go to the change room when your tanned
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  20. My wife used to send me to LA TAN in her thongs and with a heart sticker that i had to ask at the counter. It's been a while since i went tanning but it was pretty humiliating asking the young girls for the heart stickers. I was in my 30s.

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  21. I Love It. Such a simple statement that says so much.
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  22. Love tan lines... string bikini with that little triangle on your butt