Autumn Human Pet-, Pony-, Hunt-Play Weekend Portugal

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by Guy, May 24, 2016.

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    Near Tomar, central Portugal
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    4:43 PM
    Dress code: Anything goes, nudity to whatever, chastity devices are fine

    A Weekend camp for for my/our friends interested in pony-, puppy-, woman-hunting.

    Thursday to Sunday, and for having a quiet (and sometimes riotous) good time together.

    Cost €250, regardless of staying the whole time or just a day.

    If that is a problem for you, I will negotiate if for a ciswoman volunteering to be hunted, (I have several volunteers already).

    Or you can make some other major contribution to the success of the weekend. That will include food, but not booze. We'd discourage you from cooking your own food, lest the local wild boar take too close an interest!

    If you'd like a longer break there you'd be welcome to join me the previous week at my place near Lisbon, or to stay on afterwards, or both. The location of the event will only be revealed to you when you've paid in full.

    Broadly speaking it is North Portugal. For planning purposes the nearest airport is probably Oporto. But actually though Lisbon is further away, it is more convenient for train connections.

    If driving from Europe, or from the UK on the Santander or Bilbao ferry, best enter Portugal via Ciutad Rodrigo.

    Bring a sleeping bag, camping mat, good footwear and whatever you want to wear, if anything; though evenings can be cool.

    If driving bring your own tent, etc., but if flying in, we can probably put you up in our big tent(s).

    You may be able to buy wine on site, otherwise bring your own booze or buy locally.

    A pleasure of the event will sitting around a brazier, drinking beer, wine, etc. of an evening, talking the kind of nonsense appropriate to such times, bring warm clothes!

    We'll have some harness and a sulky or two, but do please bring your own if you can, I will bring mine from Lisbon..Puppy-play should be popular, and pony-play.

    New is that I have had several ladies volunteering to be hunted, and (they hope) roughly taken sexually by the one who captures them. Their husbands are keen to watch the fun too! (Though I can't obviously guarantee this will happen, as it does rather depend on the lady 'quarry' turning up, they are volunteers!)

    There may be other variations on similar themes too, with a role for those who want to take part but be neither hunted or hunter. Singletons welcome, any gender or orientation.

    Transfolk very welcome, as anybody who knows me will know, couples too, of course.

    Anyone intolerant of others' gender, orientation, etc. unwelcome!

    If interested please contact me directly, advance booking only!
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