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Best Quality Cage?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Benni, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. hey guys!
    Key holder here,
    My bf has a chrome plated cage and I want to get him a better quality one that is safer and better quality no matter the price.
    Please advise of best quality and brand to purchase.
    Thanks! :)
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    That will depend on how much you intend to spend. ( Gosh, that rhymes. :) ) You can spend anything from £10 to many hundreds. Chrome plated ones aren't too good. Change to stainless steel.
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  3. Steelworxx
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  4. What are your intentions for him? Will you have him pierced and aim for long term lockups, or are you more interested in short term (a couple of weeks or less)?
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  5. I suggest you talk with him and pick one out together. Something you find attractive out of the ones he finds comfortable. Picking out a cage for someone else's penis is like blindly picking out someone's shoes.

    Sizes vary, even measuring the penis and base ring size is hard to do consistently. So getting a great fit for someone else would be almost impossible...it's hard enough to do when he is measuring and picking it out.

    One of the big questions before you buy a custom device is if he is planning on getting pierced. I spent a lot of money on one and ended up getting pierced making it useless. Decide how long the lockups might be...extended long term or never very long....your cage design can be very different if it is short term only.
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  6. A week max.
  7. No piercing
  8. Amazon has som quality cages that I like even more than my custom jailbird from mature metal, but I was lucky that one fit just right.

    They are only 25-30 bucks and once you get an idea of your measurements by wearing it...if you go custom, ordering will be less of a gamble
  9. I'm very happy with my Jailbird from Mature Metal.
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  10. Is he circumcised or not? I ask because many cages cause issues when the foreskin can squeeze through forward openings (that bit of skin is incredibly sensitive to pinching!).
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  11. Okay. The reason I asked was because you wouldn't want to buy a really nice cage without a piercing, then turn around and have to replace it later if you decided to have him pierced.

    If you don't want him pierced, then any stainless design that you both like should be good for one week or less. Just make sure it's a reputable brand, not cheap Chinese knockoff stuff. Inferior grades of stainless can rust and cause problems.
  12. I second Steelworxx. I have the Looker 1 and Steelheatt 2