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Best device for a grower?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Mortari, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. First of all, I am new here, so if this is in the wrong section, I apologize.

    Anyway, I have a problem whenever I try to use a chastity cage. My cock always slips out. And by grower, I mean it all they way. Like if I get very soft, my dick almost retreats completely back into my body. Anyone have any tips for what cage I should get? If I had the money I would just but all of them to see what works, but given that isn't the case, I don't want to waste any more money on a cage that doesn't work.
  2. I would suggest your options are a pa piercing or a full belt for true security. Ball trap devices seem to have limitations for growers. Maybe look at the vice or teathersprout for non pierce options.
  3. Had this problem in the beginning as well. Wasted a lot of money trying to find the hole grail.

    The solution we found was a PA and eventually the Lori's 5A. But this is expensive and you may want to try the cheaper PA5000 to start with to get your measurements correct.
  4. i agree with the above posts
  5. I had issues with ball trap as well.....I went with full belt cause I didn't want piercings..... Absolutely no issues
  6. For a grower a full belt is an option if you want to avoid piercings. A pa and some security added combined with a trapped ball device I have used for years but I did find initially I had to be careful about how I secured the pa. Using my copy of the steelworxx ' PA fixing'[​IMG] proved best all security additions are nicely out of sight and dont catch on thingsyou'd rather they didn't.
    However, If choosing the length is not done carefully when/if you turtle it can put quite a lot of strain on your PA. And if too short can get in the way if attempting an erection within the a cage that probably wont allow one. This can also be painful if it puts a strain on the piercing so for some of us the how you utilise the pa for your added security has to be ... very much a goldilocks thing. But once that's achieved the penis is staying in that tube/cage until the lock comes off.

    I prefer utilising the PA- fixing and so have my KHs since I made myself one. Both aeasthitically and for the unecessary but welcome security boost.
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  7. The PA piercing sounds painful, and because of my job, I can't get a belt.
    How bad does the PA piercing hurt?
  8. I won't lie to you it hurts a little but only a little the amount of flesh being pierced is less than that of a typical earlobe piercing. You will get the odd twinge when its first healing especially if you allow any of the small amount of blood that may congeal to harden. If that happens soak it off with warm salt water OR IF you know what you are doing Hydrogen peroxide solution but only if you know what your doing.

    Really I am not being didmissive of other peoples apprehensions, doubts or concerns but it really is no big deal. When you have it don eand whilst its hurting a little have your piercer put in a slightly larger gauge ring than the actual piercing is. This will help stop the bleeding quicker though it is not necessary just better. Either with or without you are generally not at risk of bleeding to death.

    More likely in the the US than here I believe but I believe some piercers will numb the site prior to carrying out the piercing.
  9. I looked at The Vice, but the anti-pullout doesn't seem like it does anything. It just clips around the outside.
  10. Uh...well...maybe Lana's sissy pet is a, well, sissy. The pain was very short lived -- but it was the worst pain she's every felt, and the only time in her nearly 60 years that her sight completely blacked out. But it was over very quickly and there was very little residual pain, and sissy even took a yoga class that same day.
  11. I think for a grower the tetherspout has the potential to be quite painful when at one's smallest or turtling.
  12. And on what objective basis do you state that?
    If you'd at least tried a tetherspout (which you obviously haven't) you'd realize that:
    • The mere presence of the spout actually reduces the frequency of turtling (I don't know why, but it does for me, big time)
    • When turtling does occur, the counter force exerted by the tetherspout is distributed around the whole front face of the retainer, compared to the small area where that same force would be applied on a PA pin (isn't that why thin gauge piercing are not recommended for chastity? )
  13. @Andrew K@Andrew K , that belt is very interesting. You say you make them yourself? Is it more comfortable then your neosteel? Any problems urinating, it looks very compressed in there?
  14. You are quite right to ask. My comments are made from appearance and deduction based on how much I can potentially shrink at times.

    As you suggest no they were not made from an informed position. I admit am not comfortable with the idea of wearing something long term in my urethra and the, perhaps irrational I don't know, concerns about the actual spout bit getting itself lost somewhere between the 'eye' and the interior of my bladder.

    As for trying the tetherspout I am concerned that even if I was allowed out long enough to try it my piercing for my PA would shrink to much. Only over night is too long without it.
  15. In my experimentation with the tetherspout I have turned up retainers significantly smaller that the smallest commercial one. The smallest is 10.7mm diameter but is still secure as this is still significantly bigger than the 9mm rosebud sound that is the largest I have ever been able to take. Even with this small retainer I have put 1.5kg of tension on the spout and it has shown no sign of pulling out and is quite bearable - almost comfortable for the short times I have applied this amount of pull.
  16. That's interesting but I'm still concerned about my PA closing up.
  17. I guess all you could do is try inserting a tetherspout for a short time and test it for security etc inside whatever timeframe you think is OK for your PA (I know some people have piercings heal up very fast)
  18. Ok youhave convinced me that it might be interesting to give it ago.
    My KH says no or more precisely as she usually does... no not at this time.. which of course could mean anything.
    but it's definitely got me intrigued if not her.
  19. I've never heard of experiments with tetherspouts from someone who has a PA. That would be quite interesting. In particular, i wonder if there is any interaction between the retainer and the site of the piercing, and how the spout affects urination when there is an extra orifice in the urethra...
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  20. You raise some good points.
  21. In my personal view anything made of silicon (or similar) won't really work. The cage or tube needs to be of a material that is rigid and prevents manipulation. squeezing and any other kind of stimulation. For some it works I know.. I wish them well but its not for me and many others agree, hence the low number of different non rigid devices.
  22. I really like the Holy Trainer v2. I know there is a v3, I don't have it so I can't comment on it but I can say security wise, the v2 has been fine and comfortable. I had issues in the beginning trying to figure out how to position everything and make it fit right but once I figured out everything it's pretty awesome. You do have to keep it clean, and I take baths so it helps a lot, I shower as well and use liquid soap for that but it seems fine; others have issues with smell but I haven't experienced that yet.