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Any female doms want to humiliate my sub?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Chastitygirl88, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. My sub(aka bf) are very interested in bringing in another strong female to help in our chastity lifestyle. Any ladies interested?
  2. My goddess is interested it would just be a online thing but she would love to give him tasks with picture proof. She is very strict and demands obidence at all times. She would of wrote to you but she owns me and if she wants me to type i do what im told. So she is willing to send a few pics so u know what she looks like and then begin. Also whats his longest lock up? She would like some details bit is very very interested so hope to hear from you. Thanks,
    goddess heather
  3. Joroincharge

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    Can work very well if you have the right person. If you want face to face as opposed to online I suggest you indicate where you are geographically!
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  4. Well i like the online as well as in person but i was under the impression this was for an online agreement, but I would be interested still to dom your sub and maybe we can work up 2 pics and if not thats ok aa well