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Avatar Policy on CM

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistress B, Feb 27, 2017.

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    #1 Mistress B, Feb 27, 2017
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    Chastity Mansion has long needed an avatar policy for all to see and refer to, and here it is! :)

    1. No locked-cock pictures
    2. No genital or other obvious 'crotch-shots'
    3. Nothing porny
    4. No captions

    We need an avatar policy on the forum, and for some time now it has been the above, but until now had not been published.

    We have this policy for a number of reasons...mainly because chastity in a relationship is not actually about the locked cock, it's probably about all manner of other things, and it's beneficial for us all to remember that. It's also about aesthetics - most locked cock pics are just yet another locked cock, and there's very little to differentiate them. It's about making the place look a bit more interesting and a bit less as if we're all cock-focused to any enquiring female who's partner has directed them here to learn about this weird idea he's just shared.

    SubVerity writes.... I'm mildly embarrassed to admit to having co-opted (with permission) an empty Test Thread of Mistress B's to write the above - and the below. For some reason I'm unable to post new threads in the announcements section, but she can - so I asked for permission to do this, and happily she granted it. I wanted to put this straight as it should be obvious to anyone that knows her style that these are not her words. :D
    With that said, I've amalgamated the two posts. I'd added the 2nd as I realised there was another point to make.....

    I hope the stating of this policy is useful to members here, both old and new.
    Use it as a resource - we need members to make reports about things that are untowards on the forum, from spam to harassment and beyond, but do please feel free to pm those concerned about their avatars politely and kindly and direct them to this thread. Best done by copying and pasting the URL into the pm.
    And do remember, people making the goto choice of a cock avatar are not criminals, they've just not been informed yet, so....be nice. :)

    If you have a locked cock avatar, why not change it for something that says something about you, or your ideas, or your feelings about anything.

    It goes without saying that the gist of the above was cleared by the entire team before posting.

    With regards
    SubVerity and the mod team of Chastity Mansion.
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