ATX pansexual genderfluid looking for dominant.

Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by JanusTree, Jun 19, 2017.


How important is romantic attraction in a KH/Ds relationship?

  1. 0-9%

  2. 10-19%

  3. 20-29%

  4. 30-39%

  5. 40-49%

  6. 50-59%

  7. 60-69%

  8. 70-79%

  9. 80-89%

  10. 90-100%

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  1. JanusTree

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    Oct 9, 2016
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    Austin Texas
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    11:11 PM
    I'm interested in meeting with people in Austin Texas or the greater Austin area that may be interested in being a keyholder and dominant receiving household and possibly sexual service (Other types of play and service are up for negotiation). I want to meet you in a public location to talk over the details or my submission to you so please message me directly to set up a meeting.
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