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Behind Barz Custom Sissy Belt

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by SissyMaid4U, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Up until this point Ive only used ball trap devices. I started with the cheap chinese knock offs and eventually wound up with a jailbird. IT was comfortable and clean but lacked the security both my Wife and I desired from a chastity device. It also left a huge bulge in the front which, for a crossdresser trying to be passable, is a no go. I turned to a competitor of behind barz due to their already in production sissy belt that was relatively cheap. You can read my awful experience with them if you search hard enough. So I wound up looking at behind barz. Ive heard nothing but good about them and their devices seem really secure, are aesthetically pleasing, and not too bad of a price. Their main product seemed to have too much of a bulge for me so I contacted them about a shemale version. Turns out, they are already working on a product very similar to what I was looking for. With our open dialogue, they responded to my emails within 24 hours consistently and even offered to skype to make sure I got the product I was looking for. It took a month for it to ship, but it was custom metal work and Im not their only customer so it was fine, especially with the unexpected one day international shipping.

    Once I got it, it took a little bit of work to figure out how to put all the pieces together in the right order. I even had to ask on one piece, but in true fashion the quickly responded with instructions. The waist belt itself is in three pieces but its all to make everything fir the end user as best as possible. The waist is adjustable so if you get fat youll still be ok to wear it. It also came with three spacers, a ring, penis tube, and the outer cage that all attach to the waist belt. It also has two wires running over the butt cheeks for support, but it doesnt really need it.

    I chose to wear just the outer cage to see how secure vs comfortable it was. I have to give it a 9/10 on security and 10/10 on comfort. I can reach my pinky underneath the cage and touch my penis but that is it. I cant even get close to the head where its sensitive. Having to open cage means my penis does have room to try and get hard but I cant get erect or get any satisfaction from it and there's no pain from night time erections like I got from the ball trap devices because its not pulling on any ring. My Wife has said though there will be times when Im wearing the penis tube for added security. With it on, it bumps the security to a 10/10. I cant touch my penis or get erect in the slightest, but it drops comfort down to a 9/10, not that my Wife cares ;)

    Lastly giving my the flat front was important to me to justify the just over $1000 USD cost. They delivered. I was doubtful when I first got the device. The shape is unique and I thought for sure there would be some tell. First thing I did once I got everything set to my body was put on some yoga pants and I couldnt believe what I saw. Completely flat front. It was perfect. I then quickly changed into my catsuit thinking that if it passed that test, nothing would give it away. It passed with flying colors. The only bulge was the locking mechanism, which looks nothing like a penis bulge, and would easily be hid by a corset. That right there made the cost worth it. (FYI it also had an optional camel toe but I opted out)

    Overall Im 100% satisfied with this device. Its secure, gives me a feminine front, I can stay clean over 24/7 wear, its and comfortable. Pics to follow soon.
  2. you have any pics of it?
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this review and share feedback with others. We're delighted you are pleased with your belt and look forward to assisting with any minor alterations as required. Look forward to your pictures!
  4. Looking forward to seeing some photos of you and the belt sounds like you have something that is working really well for you.
  5. Im very much interseted in seeing your belt, i really want a sissy belt, cant find it on their website but, i like the sounds of it
  6. Ive just had a good scout around and from what ive seen on fetlife, i love the flat fronted belts, being in the uk i WILL be shopping with BB soon.
    Looking forward to the photos x
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  7. Thank you for such a great review. I too have been using devices to find a style fit before i commit to spending a great deal of money on a custom chastity device. i have only used the ball trap devices and both my partner and i hate the lack of security i seem to be able to fall out of the back of them. I have considered a piercing but not sure i could go through with a PA maybe a frenum. How ever also being a sissy and a crossdresser looking to pass i would be looking for a flat profile. Just a couple of questions ? what do you do for a day job and how much does the full belt dig in and restrict movement ? Also how easy difficult is it to use the bathroom in both instances. I have seen some full belts with holes in the back or cables spread apart to allow waste to pass both seem like quite messy options. Sorry for asking my Goddess is a clean freak !
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  8. Pics will follow I promise. Most likely on the 4th of July.

    Diana: I really don't like to say what I do on an open forum but if you want to pm me I'll tell you but between me and my Wife we make about 100k USD. Once sized corectly and shaping the belt to your body it's really comfortable and doesn't dig in at all. I haven't noticed any restriction of movement even when I'm riding a bicycle. Urination is simple due to drain holes through the tube and cage. It should be removed for cleaning once a week especially if you are wearing both the tube and cage. The beauty of this belt is you can go down to just having the waist belt locked on as the reminder not to touch even during cleaning. I don't wear anything in back as the front locking mechanism is enough to support everything so going poop is just like being unlocked. It also gives access for my Wife to take me. Mine came with two cables that run from the bottom of the cage over the butt cheeks to the belt but I don't wear them. You can request a rod or cable that runs up the crack.

    Let me know if there are any more questions I'm happy to answer them.
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  9. You won't be able to see it on their website yet. Technically it was still a custom order but they charged me the price of their standard model. You can think of it as a prototype as from my understanding they will be making a standardized one on the main page soon.
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  10. Of course! I will make sure to take some pics. Look for them around the 4th or 5th. I'll have to think of some way to show it off since normally my uniforms cover everything.
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  11. Thank you for anser me and i will look but please don't show anything that you or your Mistress don't want showed.
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  12. ooh theres lots of bits to it.
  13. A few more pics ;) 20170811_151307.jpg 20170812_212042.jpg
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  14. Looks fantastic, I'm really looking forward to them getting their sissy belt ready for sale on the site.
  15. @SissyMaid4U@SissyMaid4U Are you still comfortable in this 247? Have you been able to cum in it, and what does it take? I would appreciate more pics about it on you. I am considering this, Neosteel or FancyMetal.
  16. I am new here and found CM when I was looking at full belts. There were reviews that brought me here.As you can see I did get one and talking with Jo was just great.They make you feel like your their only customer.Your pics are great and I would never know from the flat front that is was a belt.I am very happy with mine and my wife likes it to much.Behind Barz is great.Enjoy!:)
  17. I am definitely still comfortable in it 24/7. You do have to be careful with hygiene or it can begin to smell very quickly especially with the tube and outer cage on. When im just locked in the outer cage Ive been able to cum with a vibrator after a long time. I was more the strapon I was being fucked with than the vibrator that made me cum. When Im in the tube and outer cage forget about it. Some people might be more sensitive but I havent found a way yet.
  18. with my BB belt on with all the parts, there is no way to pleasure your self. None.
  19. glad to hear the positive remarks and real member experiences it is something we can all benefit from.
  20. I have always had a key until now. Four days after I received the belt and everything seemed okay,one key was locked to the bedpost with a numbered plastic lock for emergency and the other she has.She now locks and unlocks me when she wants to, she used to leave that to me. A change indeed. All toys are lock up and so am I.Not to much to work with here, I'll just have to wait for her.No pleasure for me without her,but that is what the idea is. I think she really likes the belt!
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  21. I love the idea that you are a toy thats been locked away until she wants to play with it!.
  22. Have to admit with a full belt I really don't mind. The teasing is great without the boys getting torn off. Thanks:)
  23. its an awesome feeling isnt it being teased whilst locked fully, its as if its happening to someone else there is so little contact able to be made.