Barbie's life of chastity

Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by Barbie, Aug 8, 2010.

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    It all started with a random conversation , and now i am locked in chastity 24/7. I have to wear panties to work, I keep my toenails painted (whatever colour Mistress desires) and paint my fingernails with clear nail varnish unless otherwise specified. Since my lockup Mistress has unlocked me three times, mainly to allow me to wash, but also to tease me to the point of orgasm then stop, which she is VERY good at!
    Friday night was the worst so far - Mistress stayed over for the first time, so I begged her to let me sleep unlocked, evn if it meant being handcuffed. She allowed me the keys and i gratefully unlocked myself, had a wash then we snuggled up in our pj's to watch a movie in bed.I was teased a couple of times but managed to stop my hands from straying. Eventually we drifted off (without being handcuffed woohoo!), but then at 2 am i was awoken by Mistress's hand stroking my hard cock,I reached down and was immediately told not to touch myself or iI would be cuffed. I tried to resist but Mistress kept stopping and starting and I kept reaching down - she quickly got sick of this and cuffed my wrists to the bedhead, then calmly continued to stroke and pump me to the brink of orgasm again and again - then made it a hundred times worse by making herself come hard in front of me while I was cuffed and helpless with a raging hardon , I've never been so desperate to come in my life it was incredibly horny.
    I spent a fitful night's sleep cuffed and turned on, and was told to lock back up in the morning without being granted an orgasm. It's only been two weeks and i'm constantly aroused and desperate to come - god only knows what time will bring!
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