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    So, I've been locked casually by a friend of mine on and off for quite a few years now and in the past I've gotten horny an expressed fantasies of non-consensual chastity. We have a system to ensure I re-lock after an edging session or orgasms or whatever where the keys to my chastity device are in one safe and keys to some other form of bondgae, usually a rubber suite or a locking hood or something like that, are in another safe. I don't get the keys to my dick until my gimp suit is locked and the suit doesn't get unlocked until my dick is locked again, et cetera.

    Twice he's used this method to force me back into chastity beyond what we agreed upon. Both times I was quite angry but later admitted that it was pretty erotic.

    Fast forward to May. 6 weeks before my birthday after only a week-long break from chastity I suggest matching my previous record of 6 weeks without cumming. Things were going well and I was going to go out of town so we extended it another week to the full moon. 7 weeks, a new record, and the longest I've gone in a couple years. I was hinting at staying locked just out of pure horniness.

    Full moon comes and he tells me I can blow my load as many times as I want knowing that I'm going to be locked for "At least another three months." this sounded hot.

    Fast forward a week and a half. I express doubts about being locked so long, and how I don't want to do Locktober if I'm going to be locked all summer. He said I'm definitely doing Locktober. When I expressed that I'm not sure I'm okay with it he said I don't have a choice.

    FWIW I've done everything I can before to escape my PA-secured Evotion cock cage. It's not coming off. There's no freaking way. I spent a lot of money and worked with them for a nearly perfect, long-term, inescapable device. Success has been realized. He has the spare keys to the cage and the safe override keys. There are no emergency keys and this cock cage is not coming off without his consent.

    I jokingly said that was really hot and wondered how serious he was. He replied, "I mean, I actually was pretty serious. You gave me your keys, you trusted me to make the right decision for your cock. And i'm going to take that seriously." This was followed immediately by, "Owning a chastity slave is a very hot fantasy of mine." (these are copy/pasted quotes).

    Following up, he's serious this time. I'm still not sure I'm okay with it. He did exactly what I've fantasized, took advantage of me in a moment of lust, before reality could set it, took control, and deceived me and is keeping that control, not for an agreed upon amount of time but indefinitely.

    I could probably end it if I really really wanted to, but do I? Jacking off to a fantasy is totally different from it becoming a reality, especially when jacking off is exactly the thing that's denied. Though for the moment the sheer idea of it makes me uncontrollably aroused.

    We shall see what happens.
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