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attention all mistresses "Lexapro "really works

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by superchef08, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. hello ladies,

    if your looking for that perfect med that will render your hubby or boyfriends ability to orgasm as a thing of the past
    "Lexapro" should be on your list.

    it is an anti depressant and within 3 days he will have to really work to orgasm . give him 3 weeks on this stuff and his penis will struggle to get hard and orgasms will be a thing of the past.. but he will not be depressed

    my mistress has me on 40 mg a day and my gosh it knocked the drive right out of me
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  2. Well this is just a dumb idea.
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  3. It'll kill sex drive in both men and women but then SSRI's in general are pretty bad for sex drive.
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  4. I have long know the effects of SSRI antidepressants since I took about 9 different ones before I found one that did not prevent my orgasms. I will say that my wife and her girlfriend did enjoy having me take a Viagra and ride me until they had several orgasms and I was sore. They loved it, but I did not. Some ADs will prevent erections too and that is the most frustrating for me. I have asked before in several forums if any professional Dominatrices ever get their subs to get a prescription for an AD so that they could not orgasm without constant supervision. No one seemed to know about it which surprised me as it is a natural for a D/s relationship and helps the sub with any form or depression he may have. My Psychologist told me that fetishes like BDSM, which was my main one, is often the refuge of the depressed because they take your attention away from whatever is troubling you. I found that to be true because once treated for depression, I no longer wanted to engage in the extreme S&M I was into with my wife's girlfriend.
  5. This shit is gospel. No lies in this post. I tried lexipro a few years back and besides the wonderful weight gain and vivid dreams, inability to reach the finish line was indeed a hallmark
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  6. Watch your tone girl ! :p
  7. well just taking 40 mg daily has made orgasm next to impossible
    I imagine after taking them long term I will see my erections fade and sex drive wither away to nothing

    for all of the mistresses out there chastising their hubbies this might be a necessary step
  8. There is chastising and removing the ability or desire to orgasm through chemical castration (or real castration for that matter), and there is chastising where the sub is going half crazy with desire for his mistress, unable to have an orgasm but only because of the command and assertiveness of his Mistress, desperately wanting one and turning his desire outwards into complete subservience to his Mistress.

    I know which type of male chastity my Wife likes :p
  9. I'm on Lexapro, Estrodial and Provera and love it
  10. So how are they effecting your penis and sex drive
  11. I no longer have any sex drive and my pens has contracted to 1"
  12. Is that a good thing for you?
    How long did it take for full shrinkage and impotence?
    How long were you before you started