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Ball punishment

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. ok, this is new to me. I really wasn't into discipline or pain until she instigated it, and even then, hurting my balls was off the table.

    Well awhile back she playfully hit my cock when it was small and it instantly got hard. Not sure why but it did. She smacked it a few more times and seemed to "make" it work, she climbed on and off we went. She seemed to have fun with that so I told her I would be willing to try it.

    Well she instigated some pretty hard ball slapping. She was pretty tipsy and said I was being a sass mouth and ordered me to get to bed and I was going to get it. After some service she unlocked me and started slapping them. I don't know how many times, kind of a blur but was a weird feeling.

    I had not came in 2 weeks and my balls already had a dull ache, then when slapped it intensified x100! For the first time since we started discipline, this the first time I wasn't shrugging it off, or starting to giggle in the middle of it. It was a pain I can't describe but wasn't unbearable. It was a throbbing aching vulnerable feeling that left me exposed, submissive and truly apologetic of my actions.

    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté has dialed it up to a whole new level. The look on her face while she tortured my exposed parts was one of utter delight with a smirk of something I can't quite place.

    My poor balls may have found a new purpose besides just hanging there and keeping my cage on.
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  2. My girlfriend/Mistress loved to torture my balls. She would kick, punch, slap, knee, whip and crush them. Sometimes in the same night. What she liked was that I could ejacluate from pain. Like you I would get erect and since she only had intercourse with me about 3 times in 30 years, S&M was our main sexual interaction. Nipple torture gets my motor running and my wife knows that is the easiest way to get me hard. She also likes to slap my balls.

    My wife and her girlfriend paid a lot of attention to my balls. I am sterile and they would use that as the excuse to torture my balls, calling them useless and punishing them for not being able to get my wife pregnant. However, they knew where to draw the line and confined such talk to the bedroom. Try a parachute. It goes around your balls and you can hang weights from it so when you walk it feels like someone is tugging on them real hard.
  3. Is odd. I wouldn't say I want her to do it to me, yet the thought of her doing it does turn me on.
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  4. A good while back, not long after my chastity got serious, Elle had wanted to make love but although I was aroused I just couldn't stay hard. This was before we had discovered how good cock rings are and how there needs to be a pause after wearing a device to allow things to come back to life.

    We had gone downstairs and rather than getting disappointed Elle got all femdommy with me. She had brought our flogger down with her and told me to stand in front of her. She was clothed and I was naked. She started talking directly to my penis, telling it how disappointed she was with it, and how naughty it had been. I started to feel a vague stirring in my loins when, suddenly, she whacked my penis with the flogger. It very quickly became as hard as it possibly could, and stayed that way.

    Both of us were surprised. I hadn't expected such a reaction as it had never occurred to me that such treatment was something to seek. It wasn't a fantasy of mine. Elle was surprised that something she thought of as a negative treatment would have such a positive reaction.

    She hasn't done it again since, but we have talked about it. She has to be in the right mood for such role play to feel real and not forced. I'm not bragging but the problem is our increased levels of intimacy have seen her regularly tell me how much she loves me, so being so strict with me isn't something she has done in a long time.
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  5. One of my favorite things.
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  6. Mistress Jules

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    Just as a view from the other side - when I first entered this world, my only interest was male chastity, I swore I would never be able to cause pain to someone. Then I got a flogger and @lockit@lockit and I went to Club Pedestal. That was the first time I flogged him or anyone, it was also the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th time I flogged him. I absolutely loved it and the fact that he was happy to be on the receiving end was extra special.

    @MaidCharlotte@MaidCharlotte reminded me of my initial aversion to such play when visiting the Dungeon, everyone there laughed at what was my obvious naivety and lack of actual physical interaction at that time. Believe me, you can say anything and believe it at the time - when it comes to actually doing things physically and experiencing the reality of them, it's a whole new world.

    I am glad to see you are enjoying your experimentation @Nicoftime@Nicoftime
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  8. I thought I'd be the same way as well. I was so afraid to hurt my guy, now I LOVE my pretty black and red leather flogger:)
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  9. Must be a female nurturing thing, or protecting thing. She was thumbs down on any pain stuff, and I wasn't into it. She started with wax and playful leather slapper, and by gosh it turned her on so much it even surprised her!

    She had thought she could never inflict pain on someone she cares about, but she has found that it's not the same kind of pain...and she has no problem with it now.

    I actually did get into this a little bit through literature, I read Anne rice's claiming of sleeping beauty, and thought it was very hot. Never had anyone to punish me though so had all but forgotten about it until we started all this.
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  10. When I have started with chastity and Ds, anything related to my testicles was hard limit for me. I have never considered myself as a masochist, but I have always understood some level of pain is often part og punishment. But causing any pain to testicles seemed me "over the top". However after some period of longer chastity I found out, any manipulation with them starts to be exciting and in fact, I have started to wish my girlfriend would squeeze or slap them. Funny thing is, when I asked her first time - and I have to say I was quite aroused - she refused it as it was me, who always insisted no pain play with them and moreover, she is not here for doing what I want :) It was kind of cold shower in that situation. I remember it perfectly, she stopped teasing we had and send me to kneel to the corner.

    I tried few times more, but it always ended same way. However few weeks later - quite unexpectedly - during some tease, she started to play with testicles and then, she squeezed them hard. It was painful, unexpected, but exciting. She holded them in her hand and asked me, if it is something I still want to. It was still painfull, but I begged her I want it. I remmeber how she asked me one more time and warned me, it will be painful and she will use it, as she want and not me and it will not be for some tease play, but she would like to use it as punishment too. I agreed and then she smiled, kissed me and told me, how much she wanted this, but did not want to make it easy for me. :)
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  11. It is weird how some things change...a lot. I saw pictures on Tumblr of guys getting slapped hard or squeezed hard. It did nothing for me and was actually quite the opposite... and now, I crave to endure the ache, to feel that vulnerable and exposed.
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  12. I really like having my balls played with and my bride has been slapping my balls for years. She knows exactly how hard she can do it without hitting to hard. She sometimes will just start slapping several quick slaps in a row and continue as long as I can take it. I never stop her.

    She asked me years ago why I liked having my balls slapped and I told her that each one is like a mini orgasm.

    I receive a few slaps nearly every time we are intimate
  13. Upset her last night, won’t get into it here but she decided to smack my balls in bed. Threw off the covers and drew her hand back. Instinctively I closed my knees, she warned me I better not and I reluctantly spread them. Very hard slap that created the familiar ache.

    Very odd, for this wasn’t part of any sexual play, I wasn’t all turned on and ready. It was pure punishment.

    New stuff
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  14. Such an effective punishment.
  15. My KH love to crush my balls and me beg for release, very painful initially when she first apply this "torture", but my cock feel the opposite way and react to her challenges delightfully :p