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Awaiting Delivery

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Newbie Nick, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Hi there everybody.

    I hope it's okay to just quickly pen a short introduction.

    I'm Nick from S Yorks, 50 years old, straight and single. I have just ordered the CB6000s after reading reviews and comments on this interesting and informative forum. It's due to arrive tomorrow and I am feeling both very excited and nervous.

    I have decided to try a cage to hopefully contain what has become a chronic masturbation habit in recent years, that I am hoping this could maybe help control. Too much time and energy I feel is being wasted in pursuit of such and surely feel there are times when it's stopping me from being a more rounded person sexually. I don't have any keyholders lined up although a couple of female friends are aware of my purchase, who are intrigued by it and so maybe there could be some possibilities there. Both are also aware of and have indulged my fetish previously with regards to women wearing tights, which is my major weakness so to speak.

    I should be grateful on any advice with regard to starting out alone on this voyage, initial fitting and wearing advice, how quickly to 'dive in' so to speak or how slow to take it? I realise that it may be something I really take to, or it may not, but I think it's worth trying, hence the purchase.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. You'll find plenty of advice here Nick and welcome to the Mansion
  3. Hi, welcome to the forum...

    Before letting anyone near you know you have received your purchase, I'd make sure your device fits well and you can wear it for at least a couple of days [a weekend!] without discomfort. Once you're happy with the fit and know which ring size suits you best, then share - it could be detrimental if you introduce it to your friend and then have to halt proceedings because of teething problems.
    With regard to your female friends, I'd just say make sure both you and they are aware of what's in it for them!
    One thing's intriguing me... Are the 'couple of female friends' aware of each other?
  4. Thanks Bondichas, sounds like good advice to start gently before involving others. Yes, they know about each other but they haven't ever met. Both were met on dating sites and were medium term friends with benefits for want of a better turn of phrase. One has returned to the ex-partner of many year and the other still single though dating. I'm not looking for a full on relationship with either not they me, just friends who I can talk to.
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    Hi @Newbie Nick@Newbie Nick Welcome to the Mansion. The cb range are a good choice as a first cage. They should at least help you to find your correct size. The aren't meant for long term use so don't attempt it.
    If you are here for the long haul, you might need to change your name. :)
  6. Thanks Mistress B, comforting to know I'm starting out with a decent choice. Like I say this is a journey which may be short or long but appreciate a name change could be needed if it's the latter! Just nervous here waiting for tomorrow and delivery.
  7. So the postman (well woman actually) was nice and early with my purchase. Found the 6000s relatively easy to put together, as I had researched 'how to' and spent a couple of hours trial locked this morning. Realised I need a smaller ring so came down from the largest to next largest. Similarly with the Spacer but not sure I have the absolute right combination yet, a case of trial and error I guess. Quite pleased with how it looks and feels, although is slightly more bulky than I had imagined. I think it's a case of slowly slowly catchy monkey with this project. Both female friends are aware it has arrived and are a bit bemused but enthusiastic to know more. An early stage I know but relatively happy at the moment.
  8. Welcome. Nick. I know that you can find lots of info here on the CB6000s. I started with a CB6000 and realized that it was too large, so went to the shorter 6000s, which I wear for 8-10 hours every day. It was introduced by Mistress to wear while She is at work, mainly to control my wanking problem. I have tried other cages, but the ring of my 6000s just seems to fit best, so it is the cage of choice. As far as bulkiness, You will find that tight underwear (in my case, panties), really helps to tone down the bulkiness and also to give some nice support. Enjoy the site and having yoru wanking habit controlled. It will really help!
  9. Thanks DonnaSue, both for the welcome and words of reassurance. For me this like you is a wanking problem and correction issue rather than a full blown chastity issue, being single I am chaste anyway so no real change in that respect.
  10. Day 1 - Initially locked myself in CB6000s for a couple of hours in Morning with largest ring and spacer. Replaced these after dinner with next ring and spacer down,taken off at bedtime, about 11 PM so about 9 hours.

    Day 2 - Same combination as yesterday afternoon. Locked at 8:08 and will be looking to stay locked all day.

    Happy with progress so far and trying not to get ahead of myself.
  11. I am new to this with wife as KH, I bought the same device and now having worn it since the 23/08/17 here are my thoughts on it.

    I think it is great for an introduction to chastity but I already want to change it due to a few issues I have.
    Being a split ring it can pinch a hell of a lot and the 'air vents' on the side of the tube can cause irritation when naughty thoughts arise.
    It is far too easy to remove without the key, as a solution I glued the outer pins in place at the back of the ring now only my wife can open the device.
    I had to stop wearing for a week due to chaffing on the underside, shaving and now regular use of Nair sensitive, I use plenty of baby oil when fitting to help.

    I think the following would be true of any device but it took me about a week to get used to sleeping while locked, but now it feels strange when not worn for showers or when I am let out by the boss.
  12. Thanks for the feedback Roy, sounds like you are happy but unhappy in that the device is a bit troublesome. I guess like anything you have to work at it to be successful. Are you using the 6000s?.
  13. The CB6000s is a good device to start with. It helps you to find your ring and spacing. But speaking from experience it's not one of the better ones for long term wearing. The Holy Trainer2 is better, but the metal cages are even better yet. A custom made devise would be the best when you know Your size. Finding the perfect cage for you sometimes takes a little bit of time. Enjoy your Journey
  14. I am using the 6000 which I believe is essentially the same just a different size tube, don't get me wrong it has been a great introduction for us if a little painful at times.
    Given how cheap they are I think they are a good starting point, I am now looking at the holy trainer 2 for the times I am working (airport so need silicone and plastic locks) and going to look into metal cages for everything else.
  15. Roy. I am getting the pain now on my first night locked.....boy does it get tight in this CB6000s....I should have believed what i read.
  16. The only pain I get is from the split ring design, and I don't have an answer for that.
    Just keep moving it until it doesn't hurt, it looks like I am constantly playing with myself in my opinion.

    That is why I am looking at the Holy Trainer 2, it is a full ring design and less to pinch.
    There will be many more experienced people on here that have better advice though as like you I am new to this.
  17. welcome to CM I hope you will find everything you are looking for.
  18. Thanks cb1984,,,,,only an hour to go to complete my first full 24 hours self-locked. It's been a long night with 4 very painful erections. I found peeing helped on a couple of occassions as did simply resting my balls on the cold porcelain of the sink unit. Let's hope it gets easier as I progress to longer periods.
  19. Having just paid £100 for the CB6000s, it's a bit early to contemplate further purchases at the moment but could be something for the future. More importantly Roy are you City or United? :)
  20. None I prefer F1, never got into soccer lol
  21. You could try the solution that I found worked well and solved the 'pinch in the hinge' problem when I used a cb-2000... Use epoxy resin to seal and smooth over the hinge.

    Of course, check that you can get in and out of the ring without opening it first, if the ring fits then you should be able to get into it scrotum and contents first, then squash the remainder down and push/pull through. - seems impossible at first but you soon get the knack.
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  22. Unfortunately Day 3 and after a day/night/day caging i have discovered an edema on the underside/foreskin area. I had a slight one the previous week caused from my chronic masturbation habit (inc when semi-flaccid) so maybe a development from that not being recovered. I guess a couple of days rest followed by a more gentle re-introduction is needed. My usual bull in a china shop causing my downfall here. Oh well, plenty of time to press on in the near future I guess.
  23. Another thing you could look at would be the ghost or leopard from custom chastity. If you went with the padlock design you could easily substitute plastic locks when needed and probably wouldn't need to switch devices.
  24. So after a couple of hours yesterday cooling off, I re-caged for the night using the next to biggest ring and biggest spacer. What a difference, just woke up twice and nowhere near the pain levels of the night before. As a self-locker at the moment I guess the need for smallest rings and pin lengths irrelevant as can simply let myself out anyway if I so desire, therefore there is no need to make it tighter so that pull out is harder. Maybe if I get a KH then that dynamic will change?
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