Any naughty dreams you're willing to share?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by sandman9355, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. sandman9355

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    I've had one deliciously kinky dream recently, and it got me thinking. What do other people dream about that has something to do with T&D? Do you remember any naughty dreams you've had? Some dirty images your sleeping brain conjured up?

    Are there some naughty dreams you would care to share?

    And to start off with one of mine, here goes:

    I've had one of the most torturous (and at the same time enjoyable) wet dreams a T&D fan could ask for. It has been some time since my last orgasm, but even then something in my brain thought a full-blown one would be inappropriate. So when the dream version of my beloved brought me real close to the edge, even though my dream manhood was locked up, she managed to make me have a ruined one. Yep, a release of semen but no orgasmic peak and me still locked up. The kind that doesn't *feel* like an orgasm but makes you release some of the stored-up juices. You want to have peaked but you know you did not and will not. Talk about waking up frustrated :)

    So, anybody else who wants to own up to dirty thoughts?
  2. chronicM

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    I've only had two dreams that I can remember that had anything to do with chastity in them. In one dream I was about to have sex with my ex-girlfriend, but I forgot that I had locked myself up. When I lowered my boxers in front of her, she laughed at me and called me an idiot.

    The other dream, I was laying in bed, and one of my female cousins handed me the cage to the CB6000S and told me she wanted me to wear this one for now. And I had to switch out the cages. Very, very strange.
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