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Ball stretching in Chastity

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by DorkyLittleBitch, May 19, 2017.

  1. My Mistress' latest torture that she demands of me while in permanent chastity is ball stretching using steel weights. The problem I am having is the chastity ring burn we have all experienced when we first got our steel cage is burning again and causing real irritation. I have tried all my tricks to get this to stop, but nothing seems to really work. Has anyone out there have any experience with this, and if so were you able to solve this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. This stuff is great I found and its in both big and pocket size.

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  3. I just stumbled on something that is working for me. I wear a Mature Metal Jail Bird with a 1 3/4 cock ring. Last week I first put on a metal cock ring that is 2 inches then the cage ring. No burning at all and it has made wearing the cage so comfortable. Try it, it may work for you.
  4. try a&d ointment...... my puck swears by it.
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  5. On a somewhat related point, I often put on a larger cock ring before my chastity device. That allows me to attach a butt plug harness to it for play without removing my chastity device.
  6. I had this so I kept the cage off for a few days and then wore it a little longer every few days. Your skin will get tougher under the ring much like it does under a ring. I also use silicone lube but even if I forget to lube, I rarely feel burning. When I do, I just adjust my scrotum and problem gone.
  7. In regards to the original post,I too have recently started incorporating a ball stretcher with my Mature Metal Jailbird and also get the same burning sensation sometimes. The issue for me seems to be there some times and not others, and I think that one of the issues I may be having is when the joins of the stretcher are not aligned absolutely perfectly, leaving small raised edges if that makes sense. Other times I can go a number of hours with barely any burning issues at all, although I'm still not game to sleep with the ball stretcher on.