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Big willys

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by jemima, May 6, 2017.

  1. I aint made a thread thing for ages so i am doing one now. i just wonder how many men on here has got a big willy that's been put in a cage. Most ones that's caged up am only little and that's why they been cage i spose but i know that some men must have a big willy cos one send me a piccy and it was huge. i wont says his name cos he migt not like me to so i wont. If you got a big one please say in here and how long it is.
  2. My guys is around 7 inches (17.8 cm) when hard. I love locking him up to make it tiny - his cage is only 1.75 inches (4.5 cm) long. I wouldn't say his hard cock is huge, but it sure is big enough for me (I'm a small girl). He is the perfect length and thickness for me when hard. I lost my virginity to a guy with a huge one - almost 9 inches long (23cm) and it was not the best experience, it hurt and not in a good way! The big dick guy and I had sex more frequently after that, and it never got any better, it hurt every time. Never underestimate the power of an average sized member!
  3. Hi jem, in the thread what size are you the poll showed 12 people had 4 inches and 12 people had 8+inches. Most were 6 and 7.
  4. oh i cant rember if i did that. i'm not very big tho.
  5. thank you for anser Mistress. Your man is big.
  6. You're welcome sweetheart:)
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  7. @jemima@jemima is my new favorite member. Calling me big and all. I'm blushing. lol ;)

    I've always been curious what women consider "big". I realize all is relative, but still there's got to be a sort of threashold that most women have established based on experience. I've never considered myself "big", that's for sure, but aside from those self-conscious adolescent years I've also never worried I was too small.

    If most woman have learned that for them greater than, say, 7" or 8" feels big, or less than 6" or 7" feels small, then I would be curious how close different women's threasholds are with each other.

    Alas. Like so many things penis related, this is surely something men spend much more time pondering than women.
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  8. It's funny, I'm small but have always treated it like what it is...something I can do nothing about and not something to worry about.

    I did however find out since playing with toys that there is a difference. She can orgasm with me and she has a very nice time. It's intimate and loving. But the first time I used a ur3 realistic 9 inch dildo on her...holy crap! That is something I could never achieve. The moans and animalistic carnal pleasure she was getting from it. Hard to describe that look and behavior to someone who may always see and hear it, but for those who don't, it's undeniable.
  9. If you're above 7 inches you're bigger than 90% of the dudes. If you're bigger than 8 you're bigger than 99.5% of dudes.
    Conversely, if you're smaller than 5 inches you're smaller than 85% and if less than 4...98.5%. I don't think the ladies care about it nearly as much as we do.

    So congrats, big fella.
  10. We only care if it hurts (or I would imagine if we couldn't feel it,
    but I've only been with three men in my life, so don't have much to go on). First guy was huge, almost 9", he hurt and it was not enjoyable - but that was high school (I tried an 8" dildo recently and had the same results as I did 15 years ago...). Second, I was with for 12 years and married for 4 of the 12 years. He was average and it felt fine, but he was BORING and very vanilla. Me on top 99.8% of the time...no thank you. Then there is the third, my beloved @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet. He is a bit bigger than my last, in both length and girth - an animal in the sack, and by FAR the best I've ever had!
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  11. Rawr! Good for you guys. That's all that matters!
  12. Whilst I am small [not quite 4" when erect] I've never had a problem giving my wife an orgasm when I'm allowed to penetrate her. However her orgasm is deeper, more intense and seems to last longer when she makes me wear an 8" silicon extension sleeve. She has admitted that it also adds to her pleasure knowing that I am not stimulated enough when wearing this sleeve to achieve an orgasm.
  13. It is sometimes not size that matters but how it is used, IF and when you are allowed to use it which in my case is not often Mistress likes oral and toys better and likes to keep me caged and wanting. that's what she wants so that's what she gets . I am not complaining as I love to put her wants before my own
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  14. I'm just a tad over 8 fully erect. Unfortunately it's been a while since it was locked up so it can't get that way
  15. Jem I bet your willy is as pretty as you are . would love to see .he he. I'm between 6 & 7 and 5 3/ 4 girth head is bigger
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  16. @jemima@jemima Does your Mistress know your talking about willys!
    And your getting sent photos, don't imagine she be too pleased.
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  17. I can't remember! I literally can't remember how big/small I was before she locked me up! What is going on with my head!?

    I know I had a complex about how small I was when flaccid, but also knew I was a grower as when I was erect I kept my Wife very happy.

    But I can't remember what length I actually was...
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  18. Mine is HUGE ....................................................In my own mind anyway. I haven't measured it for years but it was 6 inches a few years ago , maybe a little shorter now, you know a little extra weight ha ha
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  19. jemima you must be the biggest one here?
  20. Have not be, you have, Sorry
  21. The 6" dildos sell more than all the other sizes they sell combined. I have showered with many men after playing a sport and in the Army. Never recall I really big one. Mine used to be almost 7" but on my 118 lb. 6' frame, it seems larger since I was so skinny. It was too big for my 4' 11" 79 lb. wife though. Said it made her mouth sore and I had to be gentle during intercourse. We actually stopped having intercourse about 15-20 years ago. Since I have gained a lot more weight than what I was back then and being locked up for 4+ years in a 1 1/4" Jailbird, it is much smaller, at least the part that you can see. When you gain weight you grow a fat pad that envelopes your penis and can take away 2" or so, which happened to me. Plus I am 65 and everything is shrinking on me. :) Porn producers hire guys with big penises and knowing men's obsession with size, make sure that the porn actresses all comment on how big and pleasurable it is. I only knew one girl who had sex with a well endowed man and she said it hurt and was sore for a few days. She also said that the guy's penis hitting her cervix was very distracting.

    Although not huge, women always came back for me because I knew how to give them great orgasms and in the end, that is what they want. I do not mean anal sex either.
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  22. I'm just below the 6inch mark. No problem at all with my relationships.
  23. That is very very big that is. i think that a mans one that when its on his tummy if the end is by his belly button then its a big one.
  24. Thank you but Mistress wont let me put a piccy without the cage. and anyways its very very small so it don't really matter much.
  25. oooh giggle. if it reach your belly button its huge if it don't its not huge.