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Ball escape

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by trym, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. Hi there

    i use a ball trap cage, and i think i have found a nice fit, perfect in the night and a little tight in the daytime when mowing around.
    have been locked 24-7 for about 14 days with only half hour free for cleaning a day with little discomfort and no problems whatsoever, my dear KH released me this morning and granted me a ruined O, this being wonderful but also the reason for my post

    i have noticed that after anal play or orgasms i will almost always experience a ball escape, this is due to ring size and spacer length quite painful and i would like to avoid this , but cant take a smaller ringsize or a smaller spacer.

    it feels like the ball is being pulled in to the body and the sensation can be felt several minutes before the escape

    Is there any explanation on this, ant have others had the same experience, i guess that there is no avoiding this, other than wait till the body turns back to normal after the O

    Kind Regards
  2. Ball escapes are no fun!!

    If you can tell in advance that it's going to happen, what has worked for me in the past is getting somewhere private and pulling the sack down (i.e. pushing the ring back towards your body) so that your boys have a little bit of room in there. If your scrotum is pushing one of them up against the ring, it makes it easier for one of those contractions or whatever they are to pull it in.

    Long term you may have a fit issue to address.
  3. What he said. My balls tend to try to go into me when I sit down at the toilet or at other times. I thought that a smaller ring was too tight for me because it would hurt when my balls tried to retreat. I do pull my sack down and I guess that my body got used to it. What I did was go with a larger gap which allowed me to use a smaller ring. That worked for me. Your body will adjust. It took me 4 years of 24/7 wear to be able to wear it without feeling it unless I thought about it. Much like a wristwatch or ring. If I think of them I feel them but not at any other time. I even automatically know how to sit without crushing the boys.

    I sent my Jailbird in twice for adjustments before getting it right for all time, all year wear.
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