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Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Madamebellestoy, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Glenmorangie is a fine choice, my Wife's favourite. Tain, where Glenmorangie is made, is a beautiful part of the world. Unfortunately the distillery isn't one you can visit, or at least it wasn't when we visited the area many years ago. We did however visit the distillery where Oban is made, and that is another fine dram.

    As for belief when it comes to visitors to this forum, that is something we have to make our own decisions about. I don't mind admitting that I did have my doubts at what @Mash2214@Mash2214 was writing a while back, but now I don't. You might exaggerate a bit, I don't know, embellish might be a better word, but I believe what you write. I'm not accusing you of anything by the way, I enjoy your journal and hope you keep updating it for a long time to come.

    The reason I changed my mind about the truth behind the journal is quite simple. It all boils down to consistency. Not only is the journal being updated regularly over a long period of time, there is no deviation from the story. I haven't ever read something and thought hang on, a few pages ago you said... and thought that something written disagreed with another post from earlier. Mash also writes about uncomfortable experiences, about doubts and also answers questions and engages with those of us who post replies. It also isn't written in a frantic tone which is one thing that turns me away from a post faster than anything else.
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  2. Yes yes this is the biggest most beautiful thread, it the greatest thread I will tell you most beautiful ever, very tremendous the most tremendous thread you will have ever read. It is unbelievable how wonderful this thread is you just can't believe how great this thread is.... tremendous.... tremendous...... believe me i feel very bigly that there has never been a thread as great as this.
  3. I should say Thank You for Believing in me but this is the wrong place to say that B word. Ha Ha I will say this. I have tried to reflect my emotions and feelings of what has been going on in my life over the past months with regards to my commitment to my Wife. As you have already noticed writing and spelling were never my better subjects I was always more of a numbers kind of guy. To be able to share and not be Judged because I'm a little different is the reason I continue sharing my experiences. I've tried the Oban but it wasn't one of my favourite.
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  4. Being a little different is what makes us all the same. ;) you are in good company here.........

    Beleives me
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  5. Well @Mash2214@Mash2214 at least your spelling mistakes are consistent :D (the one that springs to mind is you remove 'clothes' not 'cloths'.)
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    Apologies then - as I occasionally use my modness to correct Mash's spelling - only where it jars the eye a bit. Hope no-one minds.

    Regarding belief of what others write - I'm sure you've all come across Maria's diary? It's insane - and for my money as true as anything in our own lives, just possibly a tad more perverse. I was reminded of it by some of Mash's situations a while back - you never quite know how things will develop once an idea has been planted.
    Anyway - do have a read if you haven't. http://www.mariasdiary.com/
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  7. Oooops I also need to check things before I post them. Thanks clothes :)
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  8. Here's one for you to laugh about. In grade 4 I was cheating on a spelling test. I got 75%. At math I got 100% with no cheating. What can I say
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  9. Hi all , I have been reading the post's here with interest , I take what people post on this site at face value , I don't personally know them so have no real reason or foundation to not believe what they post , even on the limited occasions when I do read something that may make me think twice I still cannot condemn it as fiction because it is only my opinion of it and that does not make it untrue , the very nature of the site lends itself open to post's of an unusual or different content ,
    With regard to @Mash2214@Mash2214 I have followed his journal from the very start and always found it to be a very interesting and open account of part of his life and experiences and would like to thank him for his contribution to the site , and I have never at any point thought it to be unbelievable or untrue ,
    Just to close , if drinks are on the table make mine a bottle , oh sorry I meant double :):)
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  10. I believe some of what is written in this forum.
    With regard to fictional postings, the very fact that someone has thought to post their fantasy means that somewhere someone else is sure to have made it a reality. Which is interesting.

    I've visited the Glenmorangie distillery by the way @Jasmic68@Jasmic68
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  11. I believe, oops theirs that B word again. I B that what you say is very true someone else's fantasy will become a reality for someone else. For example I never would have tried a cage with a tube if I hadn't read about it here first.

    I do find it interesting that @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 says you can't visit the Glenmorangie distillery and than @Mascara^Snake@Mascara^Snake Ms Amanda says she has. Is this because one person only looks like a beautiful women and the other one Is a beautiful women. And has used her power and beauty to "Go where no man has Gone Before" . I B That I'm reading to much into this it was probably just a different time and different situation. I've never visited a Scotch Distillery before but I know my Mistress would love it as Scotch next to Red wine is her drink of choice. I'm more of a Rum kind of guy but do enjoy trying new things. Any Suggestions? Just Kidding
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  12. We tried to visit the Glenmorangie distillery in about 1990 but back then it didn't have a visitor center. I was surprised given how popular it was/is so I'm not surprised it has one now.
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  13. Awesome thread, thank you @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 @Mash2214@Mash2214 @Madambellestoy and others! Don't rule out the effect of conditioning the mind. I learned English as a foreign language - you learn the words, the grammar and proceed to communication and forgetting the underlying rules for that language at the same time. In this case I would have expected: "I cheated on a spelling test." My mind is conditioned to reject such a sentence, although I'm probably wrong. Does it matter? No. I will read your journal though after these recommendations.

    Off topic: Apparently when someone writes I'll instead of I will it means he/she will for real in contrast to I will which is a strong indicator he/she won't. I'll.
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    Surely it is up to the reader whether what She/he reads is believable. In an unending universe, anything is possible.
  15. That's because you're not from New Hampshire where we have Vermin Supreme (his actual name) run for office all the time: