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Be careful you might just get it!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by cb1984, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. So over the past weeks my wife and I have been more playful. I have been locked a few times off and on in the past but never prolonged periods of time, usually due to ill fitting devices. I even went to the point of piercing myself years ago to give pleasure to my wife, after quite literally years of on and off experiments I have found a device I can be in long term, I have been locked up for well over a wk now, lucky for me after a few days my Goddess unlocked and rewarded me. I locked myself back up to show her the devotion despite orgasm.... Well long story short of the past week + I am locked tight, she has taken control of the keys that she should have had a long time ago. I am secured with no chance of removal without an extremely painful live altering event (secured by PA piercing).
    Since I have been locked up this time, we are more intimate than we have since we married, and she has seemed to embrace this quite a bit has been teasing me more often. She has made an effort by creating an account here (TimidKeyHolder), and has been talking to a number of ppl, we have opened up our talking about sex and desires, she has even been looking up necklace chains so she can wear my key between her glorious breasts which will drive me crazy, and is talking about us going out and getting one on our anniversary in the coming days.
    Well now I am going to start learning about being turned on non stop. I have been loosing my mind with desire for her as well it should be.
  2. Welcome to the Mansion. If your not Sure this is what you want "It might be to Late" the power comes with the keys. Get ready for an exciting ride Enjoy
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  3. Never said I wasn't sure, just starting to see my goddess moving into a more dominate role. She was on here created a Avitar, left a typed message stating that she is trying this "long term"... I might just be in for a real ride this time :eek:
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  4. So over the past 29 days we have entered a wonderful journey. I hve been locked nearly 24/7 since giving my keys up to my wife. We have moved from dirty talk about the taboo of chastity to my wife wearing a key over her breast and keeping me locked up. I think we are at a 5:0 ratio for her orgasm to mine, which I am ok with. Although I was a bit whiny the other night she decided to keep me in my place.
    Interesting side effects is it has helped us grow in communication, and I sincerely believe that it is giving my wife some confidence. She has recently taken up Scuba diving, and has lead her to pursue getting her certification. Today after her class she was proud of her accomplishments and texts me to brag. It is great as I have been diving for quite some time and now she is getting to enjoy some adventure in life that we will get to share. She has been much more vocal about things she enjoys, and less shy about things since we have moved to a locked up cock relationship. Although we are not into all those things that some ppl love we have really enjoyed the steps we have made.
    I continue to want to learn new ways to please and serve her. If anyone wants to offer advice please let us know how we can grow, I can serve, or we can enjoy live more, please let us know.
    I have to say thank you to the ppl that have talked with @TimidKeyHolder@TimidKeyHolder as I am sure you have helped us grow.
  5. Nice. Is that the device in your avatar? It looks good... what is it?

  6. Its a ridgidchastity half shell. Secured by a PA piercing. I tried a CB with a PA ring and a metal cable, the CB5000, and other variations this has been comfortable and most secure. I have been locked now for a month (in 2 days) and no pain. The key to sanitation has been daily showers with attention to clean the entire inside, keep shaved, and wear something supportive. I have been wearing sport boxer briefs and have been doing well.
  7. You have a great situation going! I hope my wife takes full advantage as well. I have a custom Rigid Chastity awaiting arrival any day, I can't wait! She took control for a couple weeks back but has recently sorta let it go. Perhaps stress, perhaps something else. Either way, excited for you and excited for me! Also, welcome @TimidKeyHolder@TimidKeyHolder !
  8. Congrats on the new device, they are slow about getting their product out however the work they do makes it secure and comfortable so I cant complain. It took them nearly 4 months however to get the device here. Hope yours turns out well. What type are you getting from them?
  10. I have a frenum piercing and have been looking for something secure for a long time. I have always wanted a jailbird, so I went for the Beast Muzzle. However, because my dick is rather small, I can somewhat easily pull out the back (although if I get hard while out it would hurt). Since I want nothing more than my frenum piercing, the solution we came up with was to add a hook that attaches to the posts, goes through the frenum piercing, then slightly out the front. I can't wait to check it. It's been lost in the New York area for about a week now, boo! IMG_3352.JPG

  11. Probably not lost it has to go through customs which took about a week for mine. Hope it all works out
  12. Did they find it?
  13. My wife has continued to grow, and I has grown to more and more accustom to being locked. The past week I was out of town and unfortunately had to be out of my chast state for a few days. Being out of lock and key for a few days I nearly felt naked, and really felt as though something was missing not wrapped around me. I unfortunately after 2 days reverted to my old ways. Initially I was able to hold off on touching myself for 24 hours, however the simplistic brushing of myself on my boxers lead to immediate attention of a feeling I had not had in over a month. On day 2 I was unable to hold my urges and touched myself but immediately began to realize I had lost control and stopped, ruining my orgasm and then becoming frustrated with desire. Day 3 I lost control and subsequently touched myself to orgasm. I was a fool as when I arrived to the airport back home I found my goddess who picked me up in a Corset which made me want to drop to my knees. I was lucky that she let me play with her at all. To my luck I was allowed to have her but again she ruined my orgasm. I have been locked since.

    To the point of discussing my wife's movement into her dominate role I cannot tell you how happy I have been in her continued growth in confidence in being a KH. She has had no troubles telling me that my chaste state will now be a permanent thing, she seems to lost all her timidness to having me locked. I have come to terms that I am to be in chastity a from now on, and I am receiving great pleasure that I am lucky enough to have fallen in love with/married/and will be serving this woman the rest of my life. She has and continues to be my joy. Our sex life had really suffered over the past years of a busy work schedule and letting insecurities control us. Since we embarked in our journey our communication has improved. My desire for her has increased exponentially, and our sex life continues to improve. She has taken to sending me a dirty picture, having me buy her sexy clothing, ruining my orgasms, and having me do some chores that have become my duty. I have enjoyed knowing that my wife gets more orgasms than myself. The joy she gets from teasing any denying me has been wonderful.

    There have been so many great benefits of this lifestyle and will be happy to assist in anyone in their journey as well. I continue to be thankful to the members on here that have helped us.
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  14. Yup, it was received but will be reordering. The frenum hook placement was off. Otherwise, superb cage!
  15. They do quality work but they are so slow about getting them out. We have been happy with ours but aggravated with the length of time to get it here. They do have good communication at least.