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Artistic expression

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Graham Farquhar, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Over the last few couple of years, my interest in chastity has progressed beyond a mere kinky fetish and developed into something more serious. I've been exploring the concept in my art and I've become very interested in - hopefully - finding a relationship where long-term chastity can be an actual feature. That's like the holy grail, though.

    It's the sort of thing that would have a lot of logistical complications, though. Potentially not all that practical - but where there's a will, there's a way.

    Hopefully I'll become a frequent browser on this site and start posting fairly regularly.

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  2. Actually it is not difficult. Our sex life has been based on Chastity for the last few years. Long term for us is 2-4 months depending on the next special occasions. Sex is for my wife's pleasure and she is having some of the best and most intense orgasms of her life at the age of 65. Yesterday she almost passed out from her orgasm and was a happy camper all night.

    What happens is that you get to enjoy the anticipation of an orgasm more than the orgasm itself since the orgasm lasts only a few seconds. You also get used to the sexual energy coursing through your body 24/7. When it is gone after an orgasm, you feel the energy drain and miss it. My personal viewpoint is that I love all the things I feel daily. The sight of a bare shoulder making me try to get erect. A simple touch turning me on. A constant desire to have sex but not wanting to orgasm. We have tried to quit chastity a few times and always went back to it.

    However, if you view chastity as more than just chastity, such as BDSM, cuckolding and any other sort of D/s relationship, you are not really talking about chastity. You are talking about a larger fetish in which chastity plays a small part. The problem is that Chastity on its own has little to talk about. I am locked up again and denied an orgasm. That is about it. We still have regular sex with the only thing missing is my orgasm. The effects of chastity are mostly psychological unlike BDSM where you are physically restrained, whipped, etc.. Or like cuckolding where your wife has sex with other men and makes you watch while locked up or humiliates you. Chastity is just there and nothing much happens other than clicking the lock shut.
  3. Vinny...

    You can't just dismiss and trivialise my words with "actually it is not difficult" and then launch into description about how it's working for you. You've found a relationship that's supportive. There are a lot of other people who haven't been so lucky.

    And I completely understand that there's a difference between chastity and other forms of BDSM play. If I make any reference to any of those things then I'm fully aware that I'm talking about things other than simply chastity.

    I came onto this site looking for a like-minded community. Not a lecture.
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