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Big willys

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by jemima, May 6, 2017.

  1. please Rachel i'm not being rude i'm just asking how big some am and i has ask Mistress if i cud and She sayed i cud if I'm not rude and i have not been rude and the man that send me a piccy of his well it wern all stiff and sticky out it was just hanging by his legs and it look like a great big sauasage and it not my fault if he send it.
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  2. Ok you got me I'm not huge only average. Lol
  3. In my younger days I was about 7-8 inches, depending on how you measured...now, not so big, specially since it's squashed into this teeny cage.
    I remember bottoming out on the cervix with a couple of girls, but they were both quite small, so no wonder there.
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  4. please is it hard to get a great big one into a cage.
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  5. I'm not really that large any more, jemima. Over the years it has either gotten smaller, or my weight has gained to the point where it looks smaller.
    Not that I'm fat or anything. Just the way weight redistributes itself over the years. Where I was once 7 or 8, now I'd say I'm 4 or 5. And when flaccid, it can be squashed into a much smaller space without any pain or discomfort.
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  6. I am 8 inches when hard and about 4.5 to 5 soft. I do not have a cage yet but getting one this week. I am not as thick as i would like to be. We have some bigger dildos and i am very sure the Mistress loves to have them used in her by the way she acts.
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  7. Cock size was something I literally never thought about before all this. I've only ever been with hubby so didn't have other experiences to compare to, and didn't really notice sizes in the bit of porn we watched - maybe he used to pick ones that didn't have huge cocks in them.
    But OMG since getting into chastity play together it's become an almost obsession, which I still have slightly mixed feelings about but it turns hubby on so much when I talk about big cocks and his being smaller so it should be caged that it's mostly a lot of fun. Then of course we got our King Cock dildo and used that with his strap on and omg... I was properly hooked. Not that this means I'd ever want a guy with a bigger one, but the fantasy is hot. The one I think about most is at a glory hole, and a big one slides through. I think I'd honestly hold it now, not do more, but just to feel what one that big feels like in life. I almost definitely wouldn't wank it or put it in my mouth, almost definitely :p
    I still don't really get the psychology of the whole penis size teasing thing but all I can see is what a turn on it is to him, and that turns me on in return. I guess the fact it's an excuse to lock him up that he can't do anything about is quite a powerful experience for someone who's a confident dominant man otherwise.
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  9. Can tell you it doesn't even come close to reaching my belly button. Wearing a CB6000s, There is still an inch or more to the end of the cage when flaccid. When erect, I am certainly 6 inches or a bit less. Not a big willy at all. Luckily, no lover has ever laughed or complained. Even now, my KH will not tease or humble me about having a little willy even though she clearly has learned to enjoy dildo's larger in length and diameter than what I have to offer. She has also begun to visit them more frequently than my willy, which should be no surprise for me either. Right ?
  10. I am about average at 6 inch's on a good day although I feel these are becoming less and less often, lucky for me (or not!) as I have got older it seems my belly button is slowly moving downwards towards my cock! Damn food and Beer!

    My last keyholder/girlfriend would tease me about my size, I found that incredibly exciting ! being told it was hardly worth bothering with or that she preferred my tongue and fingers, or one time we were on her bed and I was on my back and she on her front further down the bed with her legs bent up to her butt, looking at me with eyes glinting she did the "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" with my "Cockette" as she called it and the Mr Dick strap on, obviously she selected the strap on and caused my tummy to flip! thing like that stay with me as pivotal moments in my chastity lifestyle, where a new element has been introduced into a relationship by accident or design and we both knew right there that it turned us both on and brought us closer together but changed the dynamic of the relationship just another little notch, it gave her the confidence to humiliate and belittle my cock knowing it was what we both wanted.

    Sissysnax X
  11. i think 6 is nice. it not to big and not small and it just right i think. i does like bigger ones to look at tho. giggle. i know its a bit naughty but i cant help it. i not been milked for ages.
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  12. My Mrs has always said I am a nice size at just a shade under 7 inches, although I am locked up in a 2 inch cage most of the time. It has been quite awhile since I have seen my willy, as jemima calls it, at full erection. My Wife says my tongue and mouth are plenty satisfying, along with her Hitachi, for her needs. :p
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  13. Im 18cm or 7inches when hard, wife loves it we have a great sex life, she is a small women at 5feet tall, she can come very easy and multiple times, we even have to be carefull on some positions because it can hurt, so im quite happy about my dick
  14. theres a lot of folks with big ones in here i think. i thougt that there wud be a lot of ones with little ones like me but there aint many is there.
  15. Oh there is Jem. I'm sure of it ;)
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  16. Why thank you Jemima, lovely of you to say so, My 6 inch's seems to have just about satisfied my lovers in the past with me putting in lots of fun effort, but like you say, when you see them looking at a truly huge member or dildo! well... there is that look of hunger and a small touch of trepidation in there eyes which showed me that although they might enjoy playing with 6 inch's they can and do fantasise and dream of much bigger cocks to reach parts I'm just not endowed with to hit. Also, I think Its not too naughty to look at bigger ones even if you've not been milked recently its just who we all are.

    PS. I've been a good Sissy and not come or had a release in 3 weeks so i'm starting to feel errrm, a trifle naughty as well!

    Sissysnax X
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  17. I've no particular interest in cocks, except my own.

    But in my scene career I've seen hundreds, I guess, including those of a lot of Dom and sub men.

    Also those of many on the trans map from casual cross-dressers to full-on transgender women.

    I don't think there is any kind of correlation at all. I've seen 'sissies' with enormous cocks, Doms with tiny ones.

  18. @jemima@jemima... I am not sure about the belly button test as a taller man's belly button is farther away. By the belly button rule I am an inch too short. :( My Queen told me that in high school the girls used the toilet paper roll test, if you fit inside the roll you were probably small... when she checked me I fit inside but I say it was a tight fit... lol She tells me I am just fine for her, then pats me on the head like a good little boy and smiles,

    I wonder how many men in here ran for the ruler to check their belly button!
  19. I've noticed I look at many more cock pictures now. I wonder if being locked in a cage makes us more fascinated with other mens' penises. I think being in a tiny cage makes us envious of bigger cocks and what they could do with our significant others that we can't!
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  20. ooh i never think of that, thank you. but if a willy does reach a belly button it is big. the toilet roll thing is for how fat they am.
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  21. yes you right.
  22. i a touch over 7 inches (yup the head hits the belly button. The cage I wear is 2 inches long and I usually need a touch of lube to slide into it but once locked its a tight fit
  23. What is the small dicked guys always said? "Its not the size of the wave that matters, but the motion of the ocean". Funny.

    But by and large it really is all in how it's used. And stamina. As long as you're not seriously undersized, then knowing how to use it and being able to last long enough is all you need. My sexual world changed when I learned that truth.

    I've had periods where for whatever reason I become quick-draw and it is the WORST. For me it was all between the ears and happened less and less as I got older and more experienced. Now there are times I need to focus to finish before she's exhausted herself with orgasms.
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  24. Sweet Jemima: Mine is a 7 inches erect and a little over 3 flacid. My wife feels a little discomfort when I thrust a little more faster and I have to refrain. Our foreplay must be extensive, so she can get very wet and distended and she can have a full and satisfying orgasm.
  25. QUOTE

    They then am big willys and if youm in a cage and youm let out of it well I bets it looks huge when its out. i like seeing a big one when its lets out. :)
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