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Anybody Wearing compression/shapewear?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by midnight, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Recently, my wife has starred having me wear very firm compression shapewear to work. She feels that my figure is not feminine enough (She'd be right there!) and has decided to enhance it. She just ordered this amazing device http://www.lovemybubbles.com/OHWBrief.shtml. A combination body shaper, butt bra and thong all in one.

    It absolutely does the job and does make by butt much more round and pronounced It also makes my breasts seem more full, even with very small forms. Enough so, that I worry that people will notice at the office. It also makes sure that you don't forget what you are wearing!

    Do any of you wear, or have to wear, similar garments, and if so, what has been the result?

    - Midnight
  2. I had gone thru a phase like that with my sissy husband. He still has several firm pantygirdles, open bottom girdles, and all-in-one shapers but hasn't been made to wear them in a while. Having read your post, it inspired me, and I will start making them part of his daily wardrobe again for a while. Thanks for the inspiration.

    As for the result, of course he hates wearing them, and you are correct in that they make sure you cannot forget what your wearing. My favorite was to sew the crotch closed on his all-in-ones, so he would have to almost get completely undressed to use the restroom, especially when worn over pantyhose.

    That looks like one hell of a thing to wear. I'd love to hear your feedback, I'm considering getting one for my hubby now.

    Mistress Karen
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  3. Oh my,

    I am speechless... I love compression and this looks like the ultimate day to day underwear for shaping a sissy (with a sweater and thick pants on!!!)

    I am having a Miss D 'Oh My' moment, Cindy is (almost) speechless.

  4. i love compression wear like that.. thanks for posting the link!!
  5. i myself find it quite an interesting piece of clothing. i may have to start squirreling away some money to get one. My only question is how hot is it to wear? Does it make you perspire alot?

    MM's sweetpea
  6. Hi Mistress Karen:

    It is "one hell of a thing to wear", but very effective. It does round out your butt quite effectively, and is more comfortable than I expected; given that it has very firm compression. I love (hate) the idea of sewing the crotch closed. I think I'll request that my wife sew it shut.

    I think you should definitely get your hubby one! It's oh so effective in reminding you of your place. As a side benefit, the open bottom does make for a rather inviting request for a quick spanking when required. I think I'll misbehave a little tonight and see what happens.

  7. Rachel:

    Surprisingly, it's not too hot. The inner lining wicks away any sweat, so there is no wet, sticky feeling that you get with straight latex. That said, you would not want to wear this on a hot summer day!

  8. maybe a corset?

    Dear Mistress Karen,

    this sissy has a nice collection of pantygirdles, open bottom girdles and all-in-one shapers as well and like You she feels inspired to wear them more often. But her case this littel sissy really loves to wear them since she loves to be reminded on her underwear as often as possible. So she isn't sure whether it will be the hell for your hubby or maybe the heaven - or both at the same time.

    Another thing she wants to recommend from her very own experience is to lace him into a strict corset over his crotch closed all-in-one shaper and panty hose. Either the sissy has to hold back the whole time what will make her very nervous or she has to pee into her panty hose what will make her even more nervous. This sissy was wearing a thick sanitry napkin under her panty hose and when she couldn't hold back she thougt that the napkin would absorb the stream. But since she had waited to long the pee did sodden her whole crotch and ran down her leg after it. Oh my Goddess, it was so humiliating to walk back home after she had wetted herself.

    * curtsey *

    sissy moan
  9. Hello Midnight,

    The suit looks lovely. But reading also Sissy Moans post - how do You use the bathroom at work? Does the suit have necessary openings or do You just peel evarything off?

  10. I am also fascinated by such restricticting shapewear and i love the feeling of the constant pressure. Referring to sissy moan's post i also recommend tightly laced corsets for sissies ( ... and male subs alike). Nothing but a corset can mould the male body and remind the sub sissy that feminization is something s.he will be always aware of.
    Well, the combination of a corset with all-in-one shapers and pantyhose and the results being reported is probably not my cup of tea but yes, the disciplinary effect is undisputable ...

    maid katrin
  11. Going to the bathroom


    You have to pull it off. Sort of adds to the entire gestalt of wearing it. No urinals for sissies!

    - Midnight
  12. I love to wear shapewear and corsets. My favorite though are old-fashioned panty girdles. I remember sneaking peaks of girls wearing panty girdles when it used to be common place. I have a couple of these but my favorite is a high waisted one that really pulls in my stomach and gives me a flattering feeling. I love the tight feeling.
  13. Corsets, bustiers, bodies, spanx, how else is a gurl supposed to keep a gurlish figure?:chores047:
  14. thanks

    thanks for the reference - my bottom is one of my strengths as it si quite feminine shaped to begin w, however, this will help emphasize it......and i too like the constraint of the 'corsetry' involved.

    Now where's the e-store.
  15. Hi 3332:

    Here is the url for the store: http://www.lovemybubbles.com/OHWBrief.shtml
    I just ordered another one in black. I just love the way my butt is accented
    by these shapers. I also love the fact that my butt is fully exposed. I have a
    pair of tight white unlined pants where you can see the difference between
    the white shaper and exposed bottom. Very sexy to wear.

    - Midnight.
  16. Oh my they look perfect for holding in a butt plug too!

    OWNED by MM
  17. Wife/Goddess made me do this too!


    my Wife/Goddess once made me wear a body girdle, pantyhose overtop, and then sissy panties over that. This was all under my normal everyday clothes while we went out to eat. A GIANT reminder of being sissified by the Goddess. Loved it!

  18. I never know what size to get for myself >< cloths or other ><
  19. Just imagine undressing in the mens locker room at the gym...Showing up at noon for a workout...it would leave the place speachless.
  20. Re-reading his post just reminded me of how much we gurls can become addicted to compression and shapeware.
    It was just recently when the weather was quite hot i thought that i might go braless. After all, my little breasts have grown enough to be more than just notivable under a rather tight shirt. It was a strange feeling to be without feeling the pressure of the bra around my chest and i felt quite uneasy already after a few moments.
    I was so glad when i came back home to change back in a nice and tight bra. I eventually decided that i'd never want to be without a bra henceforth.
    Well, not exactly the shapeware the thread is referring to, but what's good for the waist and crotch should be alright for the chest as well.

    Hugs, maid katrin

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  21. Are those your breasts? They're awesome! Did you take hormones or some other method?
  22. *blush* Yes, they are mine ... with a small padding to make the cleavage look more obvious *giggle*
    However, it's not a miracle but just the influence of female hormones which i am taking for about three years now.
    No worries, i am on hormones under strict medical supervision.

    Hugs, maid katrin

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