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Beach chastity,

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by mhubby, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. my wife loves the beach and taking me there locked in a metal tube. While there she will have me serve her food, clean her feet in front of people, kiss her feet while others are around and lay down in front of her chair while she rests her feet on my face. I love beach chastity stories, do you have
    any imagined or true?
  2. The last two times I was at a beach, it was a nude beach. Embarrassing enough when you have a very small penis. My chastity cage would have been a welcome addition to hide what is inside it. :) I never saw a guy in chastity on any of those beeches. I think that is one of those things about chastity that more in fantasyland than real. Not that I would doubt that anyone would wear one at the beach. Just that I never saw it and it is not as prevalent as porn makes it out to be. I have enough real world stuff going on that I ran out of fantasies. :)
  3. Or perhaps people don't expose others to their kinks in a setting that is public.
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  4. Yesterday my wife and I were at the beach I was locked up and told to lay down at her feet to be the footstool for over an hour. After a wonderful walk together we sat down and she said you had better hurry and get your face under me now.. she slid her suit to the side and pee into my mouth right there and then said stay down there and went back to reading.
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  5. Last year in one day at the beach, my wife came me to sit in my knees near her sunbed, and tell me to finger her to orgasm, wich i did with great zeal and gratitude. In the meantime she pinch my nipples with her nails and i can't even moan, because even if it was not a crowded beach, was far to be deserted, had people on the sunbeds at few meters from us and others who strolling along the water's edge, same at few meters from us. A family composed of father, mother, grandmother and a 15-16 years daughter, who sit on sunbeds at 10-12 meters away from us, probably guessed something because entire day throwing at us grumpy sights. Anyway, for me after 23 days of chastity was the first ocasion when i was allowed to touch my wife pussy and more, to finger her to orgasm. My cock strugled with a tremendous erection able to break cage's steel. To calm down i take decision to take a bath in the sea. Good for the moment but wrong choice at the final. On the shore the seasalt has dried on my highly iritated scrotum skyn (from the cages ring pushings) and put my entire crotch on fire, that I was almost no longer able to walk when we leave the beach. Funny thing: after, i sayd to my wife that probably our neighbors guessed something and she sayd: ""so what? do you think that you will meet them another time?"". In the same evening we go to dinner at a fish restaurant at another resort at few km away. 10 minutes after we sat down, the same family was seated at the table next to us, with grumpyer sights. :)) one after another, was my best day at the beach.
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  6. Spent most of last August working on the beach and ocean while caged and locked. It was a very stimulating in a number of ways for sure. My Wife/KH was not around for much of this time, but there were many distractions that left me struggling in my cage, which can make for a long but usually enjoyable work day. I found that the ocean was actually very helpful in healing and preventing any spots of chaffing or discomfort. Was worried about my little lock rusting shut being in the ocean water every day though. I lubricated it and had no problems in the end. Probably should use the plastic locks this year. Maybe after this Summer I will have some better stories about going to the beach with my KH. However, I do love working and going to the beach locked up, for real. Hope to see you there .:p
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  7. There is no reason you can't walk on the beach without people seeing that your wearing a cage. I've done it many times, I don't wear a speedo, most people are to concerned about how they look in their over weight body to even give you a second look. Now if your on a Nude Beach that would be a different and much more exciting story.
  8. I live close to a beach and go at least once a week, but I've always unlocked to go due to concerns with salt water on my device. After discussing with Mature Metal I have decided to take the plunge literally. I have the jailbird with the screw rather than the lock so I'm concerned about the screw freezing in place and then I can't get out. Not sexually exciting, but I'm still nervous about it.
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  9. In June of this year my wife and I spent a week relaxing nude on Black’s Beach in San Diego. I wore my smallest stainless steel cage while on the beach. We layes in the sun and under our canopy, we walked the length of the beach and played in the surf. Nobody gave a second glance. No one came up to us to ask about it. It was no different than the days that I didn’t wear it. The beach was busy all day and packed with people in the afternoon. We saw plenty of genital piercings on women and men and a multitude of cock rings but no other chastity devices. Maybe it was due to how laid back and non-intrusive the people of SD are or maybe it’s no longer a big deal to most people. Live and let live I guess. We didn’t do anything sexual we just did normal beach day activities, I just happened to be locked in chastity. It turned out to be no big deal.
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  10. Love San Diego and the beaches there, although I've never been to Black's Beach. Glad to hear you were able to have such a care free and enjoyable time.
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  11. When I read your post I instantly thought about what it would have been like to walk on that same beach when I was young. I'm 55. 35 years ago I do t think we would have seen as many Tattoos or genital piercings and to see a msn with his penise in a cage would have been totally abnormal. Society has changed and things that were shocking have become more exceptable. We've excepted people more for who they are and simple things like tattoos and jewellery aren't as big a deal as they were 35 years ago. I wonder what it'll be like in 2052 maybe i can walk on the beach at 90 years of age while locked up and look normal LOL Thanks for sharing your adventure.
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  12. I've been to nude beaches, and swimming holes, and at nude retreat camps many years ago. I never saw anyone in chastity or saw any jewelry on intimate parts. Times are changing though.
  13. We have access to a small private beach where I sometimes sunbath and swim in nothing but the Neosteel Arch. Very liberating and almost zero risk if unintentional exposure.
  14. Sounds like a nice place to get some interesting Tan Lines.
  15. We like to spend 2 weeks in Maui each year, and I am locked the whole time with no way to orgasm. My KH girlfriend gets the orgasms
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  16. Can't wait to be at the beach again.
  17. I am her foot slave anyway and at the beach it is extra difficult for me as there are so many beautiful feet everywhere
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