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Ass Play

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by rebeccacd404, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. That's what I'm told, but have no hard personal evidence. My semen definitely is thicker and tastier when I haven't cum for a while.
  2. If its a month since my last milking and I've had pussyworship sex with my wife a day or two earlier then i produce a lot of fluid from milking with my njoy pure wand. Often it squirts out even though I'm locked and flaccid. Need to keep well hydrated too. Same thing can happen when my wife milks me externally through perineum massage. I've got very close to an anal orgasm but not managed it yet.
  3. Keep trying. Practice makes perfect.
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  4. pegging great -- for bondage when left there -- personal choice -- booty call anal vibe -- there are bigger but this one is more energetic and has 10 settings -- full drag -- comfortable hogtie, lots of constriction to add to the anal vibrator -- for example those belts with holes all the way around, 3 around your pelvic area so tight you break one now and then -- compresss you ass when she puts them on -- dont leave someone alone with a gag, but if she is around, try cutting the center out of her sanitary pad, soaking in her fresh pee, taking that in your mouth -- if she wants to add things during the day -- have her make yellow ice cubes -- you can stay edged all day with little effort on her part -- but of course you can't cum, silly -- sissies are not allowed to cum! when she is ready you lick her feet, legs, pussy, and then rim her when she is tired of all that. she can even nap while you rim her if you are really good at it.
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  5. I am learning so much....but wow what a ride so far
  6. Wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you.....
  7. Glad I never ran into a woman who said I could only have anal orgasms. Most of the girls I had sex with stayed away from my ass. Some fingered it and two used a strap on until my rectum got torn open and I needed surgery. Since then, it just never comes up anymore. I never had an orgasm even when pegged so it is not something I would put up with and when I play it is within my limits, not someone else's since I value my well being. :)
  8. My wife pegs me with a 10-inch strapon and I enjoy it thoroughly. The orgasms are incredible. No doubt it makes you even more submissive and docile, but I like that.
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  9. I actually took a deep breath as I read this, reality check for us all, you're OK now?
  10. I don't attest to be an ass play expert but I'm certainly no neophyte. (Maybe an advanced intermidiate?) I think that you should experiment on your own, before having somebody else participate for two good reasons. One, anal play can be very intense, and without being wired into your nervous system, your partner won't be able to determine your limits easily. Second, most men are conditioned to ignore pain, especially if a lady is present. That's an easy way to get injured.

    Don't Panic! Ass play isn't that hard or dangerous.

    Getting Started:

    • If you've never tried buttplay, start with a small, smooth anal plug (with plenty of lube).
    • Ass play, requires quite a bit of warming up. I think it's something that every man should do at least once as it will help you understand why women need foreplay for good, penetrative sex. Take your time!
    • Use your breath to help you insert your toy of choice. Press the toy against your anus as you exhale, holding the toy static or allowing it to be drawn in during an exhalation.
    • When the toy is in, wait at least 5 minutes initially to get accustomed to the feeling. Don't start thrusting, vibrating or squeezing.
    • Use lube liberally and often
    • If it hurts, STOP!
    • Relax and enjoy!

    The Tumblrs are a good source of inspiration but not information. I learned a ton from the lady of anal play, Tristian Taormino. She has a bunch of good info on her website: http://puckerup.com/. I prefer silicone and/or metal toys as they're easy to sterilize and inert. Don't cheap out on anal toys!
    • Toys (Plugs)
      • Fun Factory Bootie Set- work from small to large!
      • Tantus Severin (Start with the small)
      • Tantus Ryder
      • Fun Factory Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager (A little awkward to get in)
      • We Vibe Ditto Vibrating Massager
      • Njoy Plugs
    • Toys (Dildos)
      • Tantus Silk Medium (a smooth, strap-on compatible dildo excellent for beginners)
      • Tantus Curve (very versatile)
      • Njoy Pure Wand (a milking objet d'art)
      • Pleasure Works Bullseye (A good pegging and prostate simulator, intermediate)
      • Tantus p-spot (very big for beginners)
    • Lube
      • Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel
      • Sliquid Naturals Silk

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  12. Great rules to use
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  13. Start small and work your way up, lots of lube and work slowly. When we change sizes she will lube the toy and my ass and slip it in slowly. When she has it in all the way she will hold it there for 5 or ten minutes to allow for my ass to adjust to it before she will start moving it in and out. We also bought a couple of inflatable ones from Colt. She will slide one in until it hits bottom then slowly, one or two pumps at a time to inflate it. This helps to safely stretch out my ass. It is not something that happens overnight, we have been doing this for months, We started with a graduated set of butt plugs and now I can take her larger dildo 10" long and 3" across with no discomfort.
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  14. Lube definitely is the key. I can take 10 inches easily now. Positioning is important, too. The best for me was when I was in a bathhouse sling with my anus exposed and pulsing. Cocks simply slid in.
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  15. agreed there is never a point of foo much lube. Relaxation and slow deep breaths help too as does positioning
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