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any mistress want to learn about bladder or urethral stuffing

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by superchef08, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. hello ladies

    any mistresses want to learn how to give their slaves bladder cleansings or bladder fillings with whipped cream, pudding or other sanitary stuff

    it is fun safe and makes your slave realize his penis is just a tube for fun
  2. Uh...that does not sound sanitary nor safe to me. I'm a nurse and there is a reason we use sterile technique when catheterizing people. That sounds like it could set a slave up for a lovely bladder infection that if left untreated could lead to kidney infection which can be very dangerous. Just trying to look out for my fellow humans.
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  3. So I should stop putting ez cheese in there? If that was the case why did they make the easy flow tip just the right size?
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  4. Ha! I sincerely hope you are yanking my chain!!!
  5. I sincerely am lol! But I should know better...the next thing ya know some poor bastard will be buying ez cheese
  6. As a woman this is funny to me, but as a nurse, my head is screaming "NO!!!!!" lol! On a related note - EZ Cheez is delicious!
  7. It is...and now I'm going to have the mental image of a penis as a ready whip dispenser...I wonder if he pushes the tip if it will squirt out the same?;)
  8. I love this site - such fun kinksters!! Carry on...
  9. OMG, you are too much!!!! HAHAHA!!!
  10. Lovely add on for the sissy maid serving strawberries and cream at the garden party....

    "Some whipped cream Ma'am?"
    Lifts skirt and squeezes little sissy clit...
    "Thank you Ma'am...thats help relieve some pressure"
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  12. I think most people would agree with me first of all. Second of all yes, you are using a sterile syringe and flushing with sterile normal saline, thats all good, BUT what you are putting in your bladder is NOT sterile. I'm just trying to make sure no one is ignorant enough to do that. It could lead to nasty kidney infections or worse things such as sepsis, which can be deadly. And you're as asshole, btw. You only come on here to give AWFUL medical advice that could be detrimental to CM's members. Im not normally this forward, but you calling me a "knowitall feminist Queen" does not sit well with me, and I'm sure it would not sit well with other members seeing as I am on here all the time, most members know who I am whereas you are barely on here except to give awful/dangeous medical advice surrounding your kinks and chastity. And no, I am actually NOT a feminist. I embrace a more "traditional" lifestyle with BDSM and Chastity added into the mix. So it would be best to shut your mouth before spouting off stuff about people whom you know absolutely nothing about.
  13. It would seem to me that this kind of thing would be good only for an increase in Emergency Room Visits. And my KH is a nurse as well Thatgirl. I am sure she would not approve of such a thing either.
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  14. She would be a bad nurse to approve such thing, lol! I have been reluctant to even consider a urethral plug since those aren't sterile either, but they can easily be boiled, which would destroy most microorganisms.
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  15. *off to the shops to buy some ez cheese* pmsl .
    On a more serious note while that may sound great in fantasy land (and maybe people have done it in real life with no after problems) the reality is that the risk of infections etc with this is too great .
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  16. I know that handled correctly, it can be a safe sort of practice, but honestly, I don't think she wants that for me at this time.(Thank God) She will not even allow me to get a piercing for my little willy to be locked up.
  17. Well, i did get my guy a piercing. he keeps it very clean and has had no problems. I might graduate to urethral plugs eventually, just as play, not permanently as some people do.
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  18. Your SELF serving response only proves your controlling and feminist nature
    Any sort of technique I might offer or suggest has been tried and done successfully without issue
    But since your feminist feathers are ruffled I am sorry if I offended you
  19. [QUOTE="Thatgirl

    Says she is a nurse, but offers no proof.
    And to call someone is as highly educated as you an asshole, only goes to show Who is the real feminist controlling asshole. And it's Not me
  20. @superchef08@superchef08 you seriously want someone on a forum to show you proof of their qualifications????
    It's a forum on the Internet that's all !!
    People have disagreements and differences of opinion , that's all part and parcel of being on forums like this and we don't throw our toys out of the pram when someone doesn't agree with our point of view .

    Your argument reminds me of a ex pro Domme I chatted too and she was never concerned about hitting a sub in the kidney area when they were caning and spanking etc and sometimes targeted that area if the sub made a ,in her words, "nice noise"
    When told of the dangers about repeated hitting in that area her response was "I've never put a sub in the hospital yet "

    It's the same with what your original post was about , yes you may have done it without anything going wrong, however, the risks of infections etc are real and @Thatgirl@Thatgirl and others were only pointing that out , yes she happened to mention that she was a nurse to qualify her first answer to the post ,that's all, and her worries of this type of play .

    If you can't handle people having different points of view to yours or don't like it if someone doesn't bow down and love your idea or post then you will always have similar responses and have arguments on any forum regardless of whether it's this one or a knitting circle forum .
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  21. THANK YOU! You are absolutely right! Why would I post my qualifications anywhere online? Nobody else here does, due to the sensitive nature of our kinks.
  22. Hum. Well it doesn't make you better than me. You started with the name calling in the first place, not I. Maybe if you had constructed your response in a thoughtful and polite manner, I wouldn't have gotten my "feminist feathers ruffled" as you say. @manintyres@manintyres is correct. Nobody in their right mind would post their actual qualifications on here as it would reveal too much personal information. Nobody needs to see my credentials to know I am correct and that the play you have outlined may albeit, be safe for you - but what happens when it goes wrong for somebody else? Honestly, I'm not talking down upon your specific kinks, as to each their own, but when I hear mention of the things you are talking about like bladder stuffing, with sugary substances no less. That is just BEGGING for bacterial overgrowth and infection. The "danger" alarm goes off in my head and I'm sure many other people's. And not for nothing, just how "highly educated" does one need to be to know inherently that putting sugary substances up one's bladder is a bad idea?
  24. You are so obsessed with calling me a feminist. I am done. I am not a feminist (like I should de defending myself anyway, since feminism isn't necessarily a bad thing, I am just not one.) The OP reminds me of another certain someone on here who left because she couldn't handle a little back and forth. Pressing ignore button now since all you do is try to debase me. Seems like you have no respect for women in general....
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  25. I had forgotten all about this thread....thank goodness it got bumped, laughed all over again thinking about the ez cheese! There is a god and she's hilarious!
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