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Behind Barz Chastity Belt Review

Discussion in 'Behind Barz' started by DogsBody, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. As I mentioned over here - http://chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?threads/finding-out-who-you-are-continued.16362/#post-145851 - I purchased a chastity belt from Behind Barz (BB) late last year and now that I’ve had the belt for a few months feel I’m able to post a review of the device. I had hoped to get this posted for male chastity day but am running a little late - only missed it by a couple of hours... As I write this I'm secured in my Behind Barz chastity belt and like any good chastity belt (at least in my opinion) simultaneously want out of it - because its been a while if you know what I mean and also want to stay in it because I love the feeing of being denied that release that comes when the belt is removed.

    What follows is a bit long, sorry I have a tendency to waffle on a bit, so in the tradition of internet forum postings, I’ll offer a TLDR – If you’re looking for a full metal rigid male chastity belt, I’d recommend talking to the team at Behind Barz. Read on to find out why I say that.

    Firstly a little about my chastity background since I'm new around here – I’ve been dabbling in male chastity devices since early in 2004, starting out with a CB3000, then moving on to a CB6000, before going with a metal device which was a Chinese knock off of the CB series style a couple of years ago, since I wanted something that felt more solid than the polycarbonate of the CB series. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d been doing 24/7 chastity in the past and would often be “free” a lot of the time but when locked in it could be anything from a couple of weeks up to 2-3 months (my KH’s decision, not mine and I’d never know at the outset if she’d even decided on a time for each lockup). I think my longest lock up is probably about 4 months but more commonly it would be a month or so at a time. I’ve been wanting to move the balance to more time “in” rather than “out” of chastity and that is something I hope will happen with my new belt.

    I’d considered a full metal belt style device in the past but had been put off by the fact that most of them were custom made (as opposed to the off-the-shelf style for trapped ball devices) and often seemed to come with comments on forums about their manufacturers being difficult to contact and usually being outside the UK – which for me would make fitting issues or modifications difficult and / or costly with overseas postage costs, or else looked cheap and nasty devices that I'd not want to go near.

    However, when I heard that Behind Barz, a name I’d not come across before, were going to be having a stand at Sexpo in London in November 2015, I made a note to check them out. The belts looked good on their website, being solid looking while still allowing enough access for hygiene issues to be taken care of without having to remove the belt. Meeting the BB team on their stand and getting “touchy feely” with the belts themselves (always something I’m keen to do with such expensive purchases), was enough to get me to take the plunge and order one. Any last doubts were alleviated by @Lucy@Lucy who was also on the stand and wearing one of the devices and was able to provide welcome first-hand experience, as a wearer of one himself.

    BB quote 28 days for delivery of a new belt (which is better than many others for custom made belts such as these) but promised to try and speed it through to me early, so I could get any teething issues sorted out before Christmas and mine arrived 3 weeks after ordering. So, onto the actual review…

    Firstly the packaging, the belt arrived securely packaged in a suitably anonymous looking brown box, inside the belt was well protected and packaged in a posh looking paper carrier bag, similar to those they give you at the expensive underwear shops, which I guess is appropriate, since the belt is after all expensive underwear!

    First impressions were that the belt was simply gorgeous – I’d gone for the stainless steel polished finish and we’d had BB do some engraving on it, which I felt really gave the belt the perfect finishing touch and made it something I would want to wear for looks alone. Having had the belt a few months now, it still has its mirrored finish and I love its looks. I’ve a fetish for latex, so love smooth shiny things and the belt fits right in there – I just think it’s beautiful.

    My package was for the “BBCS” complete system – waist belt, cock ring, penis tube, enclosed cage, 3x spacer plates (used if you leave off any of the preceding components), a connecting rod, which connects the bottom of the cage through the legs to the back of the waist belt and 2x back plates (one plain and one with attachment for the connecting rod). I also received another “bare” cage (see the differing styles on their website) and a second set of locks, with differing keys and a rubber liner for the waist belt part. Shortly after placing my order, I saw another chastity belt on the internet that had attachment points on either side that could be used for attaching the wear’s wrists. I emailed BB and a couple of emails later had an agreed addition of two removable metal “O” rings (one either side) on the waistband of my new belt. These simply screw into place when required and leave a small hole when not in place.

    Having received the belt in early December, the plan was for me to wear it initially unlocked – the locking mechanism incorporates two locks and a screw on nut, which is intended to hold everything in place while you fit the locks but works equally well on its own, allowing the wearer to easily remove things if necessary during the settling in period. This would give me a chance to try out the various different ways of wearing the belt and cages before being locked in at the start of the New Year and also to get the correct size of the waistband, which is adjustable by unscrewing 4 screws and sliding the parts of the waistband closer together or further apart. The screws are on the inside of the belt and lay flat against your body when worn, so no chance of the wearer unscrewing them to get out!

    The waist belt itself is in 3 sections, which as mentioned above, screw together at the back and then overlap at the front, with one side fitting over locking posts attached to the other side. You then add your choice of cock ring, penis tube, cage or spacers, before securing the whole thing with a screw on nut and two rotary locks. Having two locks gives you the option of them being keyed differently and then having two Key Holders and needing them both present to unlock the wearer. I’m not brave enough yet to let anyone other than my partner hold onto my (her?) keys but it is certainly an option that plays on your mind and one I can see braver men going with, though good luck with ever getting an orgasm if you need to please two Key Holders before you get out!

    The waist belt and penis tube were comfortable from the outset and I’ve had no issue sleeping normally while wearing the device. Erections are simply not possible while wearing it, so the old problem of night-time erections waking you up by attempting to rip your balls from your body, as is common with many trapped ball chastity devices, simply does not occur. Instead of an erection, all you get is the feeling of a little pressure as your penis tries in vain to get hard, it is not painful in any way and is in itself a torment – you can’t even get an erection, much less an orgasm without your Key Holder’s permission.

    However, it wasn’t all plain sailing; I found the cock ring was applying pressure to the underside of my scrotum and had to stop wearing it. BB offer the cock ring in custom sizes and two styles and it may just be that I need a slightly larger one. I’ve not worried about it, as I feel the system is secure enough without it but may look to try it again in future.

    The second problem I had was with the cage, which had two issues. Firstly, I think my balls hang quite low, particularly if I’ve been in chastity for a while (most likely as a result of messing around with “trapped ball” chastity devices for so long and having their weight pulling / stretching everything) and skin was poking through the cages and getting pinched between the cage and my underwear. Secondly the cage was rubbing the tops of my legs when I was sitting down– my job is office based, so I do a lot of sitting.

    I discussed the cage issues with Jo at BB and it was suggested that a more enclosed cage might be the solution, so I was soon sent a replacement which basically has a completely enclosed lower section, with small holes for air / fluids to pass and was also slightly narrower. This solved both the pinching and rubbing issues and is proving to be very comfortable. It does make hygiene a little more difficult but nothing a good shower and hair dryer can’t cope with (thanks for the tip @Lucy@Lucy !).

    With these issues resolved, I was duly locked in by my Key Holder at the start of January and wore the belt for the whole month with no comfort problems. This is my first full style rigid chastity belt and as such initially it took a little getting used to, as it does restrict movement a bit (particularly bending forward) but I found I got used to it surprisingly quickly and now find it very comfortable. I suspect any rigid belt would have the same issue, since your body isn’t normally used to having something solid around your waist and between your legs. Having the enclosed cage does mean that my balls are protected from being crushed between the device and my body, which is an issue I’ve had with all my previous “trapped ball” devices and that added protection is one of the main reasons I wanted to try a full belt, since I’m not into having my balls unexpectedly crushed, so a definite plus point here.

    I did have an issue with some faulty screws resulting in the back plates coming apart. Apparently they had a bad batch and have sent out replacements to all their customers. Having received the new screws I can see the difference, the ones that failed were about half the length of the new ones and worked loose / stripped their threads. The replacements are much more secure and I doubt will cause any further problems.

    In day to day life, I’m finding the belt comfortable and something I actually want to wear and can forget it is there at times. Toilet requirements aren’t a problem, you need to sit down to pee but that can be said of nearly all the chastity devices on the market, with the possible exception of some of those that include a urethral insert. All that is needed is a small amount of tissue paper to wipe away and drips left on the bottom of the cage, its all stainless steel, so cleans up easily when removed or in the shower. I’ve even worn the waist belt on its own on days that my KH has let me out of the cage, as I just love the look and feel of it on me.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that the belt has a very low profile when worn and you’d have trouble spotting it even if only covered by relatively tight fitting boxer shorts. Indeed, I can see some wanting more of a bulge “down there” to put on a show. The only way I can see someone finding out I’m wearing it is if they happen to touch the cage or waistband, unless they have an X-ray scanner or metal detector handy!

    I’m aware that I’ve mentioned a few negative points in this review but I went into this purchase with the view that things were not likely to be perfect from the outset – without taking a lot of very exact measurements I don’t believe its possible to get a perfect fit right off the bat for something that fits so tightly to that part of the male anatomy, since we are all different shapes and sizes. This is one of the reasons I’d held off buying a full belt in the past, as the thought of resolving fitting issues with someone who is hard to contact, possibly in a different country, with language problems thrown in for good measure put me off.

    What I can say is that having met some of the BB team and dealt with them, they have always responded quickly to my emails and gone out of their way to help resolve any issues I’ve come across and seem to genuinely want to make sure you end up with a belt that fits well and meets your expectations – I think they want all us males Behind Barz permanently!

    I now have a belt I love wearing and would be happy to recommend Behind Barz and their chastity belt to anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge into a full belt.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to write a very readable but detailed review.

    I am sure that others will find it useful and informative.

    It's also good to have such a responsive manufacturer in the UK and one that seems to understand what customer service should be.

    Xx Wendy
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  3. Excellent review. I had been looking at Neosteel as a full belt option but I find their website confusing, as have others at the Mansion. I shall consider Behind Barz as I like their attitude towards pleasing the customer.
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  4. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 they are on here. They are helpful and very responsive :)

    @DogsBody@DogsBody lol I'm pleased meeting me helped :) and your new cage is my revised request that I helped redesign with no the designer :) good luck !!!

    Lucy x
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  5. Are they going to be at Sexpo this year? Is there going to be a Sexpo? I just searched on the Olympia page and it only had last years listed. Are there any other shows that Behind Barz go to? I would also enjoy the chance to get to meet them and see the product.
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  6. Hi All

    Thanks for the review @DogsBody@DogsBody and everyone for your comments about us.

    We haven't confirmed our event commitments for the year ahead, as yet, but if you would like to see the belts in person @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 you are more than welcome to visit the workshop. Or email me with specific questions and I'll do my best to answer and provide additional images that aren't on the website yet. Our email is info@behindbarz.co.uk

    Many thanks
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  7. Thanks Jo, you are only an hour and a half from my in-laws house so next time I'm in the UK I will make an appointment to come and see you. The final decision on what I end up locked up in is my Wife's, but I like what I have seen and heard.
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  8. Thanks DogsBody, really great review. Interesting indeed. The belts do look great and when I get chance I think I will be taking a much closer look! :)
    Really appreciate you taking the time to write,
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  9. I agree with everyone elses comments DogsBody it was a really helpful and truthful warts an all review so glad you took the time to post such an informative and unbiased review. Hope you continue to enjoy your new experiences BehindBarz
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  10. We'll look forward to it @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 and in the meantime if your wife has any questions please ask her to get in touch with us we'd be glad to help.
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  12. Not sure if i posted this in the wrong section but have posted it here as well just in case and the information at the end may be of help to some who already own a belt from them and need adjustment advice.
    What a fantastic weekend i got to spend Saturday at Joes BehindBarz chastity belt workshop and got to watch him and his team build me a new full stainless steel belt up from scratch exactly to my chosen style while i waited. The process is fascinating from a flat strip of various laser cut pieces which are then miraculously formed by hand over various formers and guides into a rough shape which are then coaxed into the final shapes and expertly welded into position by Joe himself, then all the individual items are sent off into a huge circulating trough which vibrating stones which polish off all the edges and marks and after several hours in there they are then transferred into another trough with even finer materials which give the final highly polished appearance when they come out again several hours later. I was lucky in that having made up my cock tube and outer cage assemblies and oval shaped cock ring we swapped them for the same items that had already been in the troughs and so were ready for assembly or else i would have had to go back in a couple of days time. Joes son had started the process of assembling my belt section and picked out the correct size and began smoothing off all the edges first with a very fine sanding disc as i did not want a silicone liner for my belt (they are available though in different colours) after which he then took the belt and polished it up on a buffer wheel to a mirror like finish, he handed it to Joe who then bent the belt into the exact shape to make the front vee section mate together perfectly where the locks fitted not an easy task but if you saw joe you would realise how easy it is for him with his huge hands! lol. Then it was time for the crutch rod fixing to be threaded both ends on a lathe followed by again expert bending to a rough shape to fit the majority of users who might need it. By just after lunchtime i was excitedly carrying the belt up the stairs to his private changing room with two full height mirrored walls to try it on. You have to bear in mind this is the first fully finished belt i have actually tried on myself having been always testing prototypes and mock ups in various stages of developments so this was something i had been looking forward to for so long and it did not disappoint. I stripped off in private and began fitting the ice cold stainless steel belt around my waist squirming each time it touched my skin but then suddenly it reaches your body temperature and it is like nothing you can imagine as it clicks into place, next went the oval shaped cock ring section again this is a new for me experience having only tried the usual round ones before. The oval ring is certainly more forgiving and fitted nicely onto the locking posts closely followed by the cock tube which effortlessly slides over the penis and clicks onto the posts, while i moved around looking at the belt shining in the mirrors i noticed all the leather items hung on the door along with a whip etc and of course felt a bit of a tingle in the cock tube department with excitement but of course there was no more room for expansion in there anyway as i was already filling it nicely before. Having posed around for a while i decided to now fit the new outer cage as well along with the solid crutch rod which i really prefer as there is absolutely no way its coming off without the key and it fits so snugly between the butt cheeks with no discomfort at all. I fitted the front threaded section through the outer cage and tightened up the udjuster until the thread poked out the other side and then slipped the other end of the rod through the top fixing point on the rear of the waistband and again fitted the locking adjuster post onto this until the thread just showed through the other end and then slipped the post into its slot, this leaves the outer cage hanging through your legs ready to pull up frontwards and slip into place over the other sections already fitted. I screwed on the center threaded nut which holds everything safely in place while you adjust a little if need be and then finally applied the two little radial locks into place and turned the key. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly it feels awesome the outer cage was the one with the closed sides at the bottom of the cage which covers the side access to the area the testicles sit and it has reduced the amount of access that some folk had said they had before with the fully open style that comes as standard. I quickly dressed and went back downstairs and chatted with joe and his wife and it was only after about fifteen minutes that they asked how the belt had been and had i brought it back down with me it is so discreet under my tight jeans they hadnt noticed i was still wearing it. I was so impressed with how low profile it is now i even dropped my trousers down to my tight boxer shorts to show Joes wife just how inconspicuous it is once fitted. She commented how you couldnt tell it was there at all and she is right you cannot, I wore the belt home and other than just taking it back off to adjust the waist size down one hole i have had it on all weekend so far and love it. I have put on a little weight since the last belt i tested out but it was really easy to alter the size once the belt was off. One interesting thing came out of the meeting with Joe this weekend (other than the belt) and that was that some purchasers had mentioned they had an issue trying to locate the front pieces onto the waistbelt when they had the belt in place as it would line up and even though they had bent the cock ring and then the cock tube sections a little they could not get them to fit together afterwards, it turns out that as we all know we are all different shapes but for some of us with a slight belly or paunch the belt when clicked into place ends up with the vee section pointing in at the bottom edge instead of how it should be sitting flat this then prevents the other sections from slipping into place also. It seems that Joe had a customer in the other day who tried it on and had that exact problem which luckily Joe saw first hand whilst trying to help him slip the belt on in the changing room and with a quick removal and Joes grasp he bent the front of the belt back into the shape it should be with his bare hands and the belt fitted the chap perfectly so much so he fitted all the pieces on and drove off happily wearing the whole lot. So just for anyone who has had this issue Joe now offers this advice, do not bend the individual sections but rather fix the blanking plates and tighten the locknut on the waistbelt so it is in the fitted position and then turn it over with the front section on the floor (carpeted so as not to scratch the belt) with the Vee shape nearest your feet and just place a foot on the front section and then grab the rear section of the belt and push it away from you whilst keeping pressure on the bottom with your shoe. Pick up the belt and try it around the waist it should sit flat at the front if not do the same thing again and push it further forward a little at a time. Will post some pictures later of the belt but for now all i can say is Thanks to everyone at BehindBarz the belt is fantastic and i am having one made up with a couple of little personal touches by Joe which i will post a picture of when its made as it has some lovely words etched onto the waistbelt and a modified front outer cage as well. If anyone is thinking of popping out to see the workshop first hand i can highly recommend it and you will see just how good they really are.
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  13. Great update . I'm currently reading as much as I can on the behind barz and fetish felix belts as I hope to order one as an reward for losing weight and an incentive to keep it off . Just a bit concerned about the open mess of the cock cage on the BB belt .
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  14. Sorry about the typo it was meant to read openness not open mess .
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  15. Awesome report @slave stroppy@slave stroppy .
    I am sure a lot will be interested in Joe's amazing work and customer service.
    Which theses days is so important.
    Xx Wendy
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  16. Hi @Danny15@Danny15 Please feel free to drop us a line on here, or direct to our email address: info@behindbarz.co.uk if we can help answer any questions you have. If the openness of the Penis Tube is of concern to you we can customise for you adding vertical bars in the gaps, meaning it is less accessible but still allows you to keep clean. We have done this for a number of clients who have provided very positive feedback.
  17. Thanks @behindbarz for your reply . I seem to have spent all weekend looking at your site, I think a more open cage is the way to go and have also considered the possibility of extra bars . Your belts look so good . I would prefer to have my wife on board when choosing and ordering your belt , using my weight loss as motivation may help as I know my fluctuating weight is of great concern to her . I would love for her to take a closer look at what you do . I guess I have a couple of months to work on it as I want to loose 24lbs
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  18. Hi danny the reason i originally asked Joe to make the tube open sided was that with every other belt i had owned including a Fetish Felix and Tollyboy etc etc none of the tubes allowed you to actually withdraw the foreskin to clean under the skin which if you are going to be truthfully locked 24/7 you have to be able to do unless you have been circumcised otherwise within a couple of days the smell can become terrible and although some try and keep clean without this function of limited access you cannot
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  19. Thanks slave stroppy , hadn't thought of that , I currently remove the holytrainer every 3-4 days to have a good clean , I guess part of the attraction of steel is the longer lock up periods, that's one of the things steering me away from the cs100, I was just a little worried that being uncut that the skin might bulge out and pinch a bit . Guess I'm best to buy it and try it first and modify if necessary . One thing is for sure trapped ball devices hurt like hell with the nocturnal arousal . Went to bed thinking of a behind bars belt and woke at 3am thinking my balls were being ripped off . A good belt can't come soon enough
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  20. Lol i remember those days well Danny! i owned the felix belt and did love it and spoke very highly of it but having tried to wear it for extended periods it really is bad at odours and lack of access. My wife was not into my fantasy and it was only my promises of all the good things that would happen for her benefit that persuaded her to go along with it however the constant taking on and off was just too much for her and she would soon lose interest each time i needed to have them removed especially she hated the build up of smell. She wants to be able to lock it on me and then have to do nothing unless she wants to and the best bit with this new belt is that it is modular and can be worn in many different ways some of which still leave access to the penis should she wish it but the belt is still locked in place. The other point is this belt because the belt stays put always she can fit and remove the other sections at will even whilst i am restrained flat on my back or upright, something she could never do with other fiddly devices i have owned.
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  21. If it helps, and if your wife is comfortable with this, we can set up a Skype video call or you can both come out to the workshop where you can try things on. Either way, we can show you all the possible options so you can decide together.

    The majority of our clients have wanted the Penis Tube to remain as standard, for the reasons highlighted by @stroppy, but some have wanted extra bars to further restrict access without compromising on cleanliness. As you know our products are all handmade so modifying to suit personal requirements is not a problem.

    In the meantime, lots of luck with your weight loss and anything else we can do to help just say.

    p.s. thanks @stroppy for your support and advice!
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  22. Thanks @behindbarz . A very kind offer , easy to see why you have such an excellent reputation for customer service .
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  23. Slave stroppy . That's why the behind barz looks so good . My wife is not fully on board with my chastity ,she finds it an odd desire. The last time I bought up the subject was nearly 2 yrs ago . I gave her a key to my holytrainer , she seemed utterly underwhelmed at the prospect of my new device , didn't even ask to see it . She was happy enough to receive daily massages and could no doubt feel the device when sat between my legs when being massaged .

    I wore the holytrainer pretty much 24/7 for approx 8-10 weeks , as I thought she had forgotten about it I removed the device a couple of days before Christmas as we were visiting family and I was concerned my niece and nephew might notice as they are prone to climbing on me .

    My wife hadn't forgotten at all . On Christmas Eve she called me into the bedroom and produced the key . What a twat I was , what should have been a huge moment for me ( her unlocking me) was wasted as I had unlocked myself a few days earlier. I still look back on that and think it was a massive missed opportunity to involve her in my chastity. Neither she or I have mentioned it since.

    I do know she would not have the interest or patience to go along with the regular unlocking required for hygiene purposes . As regular t&d is not her thing .a behind barz belt would seem to tick the boxes as she could lock it and forget it . During the summer we agreed we should have a weekly date night . Perhaps now is an appropriate time to demonstrate my commitment . Then maybe approach the subject of a steel belt .

    About 10 yrs ago when I first confessed my interest in chastity I showed her a range of devices as we looked together at what I should buy , she like the look of the mysteel and neosteel but thought as they were so expensive we should start on a Cheeper device . We agreed on a cb3000 when I could pay for it with the money saved from quitting smoking . I wonder if she will agree to me buying the behind barz with the money saved from giving up doughnuts Fingers crossed
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  24. Hi danny so much of what you mention applied and still does in some ways to my experiences so far trying to persuade someone who cannot for the life of them see what would make someone long for such a strange lifestyle. My wife would sooner i woke up one day and had completely changed in my ways and had somehow woken up as (normal)! her words not mine however she has indulged me over the years and for that i am extremely grateful, i do know that each time i came up with a new idea or suggestion she would groan and with hindsight she was usually right in that within a very short time of actually being trapped or restricted in some form or other having had me telling her she must NOT release me but be strict and enforce her will on me i would in reality be pleading for release for one reason or another after which of course she would lose patience and throw in the towel. The one thing i would say to anyone getting a full belt and especially with this particular belt is to wear the belt along with the cock ring for as long as possible on their own to get used to the feeling of having something permanent locked around you, it will prove the best thing you can do as within a week the belt will feel as much a part of your body as your limbs themselves and the feeling of having something tightly gripping your waist is sexual in its own right. The benefit is there as well for the keyholder to see how the cock ring being there permanently tends to increase the effect of erections allowing them and the wearer to enjoy the freedom and effect of the belt before control is taken away. Once the belt is second nature you can start adding sections at a time up to a comfortable time limit while again your body adapts to its new found limits, do not be in a hurry to get to this point enjoy the breaking in period after all once you have adapted to wearing the entire chosen setup there is no knowing when you will next get to have it removed!. My one suggestion to Joe at BehindBarz is that he should consider selling the belt seperately as well with the cock ring section this would enable more folk to get a first taste of a full steel quality belt and get used to breaking themselves in for the long journey but whilst saving for the further modules as and when they have the extra funds available. If the belt is ordered with the optional restraint points it makes an absolutely fantastic inescapable bondage belt with which you and the keyholder can grow accustomed to ready for the big day when you finally buy all the other module that you choose to purchase when funds permit. My chosen fantasy was always to have my keyholder lock me into chastity against my will a common fantasy for many of us but things rarely happen as we dream do they? this belt is the nearest thing i have had in that it is easy to fit once set up to the wearers size and obviously once the belt section is locked in place it need never be removed (metal detectors or surgery excepting)? but the other modules are a really easy addition for someone else to slip on ar remove even whilst the wearer is restrained and unable to assist. Last point is i loved the thought of having a collar fitted and locked in place to show to the world i was owned by my wife and even bought a stainless steel wyred slave collar and had it engraved with my name and slave number my wife was mortified! but i convinced her no-one would know but even if they did i wasnt bothered......................it lasted 24 hours and she would not let me go out with it on as she did not want anyone to know my kinks, this is where this belt is so great we both know its there and no-one else does.
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  25. I like the idea of wearing the belt and cock ring to give the body time to adapt . Can imagine the cock ring even if not tight will help maintain a strong erection which could be enjoyed by both parties. The last 3 or 4 days has convinced me to try again with chastity . In recent years it has become to easy to indulge myself , resulting in loss of libido and intimacy . I love my wife so much and should show her the attention she deserves. I think we both take the path of least resistance and do anything for an easy life rather than working at pleasing each other . It won't happen quickly but it's worth making the effort if we re discover intimacy together
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