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Beautiful Human Pet Site

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Mistress Watchful, Jan 12, 2010.

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  2. Great site and thanks for posting. I've often fancied the idea of a pony girl,or possibly a cat but I have to say the dog doesn't do a thing for me.
    What's your preference?

  3. I always saw myself personally as a blonde naughty labrador puppy! (I'm a bratty subbie, but I think that goes with being a masochist!)

    Never really gave cats or bunnies a thought until I saw that site! And I never really was into horses, just not that type of girl... but having seen a lot of them lately on TV (Bones) and around the net (thanks to slave_kris) I would entertain training one in the future.
  4. Thank You for posting the link, Mistress Watchful.
    It is strange, actually i am not so much into pet and pony play but seeing such pictures and imagining myself being made up as a cute pony girl with hooves-boots (my shoe collection is still lacking of such a pair ... how could that happen) and harness i get extremely excited ... it's a pity i am living so far away - i'd probably make a good guinea pig to find out how You'd cope with a pony girl ... LOL


    maid katrin
  5. What no Pony boys? I would love to be outfitted in all the tack, and made to serve a Mistress, pulling her surry.
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  6. Yeaaah, of course pony boys as well ... LOL ... but pony girls look much nicer and can be decorated with much more fancy accessories ;-)

    Hugs, maid katrin
  7. Like these?

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  8. Yeap ... i definitely can imagine to be one of the girls ... and they DO look nicer ... LOL
  9. pssst, the one on the far end has more accessories, gold rings and things...:confused0068:
  10. thankyou all for such kinds words about or site.

    Matt & Nikki
    Owners of petandponygirls.com
  11. pony play looks fun. But nothing would be better than being leashed and made a bitch. I feel there's so much more room for creativity
  12. Thank you for posting this great site mistress watchful.
    It must be great to be a pony in proper stables and be able to gallop around (especially if your also in a full chas belt)
    and also being led on a reign
  13. sure would love to see more on pony boys ,,, but with seeing these i am sure i could make some stuff that would fit someone like me
  14. This looks terribly fun. It wouldn't matter to me what kind of pet my Mistress put me in. I'd be game for anything: puppy, cat, pony, pig, ferret, hamster, whatever :D
  15. I would, as a sub and a male, love to see more male models in some of these scenes. There is a real scarcity of it out there though...
  16. I have had some basic training in both kinks and find them very different. Gog play seems more focused on humiliation and degradation, where you would eat and drink from bowls on the floor and emulsate dog behaviour. Pony play seems more focused on the pagentry of being dressed in latedx catsuits and elaborite tack and competing in rather technical events. I problem I have with dog play is that I have owned dogs for over 35 years and find human dogs do not understand how doggie dogs act and once you have to to make bow wow sounds t which drops you out of your zoneI. own a beautiful pink leather rhinestone encrusted dog collar. Courtesy of PETCO my much loved and very missed LUCY Picture 20.jpg 34374_1349580816421_2502124_n.jpg
  17. A great site for sure! Pony Girls are prettier but if you like pony boys I recommend reading "Beauty's Punishment" by Anne Rice. The chapter "the farm and the stable" is outstanding.