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Any sissies in lockable maid outfits?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Sissymaidjenny, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. All of my maid uniforms are locking, though admittedly they are only locked on occasion
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  2. I have a lockable maid uniform. I love to wear it when my wife goes out shopping while I stay home and clean. It has double locks, which would make it difficult to get out of in an emergency.
    Here's a picture of it.
  3. Not to hijack this thread, but why is the connotation of a sissy, always have to be defined as someone who is dressed in frilly maids outfit? I consider myself sisssy, and so does the Mrs, but I have never worn a frilly maids outfit. Just baffles me why one word defines us all. Again so sorry for my vent, its just something that get under my skin. All clumped in one pile.
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  4. Gorgeous dress. May I ask where you got it?

  5. I'm with you, @excitedsisssy ! I would wear one if instructed to do so, but that is not part of our relationship at this point. I do all sorts of "Maid chores" routinely in one lingerie ensemble or another, as mIstress dictates. That is Her style and I am all about pleasing Her.
  6. my one don't lock and it don't need to cos i love wearing it. i don't like the frillyones very much tho and the rubbery ones and a bit sticky really. heres my one but i forgot i wern wearing the apron.

  7. Love it!